James S. Tarantin

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James S. Tarantin
Nationality American
Occupation Author, Philosopher, Public speaker and Entrepreneur

James S. Tarantin is an American author, philosopher, public speaker and entrepreneur.[1][2] He is the Founder/President of TarantinDream.[1]


James S. Tarantin studied five main philosophical avenues which include the Mind, Pragmatism & Enterprises, Morality, Metaphysics & Aesthetics and captured them in his book "The Equation". [1][3][1][4] At the age of 22, James Tarantin founded TarantinDream in California.[5][6]

In 2013, James established a partnership with the PMBC Group, a Los Angeles based full-service public relations firm which will be responsible for all of his publicity and media presence.[7] In 2014, James became a Speaker at TedX giving a speech titled – “Destiny is a Decision."[8][9]


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