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Informed Planet Logo

A social network that aims to bring like minded people together. Where useful knowledge can be shared and not lost in the commercialization of most mainstream social networks.[1][2][3][4]

Used to break the digital handcuffs of other social networks tyrannical actions[5].[6]

"Informed Planet. No Data Mining, No Censorship, No Algorithms, No Friend Limits, Save & Secure, Custom profiles. Friendly Community that reaches all friends[7]."[8]

Alternative Social Networks
Informed Planet is engaged in the debate over the need for alternative social media websites[9]. Whilst having groups on other social networking sites[10][11][12], InformedPlanet joins Crabgrass[13], Lorea[14], Freedombox[15], Briar[16] and Social Swarm[17] as an alternative social media website.

This year people have been leaving mainstream social media networking websites in mass, with having 40,800[18] facebook quitters. [19]. Fox News cites Academics at Princeton University claiming that Facebook could lose up to 80 percent of its members by 2017[20], and websites such as Informed Planet is one of the websites which have begun receiving the membership.

Users are even leaving the Huffington Post due to its new comment system Facebook link as their users are unwilling to sign up to facebook[21].

Reasons people are leaving Facebook according to Fusion[22] is that it makes users feel bad, envious, sad, a tedious distraction, like they are data rather than users, that all connections are shallow and that they find that they overshare. Informed Planet gives itself as an alternative without these limitations.

Worldwide Use
User demographic is worldwide with admins covering UK / Europe, Oceanic / Australia and North America[23].[24][25][26][27].

Mobile Application
Itunes App (free)[28].[29]
Android App (free)[30].[31][32][33][34]
-- To join all thats necessary is an email address.[35]

Events/ Protest Meet-ups
Local meetups in large cities such as Sydney are held and at protests[36][37][38]


  • In the public areas offensive behaviour, racism and cites of violence are banned.
  • You have total freedom on your page and messenger.[39]
  • All-ages (14+) social environment.[40]

Categories: General, Introduce Yourself, Site Help, Collaboration, Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Connections, Activism, Altered States of Consciousness, Alternative Dwellings, Anarchism, Ancient Ancestors, Art & Photography, Animal Rights, Ask Anything, Astrology, Astronomy, Communication, Conspiracies, Current Events & News, Debate, Documentaries, Do-It-Yourself & Instructional HOW TOs, Drugs, Energy Alternatives - Fossil/Hydro/Nuclear/Solar/Wind, Extraterrestrial, Food, Gardening - Permaculture & Urban/Seed Banks & Resources, General, Government, Hard Reality - An Ongoing Analysis, Healers Hut, Health, Humour, Indigenous Peoples, Inspirational & Spirituality/ Meditation & Mindfulness, Music, Paranormal & Phenomena (unexplained), Poetry, Science, Sex & Sexuality, Survival & Self-Sufficiency, Technology, Weather & Environment and Writer's Nook.[41].

Categories: Business, Education, Entertainment, Family & Home, Health, Recreation, Shopping, Society, Sports and Technology[42][43][44].

Pages/ Groups
Categories: Local Informed Planet, Entertainment, Group or Community, Brand or Product, Local Business or Place, Company, Organization, or Institution, Artist, Band or Public Figure and Conspiracies[45].[46][47]

Messenger service which can be used to access anyone on the website.[48][49][50][51]

Friend Bomb
Page dedicated to finding new friends.[52]

Videos, photos and music shared by members.[53][54][55]


  • Disclosure of information will only occur if forced by law[56].
  • "Informed Planet does not sell, rent, loan, trade, or share any personal information collected at our site. This policy includes email addresses of the members."[57]
  • Zero Data Mining! Ie, no bot will randomly scan your published data and use it. [58]
  • Does not claim right over ANY user data, all data belongs to the user that contributed the content.[59]
  • Accounts can be deleted by users at any time and "all their information / pictures added to the site by the user will also be removed at this time".[60]


  • TOTT News - "Australia’s fastest growing source of alternative multimedia news"[61]
  • Maximum Life - "Jerry Sargeant['s]... range of life changing products designed to enhance human life and raise the vibration on this planet"[62]
  • Free Sidereal Astrology - "...real Astrology, the astrological truth inherent in the Occult Science[63]."

Type of server being used is Apache. Location is found to be Ottawa, Canada[64].

UK / Europe:Adjourn360[65]

Oceanic / Australia: Case Evans[66], Tim Foote[67], Julz[68], Drew[69].
North America: CadavaHearse[70]


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