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Jacob C. Shade is a Republican Party politician from the State of Maryland in office since December 18, 2014.[1]

Shade, an Allegany County commissioner, is currently the youngest elected official in the state of Maryland, and was the youngest Republican candidate running for office in Maryland during the 2014 election cycle.[2][3][4]

Early life and education

Shade was born in Cumberland, Maryland and attended Allegany High School where he led the school's teenage republicans. Shade later served as the Maryland Teenage Republicans State Chairman. While in high school, Shade took an internship at the Cumberland office of Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.[5] Shade went onto earn a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland, College Park with a major in government and politics and a minor in technology entrepreneurship.[6]


Shade served two years as Legislative Director in the Maryland General Assembly office of Delegates LeRoy Myers (R-Allegany and Washington) and Andrew Serafini (R-Washington). Shade has noted that he has experience in working in an assembly office for delegates serving on the House Committee of Ways and Means, traditionally an exceptionally powerful committee in legislative government. [6][7]

Shade was elected to the Allegany County Board of Commissioners in 2014, and led all candidates with 13,358 votes.[8][9][10][11] He is currently serving a 4 year term.[12]

According to Allegany County tradition, Shade would have been appointed president of the commissioners court, since he received the highest number of votes among the commissioners.[13] [13][14] [15] However, after being sworn in, Shade joined the other commissioners in unanimously electing William Valentine, an incumbent commissioner, as president.[16]

As commissioner, Shade "has said he wants to take a new tack on economic development. 'We need to overhaul our economic development strategy and shift our focus to advanced manufacturing and cybersecurity. These will be key industries for Allegany County over the next decade and are industries we can compete in.'"[9] Shade's other priorities are "reducing the homestead property tax rate from 7 percent to 4 percent and working with the Board of Education and local businesses to expand high school financial literacy courses to include aspects of entrepreneurship. He said he would also set up a partnership with local colleges and business to create a countywide internship program to ensure businesses can find qualified job candidates."[9]

Corridor H Advocacy

Commissioner Shade came to the Governor Hogan's defense with regard to speculation from the Washington Post that the incoming Governor's consideration of funding state transportation projects in Allegany County may be "turning a cold shoulder" to counties in the D.C. Area. In a letter to the Washington Post in December 2014, the commissioner indicated support for the funding and construction of a section of highway for Allegany County. Shade stated "We are working to design and fund Maryland’s section of Corridor H, which would give us direct links to Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia."[17] This section of roadway has been described as a study to "upgrade and/or relocate US-220 from I-68, via MD-53, to the West Virginia State Line (15.0 Miles)" which is part of a larger joint project between Maryland and West Virginia to connect I-68 with "Corridor H" in West Virginia. This project was listed as number 1 on Allegany County's Top Transportation Priorities in a letter from the County Commissioners to the State Transportation Department in 2014, and Shade has reaffirmed that commitment noting its potential economic benefits to the county. [18]

Political and civic associations

Shade has served on the Allegany County Republican Central Committee since 2013 and has been a delegate to five Maryland republican conventions since 2008.[19]

Shade also participates in the following boards, organizations and civic associations:

  • Member, Board of Health, Allegany County
  • Member, Mental Health Advisory Board, Allegany County
  • Member, Social Services Board, Allegany County
  • Member, Task Force on Child Abuse, Allegany County
  • Member, Cumberland Allegany County Industrial Foundation, Inc. (CACIF)
  • Member, Tri-County Council for Western Maryland
  • Member, Allegany County Republican Club
  • Member, Queen City Lodge No. 131, A. F. & A. M.[3]


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