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Original short description: "community of India"

Jadav or Jadhav is a caste of India who are classified as an Other Backwards Class in the country's system of positive discrimination They have a presence in the states of GujaratTemplate:Sfnp and Rajasthan.Template:Sfnp

The Jadav claim to a Rajput heritage, and thus to be kshatriya in the traditional varna ritual ranking system of Hinduism, is rejected by most other Rajput communities. Their endogamy, which is commonly thought to be an implicit feature of Indian castes, is a recent development, according to Ghanshyam Shah; they previously practised hypergamy by marrying their women with Rajputs.Template:Sfnp

See also

  • Yadav, a more common spelling of another Indian caste sometimes referred to as Jadav
  • Kunbi, another caste that includes a group called the Jadhav
  • Jatav



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