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Helen Wong
Born (1973-08-10) August 10, 1973 (age 49)
Guizhou, China
Residence Los Angeles
Years active 1999 - present
Height 5' 9"

Helen Wong (born August 10, 1973), also known by her stage name Allenina, is an American actress, dancer, and model. She was formerly an adult industry performer.[1][2] She left the industry before she turned 30, and is now focusing on acting and writing. Wong is a trans woman.

Early life and education

Helen Wong was born August 10, 1973 in Guizhou, China. She grew up in Hong Kong and emigrated to the United States at age 17, residing in Los Angeles.[1][2] She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from University of Southern California.[no citations needed here]


Wong was an adult industry performer. In 2003, she appeared in She-Male Strokers and Zen and the Art of Fellatio 2.[3] She wore falsies in most of her adult videos. She underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2003 and chondrolaryngoplasty surgery in 2005, a time when she was no longer active in the adult industry.

Mainstream film and television appearances

Wong appeared as a game show contestant on the Jerry Springer-hosted TV show "Baggage" airing Aug of 2010. Once the winning male was told about Wong's biological sex, the man declined the date.

Wong was featured in National Lampoon Presents Lost Reality (released September 28), described on the cover as "TV Shows the Networks Wouldn't Dare Air."

Wong appeared in He Said, She Said, a dating game with a transsexual twist. Her segment is similar to The Bachelorette, in that male contestants try to win the heart of the woman. Prior to her appearance in He Said, She Said, Wong appeared in the 2nd season of Showtime’s Family Business (TV series). Specifically, in the episode "New ASSpirations", she auditioned for a pornographic role in Cousin Stevie's movie.

She also appeared as her male identity (Allen) in Sex: The Annabel Chong Story, where she is revealed to be Annabel Chong's classmate and best friend.

Wong also appeared in Macy Gray's music video for "Sexual Revolution".[no citations needed here]

Non-adult filmography


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