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James Allsup

James Allsup on air in the KZUU studio
Born James Orion Allsup
(1995-09-07) September 7, 1995 (age 25)
Beaverton, Oregon, United States
Nationality American
Alma mater Washington State University, Pullman
Bothell High School
Occupation Campaign manager; Senior Advisor, Students for Trump; radio host; Chairman, Washington College Republicans Federation
Political party Republican[1]

James Orion Allsup (born September 7, 1995) is an American campaign manager, and currently serves as the Senior Advisor for Students for Trump, a nonprofit political organization whose mission is to "see that Donald Trump is elected as the next President of the United States and that the Republican Party is placed back into power in Washington."[2][3] He is currently the campaign manager for Hailey Roemer, a candidate for representative in Washington's 9th legislative district.[4]

Early life and education

Allsup was born in Beaverton, Oregon in 1995. He attended Bothell High School in Bothell, Washington,[5] before attending Washington State University in Pullman, Washington[3] to pursue degrees in political science, criminal justice, and Chinese.[6] While attending Washington State University he was president of WSU College Republicans and hosted events that brought Republican candidates such as Bill Bryant[7] and Chris Vance[8] to the university.


High school

In 2013, during his senior year at Bothell High School, Allsup led a student movement known as "#FreeBothell",[9] which sought to change the school administration's policy of monitoring student Twitter accounts. On a Change.org petition site, Allsup wrote that "our school district should be less concerned with what we say in 140 characters or less and more concerned with providing us a quality education," and requested that school administrators "exercise restraint" in "internet-related discipline cases." In an interview with KOMO-TV, Allsup stated that the Northshore School District "could be doing a better job with the resources that the taxpayers provide them with instead of acting as a cyber police."[5]

In 2014, Allsup ran to be the Precinct Committee Officer for his precinct in King County, Washington. He finished fourth, receiving 14.52% of the vote.[10]

2016 presidential campaign

Allsup was hired in 2016 by Students for Rand, the youth division of Rand Paul's presidential campaign. He served as the Washington State Coordinator until the suspension of Paul's campaign.[6]

Students for Trump

Following the suspension of Paul's campaign, Allsup was hired by Ryan Fournier to serve as the Senior Advisor at Students for Trump,[6] a non-profit political organization based in Campbell, North Carolina supporting Donald Trump's presidential campaign, unaffiliated with the official campaign organization.[2]

While at Students for Trump, Allsup helped to organize events like the May 9, 2016 construction of the "Trump Wall" at the University of Washington. The wall was 10'x8' and built out of plywood, painted to resemble a brick wall, with the phrases "Blue Lives Matter" and "Make America Great Again" painted on the front.[11] The event, which was co-hosted by UW Students for Trump and UW College Republicans, was met with "about 100" protesters,[12] and was labeled by some as a "racist symbol against Mexico and the immigrant community."[13] When asked about the reason for organizing the event, Allsup told Seattle Weekly that "the message was that we need to have a strong immigration policy and enforce the law," and regarding the exposure the event generated, that “the reason people demonstrate is for exposure, media or otherwise.”[14]

9th district legislative race

On May 26, 2016, it was indicated on paperwork filed to Washington State's Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) that Allsup had been hired as the campaign manager for Hailey Roemer, a Republican challenging Republican incumbent Mary Dye for the position of representative, position 1 in Washington's 9th legislative district.[15] Roemer, who was 20 years old on May 26 when her candidacy was announced, is focusing her campaign on education policy, agriculture policy, and highway funding- specifically for Washington highways 26 and 195. In an interview with The Daily Evergreen, Allsup described Roemer as "the clear choice" to replace Representative Dye.[4]


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