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Ian Carter (born July 27, 1991)[1] is a YouTube personality. As of September 2016, Carter's main channel has reached over 2 million subscribers and 200 million video views.[2] He also has a second channel for supplementary content, as well as a third channel reserved for gaming, though this is no longer in use.


Carter produces various types of videos on his main channel, iDubbbzTV. Most often, these videos include "Bad Unboxing", where Carter comedically unpacks promotional boxes or fan mail; "Kickstarter Crap", in which he criticizes projects submitted to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter; and "Content Cop", which analyzes and denounces other YouTube channels that Carter finds to be of notable poor quality. As of September 28th of 2016, Carter has taken a hiatus from fan mail unboxing. Carter frequently collaborates with other YouTube personalities, including Joji Miller of "TVFilthyFrank", Max Stanley of "maxmoefoe", and HowToBasic. He has also recorded an episode of the podcast Let's Make Mistakes Together with Philip DeFranco, and has been featured in videos alongside Felix Kjellberg, Michael Stevens of Vsauce, and Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3Productions.


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