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Coats of arms of the princely family of "Cherkassy"

Prince Idar (Circassian:Идар, Yidar) (ca. 1470 - 1571) (Turkish:Mirza Haydar Temruk Bey, Haydar Abdullah, Abdulmennan Tamrok, Çerkes Haydar Bey, Temrukzade Mirza Haydar, Haydar Abdullah, Bosfor Temrok, Haydar Mirza, Mirza Abdullah Idar Bey) (Template:Lang-ota) was a Circassian ruler of the Caucasus. He was the great-grandson of Prince Inal, Sultan of Egypt, the founder of the "Temruk dynasty" of the Kabardian princes, in Russia known as the "Cherkassky" a Circassian princely family. He was the grandson of Tobuldu Mirza and son of Inarmas Mirza.

Marshal named Idar, mentions Shore Nogmov manuscript "Legends of the Circassian people "(or" Stories of Circassian people ", written for the 1844):

Finally this terrible massacre was over the world, on the following terms: "to Prince Idar settled in Kabarda, where he pleases. Kabardians also pledged to honor him in charge of the prince and obey him in everything; opposing same to his will, it was decided to execute." After the talks, and the unanimous approval of the Treaty of Peace, the troops returned to their homes. Prince Idar soon after arrived in Kabarda and taking the reins of power, possessed it unquestioningly. Own a part of it called Idar. Prince Idar, after having lived for several years, died and left behind two sons, Pete and Maremiho.

Marriages and progeny

Idar had three wives and eight children:

First marriage and issue

He married firstly a Crimean Giray, Princess Nazdschan Khatun (ca. 1470 - 1520), daughter of Meñli I Giray, and had:

  • Fatu Idarovna (Фату Идaровна) (Fatma Shahydevran Khatun)(ca. 1489 - 1589), married to Karagöz Ahmed Pasha
  • Maremiho/Murzakan Mirza (Mustafa Pasha)(ca. 1510 - 1594), married firstly Princess Kanfaz Pmeapshokova, married secondly Princess Shahbyke Sultan, daughter of Saadet I Giray, married thirdly Princess Petetzy Aslanbekov
  • Aslangome Idarovna (Аслангоме Идaровна) (Akyle Ruhshah Khatun)(ca. 1512 - Bursa, 1592)
  • Malkhurub Bahar Idarovna (Малхуруб-Бахарей Идaровна) (ca. 1498 - Bursa, 3.2.1582)
  • Berezhan Idarovna (Березхан Идaровна) (Belkis Husnimah Khatun) (ca. 1508 - Bursa 1589)

Second marriage and issue

He married secondly a Kabardian, Princess Malyakurh Kaytukina (ca. 1490 - 1550), from the Kaytuko-Kaytukin dynasty, and had:

  • Temruk Mirza (ca. 1501 - 1571), married firstly Zauash Khatun, married secondly Princess Nasho Khatun, married thirdly Princess Chicha Khatun
  • Kambulat Mirza (ca. 1510 - 1589), married firstly Princess Hunda Khatun from Memluk dynasty, married secondly Fausad Khatun

Third marriage and issue

He married thirdly an Abkhazian, Princess Han Loov (ca. 1510 - 1590), and had:

  • Zhelegot Mirza (ca. 1520- ?), Princess Dekhaz Khatun

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