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Ilana Mercer
Born January 7[1]
South Africa
Residence United States
Occupation Columnist, author, blogger

Ilana Mercer is a paleolibertarian author, columnist, blogger and thinker. She has been featured on numerous radio, podcasts and television shows.[2]

She is the author of three books, including Into The Cannibal's Pot: Lesson for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa and her latest The Trump Revolution: The Donald's Creative Destruction Deconstructed was released in June 2016.[3]

Early Life

Ilana Mercer was born in South Africa.[4] Her father, a rabbi and “vocal opponent of apartheid,”[5] [6]was “harassed by the South African security forces”[7] and, consequently, moved his family to Israel.[8]

Later returning to the country of her birth, Mercer earned degrees at the University of South Africa,[9] before immigrating to Canada and finally settling in the United States.[10]


Mercer’s weekly column began in 1999, in the now defunct Canadian North Shore News,[11] but currently appears on websites such as,[12] The Unz Review,[13],[14][15], Quarterly Review[16] and American Greatness.[17]

Her column, "Return to Reason", was briefly syndicated by Creators Syndicate in 2001. Some of her syndicated columns have appeared on The Daily Caller,[18] American Thinker[19] and American Renaissance,[20] a white nationalist website that has also featured other syndicated columnists such as Patrick J. Buchanan[21] and Ann Coulter[22].


In a Slate Magazine article published August, 2018[23] Mercer was referred to “as a real piece of work, racism-wise,”[23] and accused of believing that “getting rid of apartheid has been bad for South Africa—and that, broadly, white people shouldn’t support democracy in countries in which they’re a minority population because they will be exterminated by nonwhite savages."[23]

In a direct response,[24] Mercer referred to the article as a “hit piece” and “sloppy slander,”[24] stating how the woman dubbed ““a real piece of work, racism-wise”’ worked tirelessly against petty apartheid”[25] Mercer has however stated her opposition to "unrestrained majoritarianism" and to a situation where one party is always dominant.[26]


Mercer is the author of three books. Her first, Broad Sides: One Woman’s Clash With a Corrupt Culture (2003), is a collection of essays which covers a wide variety of topics through a paleolibertarian lens, described by the author as a "personal manifesto aimed at rolling back the modern Leviathan State and reclaiming civil society." Peter Brimelow of said "This volume appears at a moment of peculiar crisis for libertarians in general,"[27] implying that libertarian orthodoxy tends to avoid issues of immigration.[28]

In her second book, Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011), Mercer argues that the transfer of power in South Africa to the black majority has yielded disastrous results for them as well as for the white minority.[29] Throughout the book she maintains that if the current patterns of immigration continue, the United States will face a similar fate.[30]

Her latest book, The Trump Revolution: The Donald's Creative Destruction Deconstructed (2016), is a series of real-time essays analyzing from a libertarian point of view the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, whom Mercer describes as "a political Samson that threatens to bring the den of iniquity crashing down on its patrons." Mercer writes that by "drastically diminishing The Machine," Trump "might just help loosen the chains that bind the individual to central government, national and transnational."[31]


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