I Can Do That (UK TV series)

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I Can Do That! was a quiz programme for children that was produced by Yorkshire Television and aired for 4 series on ITV's CITV from 1988 until 1991, the original host was Simon O'Brien who for the final series was replaced by Bruno Brookes.[1][2][3]


Each week, 3 youngsters competed against each other for the chance to do the job of their dreams for a day. Each show had a different job at stake. (i.e. Farmer, journalist, etc...)

Round 1

Each youngster answered 3 questions about the job that they were playing for and scored 2 points for each correct answer and once they had answered the questions they were asked a bonus question which was worth 4 points.

Round 2

This was an observation round where the contestants watched a clip of a comedy sketch about the job they were playing for then were asked questions about it on the buzzer which were worth 2 points for each correct answer.

Round 3

In this round the contestants performed a task to do with the job at stake set by that week's guest and the winner of the round got 5 points.

Round 4

The final round was a quickfire on the buzzer round were the contestants had 60 seconds to answer questions about that week's job.

The end

At the end the youngster with the most points won the chance to do the job of their dreams for the day, the losing youngsters went away with some consolation prizes while the winner was "transported" to the place where they would do the job for the day.


  • Series 1: 6 editions from 26 July 1988 – 30 August 1988
  • Series 2: 7 editions from 2 June 1989 – 14 July 1989
  • Series 3: 7 editions from 15 June 1990 – 27 July 1990
  • Series 4: 8 editions from 10 July 1991 – 28 August 1991