Ibrahim Ashmawey

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Ibrahim Ashmawey
File:Ibrahim Ashmawey photograph.jpg
Born July 9, 1985
Washington D.C.
Alma mater University of Michigan
Notable work(s) Boiling Pot

Ibrahim Ashmawey (born July 9, 1985) is an American writer, actor, and producer.[1] He is the writer and producer of films including Boiling Pot, the cofounder of AshmaweyFilms, and is the producing partner of Danielle Fishel.


Born in Washington D.C., Ibrahim Ashmawey lived in Baltimore, Michigan, and other cities before finally settling in Southern California.[2] He graduated from the University of Michigan in 2006. [3] That year Ibrahim founded AshmaweyFilms along with his brother Omar in 2006.[4] Following university, they moved to Orange County to continue their filmmaking.[5] In 2010, they began writing their first full-length feature, Boiling Pot, which is based on true events of racism that occurred on college campuses across the nation in 2008.[6] The cast included Louis Gossett Jr., Keith David, Danielle Fishel, John Heard, M. Emmet Walsh, and Davetta Sherwood, and shot Boiling Pot in January 2013.[7] He also became a producing partner of Fishel.[8]


Ibrahim Ashmawey[1] co-wrote, starred in, and produced the 2015 film Boiling Pot starring Louis Gossett Jr., Danielle Fishel, and Keith David, about racial tension in America, 2008. Boiling Pot[9][10][11] is based on true events.

Aside from playing the role of Hazem Seif in Boiling Pot,[12] he has appeared in the short Naomi's Song[1] in 2012, the short Why I Killed My Brother[1] in 2011 (which he also co-wrote), and the TV series Opera Ayda.[13] in 2000. His writing credits include Disney's Girl Meets World on the 2016 episode “Girl Meets Her Monster” in 2016.[14] He also served as a story consultant on the film Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.[8]


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