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Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited is a Holding Company and Parent company headquartered in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom and was incorporated on 21 May 2008. The Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited Group of Companies provides a Group management structure for five Companies and was born out of the operations of International Intelligence Limited, a company specialising in Intelligence, Counter Espionage and TSCM Sweeping.[1]

Company overview

Across the Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited Group of Companies, activities are mainly within the security and defence industry, with the exception of Intelligent Concept Marketing Limited.
Alexander J Bomberg, a former aide to the Royal Family of England[2] is the Group CEO of Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited Group of Companies.

Group structure

There are five companies and two brands under the Parent company Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited, all companies are registered in the UK United Kingdom.

International Intelligence Limited - Incorporated on 11 July 2002
International Intelligence Limited specialises in Technical surveillance counter-measures, counter espionage, competitive intelligence, competitive intelligence, counter surveillance and intelligence and has offices in both London and Washington DC.[3]

Intelligent Armour Limited - Incorporated on 29 April 2008
A manufacturer of Body Armor[4] and Military technology[5] for the military and police markets, based in the United Kingdom. Intelligent Armour Limited is also the registered owner of a number of Trademarks[6] that it uses under its Brand Social Hand Grenade Clothing.[7] These Trademarks include:

  • Social Hand Grenade
  • Admin Vortex
  • Foxtrot Oscar
  • Fashion Police
  • Baby App
  • Propaganda

Intelligent Training International Limited - Incorporated on 28 May 2008
Specialising in Defensive driving and evasive driver training courses and based in the United Kingdom, Intelligent Training International Limited, works closely with organisations such as RoSPA[8] to provide training courses for Government clients and international organisations like the United Nations.[9] In 2015 Intelligent Training International started offering lectures around the United Kingdom on the subject of Counter espionage[10]

Intelligent Protection International Limited - Incorporated on 30 March 2009
Intelligent protection International Limited is based in the United Kingdom and provides bi/trilingual Close Protection Bodyguards to corporate and private clients.[11] In 2015 the company launched its Risk Report services, providing Country specific information on security and terrorism to aid it's clients in Risk Management.[12] Intelligent Protection International Limited is the registered owner of the Trademark "Retained Protection"[13] and uses this Trademark as a Brand to market some of its Close Protection services.

In 2015 Group CEO Alexander J Bomberg was involved in giving evidence in a Court Case against "Fake Army Captain" Christopher Griffin of Plymouth.[14]

Intelligent Concept Marketing Limited - Incorporated on 7 January 2014
Described as the Marketing arm of Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited Group of Companies, Intelligent Concept Marketing Limited specialses in on-line marketing, branding and Intellectual property protection.[15]


Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited is the registered owner of the Trademark "Insight, not hindsight", registered in the United Kingdom.[16]

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