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Irfan Shahid Alig (Template:Lang-ur) was born at Shankarpur Kalan a village of Balrampur District in Utter Paradesh.[1]Template:Failed verification Template:Cn-span He is a noted scholar of Islam and an expert on Islamic finance.[2] His area of interest is Economics, Banking, Islamic Finance, Capital Market and Islamic Jurisprudence. He is graduated in Shariah and Law from Alahabad Arabic Persian Board and JFA.[3]Template:Failed verification

Irfan Shahid at Aligah Muslim University

Mr. Shahid also studied at Aligarh Muslim University and received honour degree in Economics and Islamic Studies.[4] Template:Cn-span

File:Irfan Shahid at Loughborough University.JPG
Irfan Shahid at Loughborough University
File:Irfan Shahid.JPG
Irfan Shahid speaking on Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance Scholar

Mr. Shahid is a noted Islamic Finance Scholar.[5] Template:Cn-span He also gives lecture and training on Islamic Finance to professional and students.[6][7]

File:Irfan Shahid speaking on Career Guidance.jpg
Irfan Shahid speaking on Career Guidance

Social Activities

Mr. Irfan Shahid is keen in social services, he gives motivational lectures on education and helping community to open school and health centre. Al Razi Society is one of the live examples. He was appointed as an educational counsellor by Islamic Development Bank of Jeddah for higher studies in Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering and Law.[8]Template:Failed verification He was also appointed as coordinator to impalement the social welfare programme of Human Welfare Foundation, Delhi. It is one of premier NGOs in India.


Mr. Irfan Shahid Alig has written a number articles and reports and research papers in Urdu and English Languages. Markazi Maktaba Islami Publisher, delhi has published a book on Stock Market. Recently Yaswant Rao Chauhan University has published a book on Economics. Besides, he has written a few books on Business Ethics, Zakah and Macroeconomic. Approach.[9]Template:Failed verification[10]




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