History of Sky television idents

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Template:Tone Template:Incomplete The BSkyB television network began on 5 February 1989 with the merger of British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television plc.

1989 – 31 August 1993

The idents were designed by an American company. After the network launch, the basic launch idents for Sky Channel and Sky Movies were soon swapped for more elaborate ones.

When Sky and BSB merged in 1990, the idents were tagged with the legend British Sky Broadcasting.

1 September 1993 – 25 September 1995

On 1 September 1993, the new Sky corporate look was introduced to coincide with the launch of Sky Multichannels. The Movie Channel had the Sky logo on it for the first time.

26 September 1995 – 31 August 1996

On Tuesday 26 September 1995, a new Sky corporate look was introduced, described by some as the 'tombstone' look.

1 September 1996 – 31 October 1997

On 1 September 1996, Sky tweaked the corporate look with more dynamic 3D moves around the Sky logo. This coincided with the launch of sister channel Sky 2.

1 November 1997 – 1998

On 1 November 1997 a brand new corporate look package was launched. Sky Movies became Sky Movies Screen 1 and The Movie Channel became Sky Movies Screen 2.

The look didn't last long, as Sky One changed the ident on 31 May 1998, Sky Sports changed theirs in August 1998. On 10 September 1998 Sky Movies Screen 2 became Sky Premier, Sky Movies Screen 1, became Sky MovieMax, and Sky Movies Gold was renamed Sky Cinema.

On 1 October 1998, Sky News, Sky Travel and Sky Soap were the last channels to break away from the corporate look.

1998– 2002

From 1998, Sky wanted to reflect each of the channel's own personality by creating individual idents, and not following one corporate look as seen in previous years.


Sky One got a new look in 2002. Sky One Mix (renamed Sky Two in 2005) was also launched that year.


In 2004, Sky's channels (Sky One and Sky Two) got a new look; Sky Three launched on November 1st. The logos were changed to read "Sky Onc", "Sky Tuo" and "Sky Thrcc". The colours used on the idents was blue, green and purple (which was used in the 2008 idents).


However, in 2007, the idents were tweaked to have big circles spinning. The colours was retained.


Sky2 logo, 2008
Sky3 logo, 2008

In 2008, Sky's channels got another new look. [1] The channels was referred to "Sky1", "Sky2" and "Sky3". Sky1 used particles, while Sky 2 and 3 used liquids and particles, respectively. There was special idents created for Bones, and The Simpsons (for the show's 20th anniversary).


File:Sky3 logo 2011.svg
Sky3 logo, used for four weeks.

However on 1 February 2011, the Sky entertainment channels gave a corporate look again. Sky3 used the look for four weeks, until rebranding as Pick TV (which itself was rebranded as Pick in October 2013).

PickTV logo, 2011-2013

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