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The International Association of Airline Internal Auditors (IAAIA) is a non-profit association of airline internal auditors with representatives from over 50 member airlines.[1]

Principal objectives

The principal objectives of the International Association of Airline Internal Auditors are:[1]

  • To establish and maintain a non-profit making association for persons engaged in, concerned with and involved in the internal audit function of any of the world's scheduled and/or charter airlines.
  • To help develop and maintain standards of the practice of internal audit in the airline industry.
  • To promote the study of and research into the internal audit management and practice in the airline industry and to organize conferences, seminars and other activities conducive to these aims.
  • To promote the further co-operation of members, all engaged in internal audit of their respective airline.
  • To promote the profession of Internal Audit in general and to the airline industry in particular.
  • To affiliate or co-operate with any other body or association whose objects are similar to those of the Association.


The IAAIA was formed in 1991 in London, United Kingdom, when a few airlines met to discuss their internal audit departments.[1] With the exception of 1991, the organisation has met every year and has grown to over 50 members.[1][2]

Executive committee

The IAAIA is managed by an executive committee represented by up to 14 member airlines.[3][4] Members of the Executive Committee are elected for two to three year renewable tenures at the Annual General Meeting.[3] Template:As of the IAAIA Executive Committee currently consists of senior internal audit representatives from Etihad Airways (chair), United Airlines (vice-chair), Emirates (treasurer), KLM-Air France (secretary), Air Berlin, Lufthansa, Virgin Australia, EasyJet, Oman Air, International Airlines Group, WestJet, Delta Air Lines, Qatar Airways and Malaysia Airlines.[4]

Specific positions of responsibility on this Executive Committee include chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer, and secretary.

Industry studies

The IAAIA undertakes research, both solely and in conjunction with professional service organisations, on key areas of risk facing airlines. This is facilitated through avenues such as industry surveys and focus groups. Some recent areas of focus have included fraud exposures and fuel hedge auditing.

Annual conference

The annual conference is usually sponsored by a host carrier. The theme is selected based on topical current issues in airline auditing.

Previous venues:[2]

Upcoming event - the 24th IAAIA Conference will be held in Berlin, Germany in October 2015 and is to be hosted by Air Berlin and Etihad Airways.


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