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The University of Western Sydney information guide is a 2017 university guide for students commencing university in their first year.This guide is established to provide future students commencing the UWS college with information about the development of skills and the number of benefits they will receive which will assist them in transferring from the college to university.

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Benefits of University Study

Students who are studying at the college will gain a variety of skills and inhibit different types of knowledge from many aspects of college study. The different types of skills that students gain will help increase their capabilities and this will enable them to succeed in uni along with succeeding in the future.The skills that can be developed include, generic skills, analytical skills, problem solving skills, researching skills, communication skills, and also independent learning skillsUTS-Skills employers look for (2007).Generic skills involve learning and thinking skills. This will be needed as students will need to memorise information which will be vital for them to succeed in their exams and assessments. Analytical skills will allow students to adopt critical thinking. This will enable students to think more productively in class and this skill is also crucial for many students in the future, as most jobs require critical thinking skills.Problem solving skills will allow students to solve problems that are presented them. Another benefit of university is that students can effectively communicate with their teachers and tutors. As a recommendation in the future, students should engage with their mentors and ask questions, as this will enable the promotion of knowledge. A significant factor in the Quakers Hill College Campus that many future students will benefit from is the Student Central, which is the point to receive information and to enquire assistance and referrals. They can offer help and advice about a variety of facilities, services and procedures. For example, if u want to change your timetable because it is not suitable for you or if you want to change campuses because your home is far away from the campus, Student Central will always be the main centre for these types of enquiries. The best benefit of university life is that you can make new friends. The ability to make friends can be beneficial and this is recommended to all students in the future, as you will be engaging in an active social interaction amongst your peers, and they can also work together productively. For example, you can do your assessments and homework together, instead working all alone. This is will increase productivity and also team working skills.

Challenges of University Life and the Solutions to the Challenges

It is well known that many college students can face many complexities during their university life. Students can encounter a variety of difficulties, including challenges with transportation, difficulties with studies, overcoming stress, the management of time, the inability to adapt into a complex university life, difficulty with overcoming shyness, making new friends and finding classrooms#5 Top 10 Problems Faced by University Students(2013).These challenges are always subject to the lives of university students in today's world. There are many solutions to solve the problems and challenges that students confront overtime. A variety of solutions can include allowing time to adapt into the new university environment, exercising to reduce stress and anxiety, establishing a study group with friends and utilising the campus map to locate appropriate classrooms. During the first day of university, many students struggle to search for their classrooms as they are unfamiliar with their new environment. The Quakers Hill college campus has provided a well established and effective map for students, in order to locate the appropriate classrooms and places in the campus. It has commonly been stated that exercising is one of the most appropriate methods in reducing stress and anxiety. This is an incentive that future college students can focus upon, as this will enable the build up of confidence and self esteem, in order to adapt into the university world. It also recommended that students create a social study consisting of a group of friends, in order to work and study together. This will enable the productive cooperation of studying together, as it will be much more simple to discuss specific problems and assisting each other at the same time. Students can also struggle with the management of time, as they lack the time to socialise with their friends and family, and do other activities. In the future, students should visit the Student Central in order to make effective changes to the timetable, so that there is an appropriate balance of time between study and social lives.


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