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Template:Pp-protected James McGibney is an American entrepreneur and former Marine. He is the CEO and founder of Las Vegas, Nevada based ViaView, Inc., which owns and operates the web sites BullyVille.com, CheaterU.com, CheaterVille.com, CupidVille.com, DramaVille.com, JudgeVille.com, KarmaVille.com, SlingerVille.com and VocalVille.com.[1][2][3][4]

McGibney has been featured on Anderson Cooper[5][6] ABC Nightline, Extra!, Dr. Phil, Maury Povich,[7] Howard Stern, The View, Good Morning America and Dr. Drew's Life Changers.[8]


McGibney has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Management Information Systems from Chadwick University,[9] a Master of Criminal Justice degree from Boston University[10] and attended Harvard Business School for his executive education.[11]


McGibney served in the United States Marine Corps, serving tours of duty with Third Surveillance Reconnaissance Intelligence Group and Marine Security Guard Battalion. He was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for computer security support to 128 US Embassies.[12][13]

Before he launched his current online business, McGibney founded SecuraTrak, a satellite-based asset tracking system.[14] He has over 40 trademarks or business symbols filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.[13] McGibney was the first person in the world to launch Cisco UCS Blade Technology, doing so within Tutor Perini.[15][16]

Starting in June 2012 he hosted his own radio show, “VocalVille – the choice for your voice” on CBS FM 100.5 KXNT in Las Vegas.[17][18]

Is Anyone Up? purchase and lawsuits

In April 2012, McGibney purchased controversial revenge porn[19][20][21] site Is Anyone Up?[22][23] from Hunter Moore;[24] traffic was redirected to BullyVille.com.[25] Three days after the transaction, Moore used his Twitter account to accuse McGibney of being a pedophile, of possessing child pornography[26] and threatening to rape McGibney's wife.[27][28][29]

McGibney sued Moore for defamation in Nevada's Clark County District Court in February 2013.[30] As a result of Moore's failure to respond to the suit, the court entered a default judgment[31] against Moore in the sum of $250,000 plus court costs and attorney fees.[32][33]

McGibney also sued Blue Mist Media LLC on the basis that their websites isanyoneup.net, isanyoneupvideos.com, and isanyoneupnudes.com violated McGibney's trademark in isanyoneup.com. Again the defendants did not respond, and again a default judgment was entered. The April 22, 2013 judgment transferred the domain names to McGibney, and ordered nominal and statutory damages, as well as attorney fees and costs, in the total amount of $330,473.75.[34]

Kate Gosselin and cyberbullying

On April 1, 2013, McGibney used his @bullyville Twitter account to release the real names and physical addresses of anonymous users he believes were harassing TV personality Kate Gosselin via Twitter, including a 62-year-old woman who allegedly sent out over 74,000 anti-Kate Tweets. The users posted allegations of child abuse and one appeared to be a veiled death threat.[35] He also announced he would be contacting their employers.[36]


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