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In the nineties asked landowners where he was the Holyland Hotel to improve and expand the building rights. The project was designed instead sparked the beginning of his opposition of residents and environmental organizations because of injury to line the landscape of Jerusalem. Despite the objections, the project was approved quickly by Mayor Ehud Olmert along with the Chairman of the Local Planning and Building Uri Lupolianski . Expressway project approval, construction rates of exceptions and exemptions were aroused project is already in the 90s many questions unanswered. Neighborhood project built a spacious park complex, surrounded by about ten apartment towers (18-12 floors), underlying terraced cottages deployed down the mountain. In addition to single tower was built ("Holyland Tower") is a 32-story building.

Advertising suspected mole fictitious

In 1996 the journalist's investigation exposed Yoav Yitzhak in " Globes "that the businessman Hillel Charney , the owner of the project, worked with others to achieve mole reduced compound to reduce the amounts required for the payment of land appreciation tax and purchase tax . Based on guidance from the Attorney General, Rubinstein opened a criminal investigation against the Commissioner of Income Tax , Doron Levy , Udi Barzilay and his deputy on suspicion of conspiracy to aid he shares in that they received the mole depreciated real. [1] The police investigation did not result to prosecution, But after her forced Doron Levy to resign and his deputy inevitable promotion. Disciplinary Committee by the Board of Valuers , operates as a disciplinary court opened proceedings against the assessors were involved in the conspiracy. Committee's decision were convicted two assessors providing false mole on order, and convicted of ethics.

Advertising suspicions of bribery

The summer of 2008 revealed journalist Yoav Yitzhak additional suspicions of foul play in the project, which the developers bribed the mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert exchange for various exemptions under construction. The affair was also following the "draft statement of claim" prepared by Samuel Dachner businessman who was employed as a consultant in real estate and broker the sale of plots of the Holyland project. claims not paid him all his expenses and fees due to him, and because his demands were not answered prepared a "draft statement of claim" against those involved in the case, and then contact the police on the matter.

Investigation into allegations of bribery and indictment

Advertising suspicion of bribery led to open police investigation covert, overt investigation matured. On April 6, 2010, arrested five suspected bribery, which the developer Hillel Charney, city engineer Uri Shitrit and associate and Olmert's former partner, attorney Uri Messer . [4] In February 2010 the prosecutor's office signed signed an agreement to state with Samuel Dachner, which awarded Dachner sailing conditions, including payment of "living wage" of $ 12 thousand per month.

On January 5, 2012, the State Attorney's Office for the District Court in Tel Aviv indictment against 13 defendants (and three friends) in this case in respect of the giving or receiving bribes, including the prime minister and former mayor Ehud Olmert Holyland developers - Hillel Charney and Avigdor Kellner, the former owner of Salt at that time was deputy chairman of Bank Hapoalim - Danny Dankner, the broker bribery - Meir Rabin served as the right hand of witness Samuel Dachner and others - including bribery makers former Jerusalem city engineer Uri Shitrit, Jerusalem Mayor previous Uri Lupolianski, former bureau chief Shula Zaken, Olmert and Jacob Efrati, who headed the Israel Lands Administration .


The evidentiary phase began on 1 July 2012 with the testimony of the witness in the case, Samuel Dachner testified that gave money to Shula Zaken. Dachner died on March 1, 2013, several hours after he was questioned on cross-examination. Four days after his death gag full name (until then known media initials SD). Yossi Olmert, brother of Ehud Olmert confirmed in his testimony the words of Samuel Dachner gave him half a million, even though he did not know it before.

A few days before giving the verdict in the case, State Attorney Zaken signed with the plea bargain, that will be derived from her 11 months in prison in exchange for the delivery of evidence and incriminating evidence against Olmert.


At the end of a trial for two years, over 140 meetings, on March 31, 2014 convicted

District Court judge in Tel Aviv, David Rosen, in its judgment of 10 of the 13 

accused and acquitted reasonable doubt Yaakov Efrati, the Israel Lands Administration, former Amnon Safran and Shimon Galon, executives at "Holyland Park."

A)Ehud Olmert was convicted of bribery in the amount of half a million shekels in Holyland affair (and NIS 60 thousand seed case). The judge ruled that the money transferred by Dachner to Yossi Olmert, brother teaching Ehud Olmert. Olmert acquitted of two other charges of bribery, that sought Dachner financial aid Jerusalem city engineer Uri Shitrit and Zaken asked Dachner Finance Survey. The judge rejected Olmert's version determining Olmert lied to the court. The judge added proven in court until the state Dachner transferred funds to cover the deficit of Olmert, and in return he worked to advance the Holyland project.

B)Shula Zaken was convicted of all charges of receiving bribes totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as in money laundering, and was acquitted only offense of receiving a bribe of ten thousand shekels, after the judge rejected her story that received witness Dachner gifts and bribes.

C)Uri Lupolianski The former mayor was convicted of accepting bribes in respect of donations totaling more than $ 2 million, received Charney and Dachner organization he founded, " Yad Sarah ", and for other purposes, and acquitted receives NIS 120,000.

D)Avigdor Kelner, founder of "Holyland Park", was convicted of money laundering and bribery for the transfer of funds Dachner for bribes, and is part of the crime of bribery reasonable doubt.

E)Hillel Charney, with the Holyland project, hired the services of Dachner promote the project, was convicted of bribing Olmert, Shula Zaken and former mayor Uri Lupolianski and money laundering.

F)Meir Rabin, who was the right hand of witness Samuel Dachner, was convicted of money laundering and bribery of $ 1.2 million.

G)Uri Shitrit, former Jerusalem city engineer, was convicted of accepting a bribe of 130 thousand shekels Dachner, and money laundering.

H)Danny Dankner was convicted of bribery in falsifying corporate documents and money laundering .

I)Eliezer Simchayof served as deputy mayor of Jerusalem, was convicted of accepting bribes totaling Dachner 165 thousand, and acquitted of accepting bribes totaling 130,000 Dachner.

J)Avraham Feiner, was a member of the Jerusalem City Council, was convicted of accepting a bribe of 680 thousand M"dcnr the Charney "in the years 2006-2000".

Judge devoted an important chapter in the ruling to read changes in legislation that will bring transparency in the activities of fixers corridors of power on the one hand, and prevent illegal lobbying on the other. The judge wrote: "Henceforth, the 'jerk who does lobbying is prohibited is a broker bribery".


The sentencing hearing will begin on April 28. The judge issued an exit delay all convicted.

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