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Jaclyn Glenn

Jaclynn Glenn in November 2014
Born Template:Bya
Nationality American
Occupation Video producer, vlogger
Known for Atheist activism

Jaclyn Glenn (born in March 1988) is an American YouTuber. She is among the most subscribed-to YouTubers in the atheist movement.

Early life

Glenn grew up Catholic and later became a Protestant. Her view were that of what she says "most people would call a 'bible thumper,'" but later became more moderate, particularly on social issues.

YouTube career

Glenn began her YouTube career by making videos favoring vegetarianism. She began concentrating on atheism after being gradually deconverted by The Amazing Atheist's videos.[1] In addition to atheism, she makes videos about politics, social issues, and sexuality.

Glenn was featured in a Playboy magazine photoshoot in June 2015.[2]


In July 2015 Glenn used a comment on one of her YouTube videos that she incorporated into a post made on her Facebook page.[3] After this was uncovered another journalist found that in March she had also plagiarized a tweet in another video.[4]

In September 2015 Glenn's video about the Kim Davis same-sex marriage licence controversy was found to closely paraphrase another video by Scott Clifton.[5] Glenn admitted fault for this in a Drunken Peasants podcast days after the allegation was first raised.[6]

Blogger Hemant Mehta surfaced another older example of plagiarism where Glenn solicited comments about the government shutdown on Facebook which she incorporated into a video posted in October 2013.[6]

Personal views

Jaclyn Glenn was a critic of the "Atheism+" movement. Her videos sometimes criticize radical feminism.[7]


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