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Infeeds Template:IPAc-en,[1] stylized as infeeds,[2] is a social networking where registered users share web contents in the form of feeds. It gives users power to vote the web and arranges data for people to show what they should see, on their Infeeds Homes.[3] One of most powerful online utility to review internet stuffs.

All of the threats (feeds) are organised with their belonging "Topics"[4] page that helps everyone on Infeeds to arrange their contents or to find right links, answers[5] or notes.[6]

Infeeds Terms are based on registered users account privacy and adult filter for kids and immature people. Became one of most reliable source for News and Media sharing, daily new account creations and home filtering occurs at Infeeds. Its smart algorithms provide users to see what they should or like to, with giving its registered users ability to Message, Follow and Join others. Infeeds was started in October, 2013 and completed till April 2014. It has an independent entity based in Uttarakhand, India.[7]


Infeeds is a collection of threats submitted by its registered users, essentially a bulletin board system. Registered users, especially those who post new feeds, or post comments to feeds, are called "infeedors".

As feeds post to the site, infeedors can vote for or against them (like/dislike). Each topic has a default("Everything") page that shows newer submissions that have been rated highly, or can switched by user himself on newest, only links, questions or notes. Infeedors can also post comments about the feeds and can answer questions asked by any user and can vote for best answer, even for his own.

The Infeeds Home is real tech bulletin board that shows feeds from users one following and topics that registered user has joined even can switch his home view in three modes, "Everything", "Trending", "New". Each switch has its own mechanism based on their titles.

Infeeds suggestion mechanism works on users likes and dislikes, registered user can cross any other user or topic to not recommend in any further suggestions, that makes changes to user's background mechanism likes and suggests its best in future.

Link feeds are typically a link to an external source, with a title provided by the infeedor who shared it. Some infeedors use infeeds as a personal bookmark("feedmark" in infeeds language) collection. Others, relying on the size and activity of infeeds, and on the crowd sourced ratings of links, use it as a news aggregator. Questioning and Writing Notes has really different mechanism of work than links they are recommended to only those who can answer the Question or suitable to comment or opinion on any note.

Note feeds are quite like updating your status but only for some, mainly the creation of Note feeds mechanism is for Sharing one's views on some topic of raising voice to reach others on Infeeds Network.

Infeeds is still not in the race like Facebook, Google+, and other websites aimed at social networking, its About Infeeds tagline is "We make web contents more accessible to Everyone".[8]

Many Infeeds Topics are dedicated to local communities around the world, for Countries, Cities, Local Parks or some are even of homes [9] and there are many localized topics for local meetings like Haridwar Meetup for people living in Haridwar.[10]


Feeds are organized into areas of interest, place, people or anything that can exist called "Infeeds Topics". There are multiple feeds dealing with topics such as books, television, people, games, music and even imaginations of users. Topics are one of the most reliable source for news, entertainment or other activities or real life people/place. Infeeds Verification option gives its users assurance of right threat source and too binds him/her to use reliable sources.

Any registered user can start a topic and can admin himself or can add multiples to manage it. Topics can be started specially by going to Creation Area or even at the time of Sharing feeds, when user finds no topics related to its feed, he/she can just put a new Word inside the topic block and new trimmed topics will start by itself as the feed publishes and newly created Topic can be seen by any users and allows anyone to share their views on it, till the Topic is Marked as "Private Topic". Each Topic is "Active" even if the user wants to close it but a request to Infeeds can make its removal or "Inactive" in special cases.

Users may customize what is shown on their Infeeds Home by joining individual topic by searching or from suggestions.

Privacy and Filters

Infeeds provide privacy for almost everything, all the power of sharing is in the hands of a registered user. Feeds can be marked as Private by the user who shared it anytime as to make it Available for Just himself, not for any other user who looks into Profile of User who made his feeds private, Topic in which its tagged or even on Home of Others. But anytime can be accessible to the infeedor himself.

Topic admins are not displayed Publicly to Other, as securing their Privacy. Its on the Admin whether, he/they want to reveal the secret of their identity.

Topics also has privacy options only accessible to admins for admins, only admins of that Private topic can share feeds and also visible only to them, many private groups run on Infeeds as for Private Conversations and Sharing of feeds. Any user can join others topics and can block for further suggestions or not to show in feeds, search or even blocks topic at Infeeds Home even when a followed user share feeds on that topic, Infeeds filters that feed and hides from showing. Same rules apply on user blocking options, that hide feeds and suggestions made from which that blocked user belong.

Registered user privacy contains a whole tab for it, including Infeeds Sniper search results and follow me options.

Along with Privacy, Infeeds too has many Filter Options for a user include Adult Mark Filtering, Inappropriate Picture Filtering, Spam Filtering.


In October 2012, a new name Infeeds was suggested by its Founder to start it with its unique abilities to work with links and user contents. Till October 2013, the idea came into vision and Infeeds completed its first year of development but at first its used as news bulletin where users need authority to share anything. Likely to be a news site more than a social bookmarking/network. Still not released that time as the suggestions claim that it was still under construction that time.

On January 2014, Infeeds announced about their final first version release of Infeeds 1.0 till or before October 2014 and open for everyone from now.

Infeeds is now headquartered in India, but was hold by some other Organisation 6 years before with some similar purpose of work on Infeeds.


Infeeds is originally written on PHP, with its own framework (if-rame) along with some ASP.NET work, showing their combined work on living at Windows Environment. Earlier beta versions of Infeeds had simple PHP POST/GET mechanism but now its a combined bundle of many languages and extensions like JavaScript(jQuery, AJAX etc.), ASP, PHP and contains a bit more things.

Its API's are still not available for public use. But Infeeds website plugins and other Tools are available as from April, 2014.


On February 2012, Infeeds was awarded by TechnoMinds from North Indian Websites of the Year.[no citations needed here]

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