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Intellect Design Arena Limited, commonly known as Intellect, is an Indian company that provides IT products especially in the financial and BFSI sectors. Intellect headquartered in Chennai is a specialist in FinTech[1] domain of digital technologies for banking and insurance companies. Arun Jain.[2] is the Chairman and Managing Director of Intellect Design Arena Limited.

Intellect has invested nearly US$ 150mn in R&D in the past 10 years to build pure digital products, which have won accolades from industry analysts[3]

FT 8012, the World's First Design Center for Financial Technologies, was set up by the company in Chennai, India in 2013.[4]

Intellect Design Arena was hived off as a separate company by Polaris in December 2014 to operate as a product company focusing on the BFSI space.[5]

In 2015, the company won the "Technology Provider of the Year" award at the Central Banking Awards.[6]

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