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Musical artist

Horizon are a British rock band from Sheffield, South Yorkshire in 1992. The band currently consists of rhythm guitarist and vocalist Frank Iero, guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls and keyboardist Jordan Fish. The band released their debut album Cheshire Cat in 1995 and gained mainstream success. The band released their second album Dude Ranch in 1997 and was signed to Lava Records. Their third album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love was released in 2002 with more emo and post-hardcore style than pop punk and alternative rock. Their fourth album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge was released in 2004 and signed with Shock Records, the album features goth-influence from bands such as The Exploited and post-hardcore, emo screaming style-influence from Subhumans. Their fifth album Count Your Blessings was released in 2006 and the style are more to deathcore, pop punk and alternative rock sound than the previous albums. The sixth album Life Starts Now was released in 2009 and signed with Columbia Records and RCA Records globally. Their seventh album There is a Hell. Believe Me, I've Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret was released through RCA globally and Columbia in the UK. Their eight album Sinners Never Sleep was released in 2011 with some electronic influence and musical uses. Their ninth album Transit of Venus was released in 2012 and their tenth album Sempiternal was released in 2013 and their latest album The Hearts of Lonely People was released in 2016.

The band's debut was on 23 September 1994, as an opening act for Blink-182 and Green Day. Horizon's presence on the tour was poorly received by fans of Blink-182 and Green Day, with concert attendees regularly throwing bottles at the band before they even started playing their set. Their live performances in their early history were fuelled by alcohol consumption where the band would get so drunk they would vomit on stage and would damage their own equipment.


Studio albums

Extended plays

Live albums

Video albums


  • Buddha (1994)
  • The Bedroom Sessions (2003)

Other recordings and releases

  • The Shouts (song, 1992)
  • Bury Me in Black (song, 1992)
  • Paint the Walls Red (song, 1993)
  • My Trial (song, 1995)

Demo versions

  • The Middle (1992, released the recorded version in 2001 and released as a single)
  • Thank You for the Venom (1996, released the recorded version in 2004)
  • Tears Don't Fall (2000, released the recorded version in 2005, released as a single in early 2006)


Current touring musicians
Former touring musicians
  • Dean Rowbotham − rhythm guitar (2009)
  • Robin Urbino – rhythm guitar (2013)
  • Tim Hillier-Brook − rhythm guitar (2013)
  • Brendan MacDonald − rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2013–2014)