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Jamie Oram (born Jamie Scott Oram, 4 December 2002) is an English Actor, and Voice-Over Artist.[1][2] He is known for playing the role of George in Doctor Who, and he is also known for his lead role in the film, PLOEY - You never fly alone (2018). Jamie also starred as the voice of Woolly, from Woolly and Tig (2012), and Freddie Fox, from Peppa Pig from (2010-2016).[3]

Jamie Oram
Born Jamie Scott Oram
(2002-12-04) 4 December 2002 (age 19)
Colchester, Essex, England
Nationality English
Occupation Film/TV Actor
Years active 2007–present
Notable work(s) Doctor Who

Early and Personal life

Jamie was born in Colchester, Essex, in England.[4] From a young age, Jamie used to attend The Academy Theatre School, in Coggeshall, before it was remnamed - The NJ Theatre Academy.

At the age of 5, Jamie was signed to Alphabet Kidz Talent Agency, which has the likes of Harley Bird and other famous voice over artists.[5]Template:Circular reference Jamie also started to learn Classical Guitar aged 5 at his local Primary School, Feering.

In August 2019 (at his local Secondary School - Thurstable),[6] Jamie achieved a Grade 9 in GCSE Music, with full marks.


At age 5, Jamie was signed to Alphabet Kidz Talent Agency, and less than a month later, landed his first audition for a role in Wonder Pets![1][2]

Jamie has then voiced the role of Freddie Fox, in the children's animated series, Peppa Pig, in 2010. Jamie continued to voice Freddie Fox up until 2016.

Jamie also played Ooo Ooo (The Monkey) in the children's animated series, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion (2011-2012), (with the addition of releasing Ooo Ooo Toy Merchandise),[7][8] Woolly, in Woolly and Tig (2012-2016), (with the addition of releasing Woolly Toy Merchandise),[9] Prince Ferdinand von Habsburg, in the TV Series, Borgia (2011-2014), Henry, in Ella Bella Bingo (2013-2015),[10] and various other notable voice over characters for CBBC and CBeebies.

Jamie recorded a Woolly and Tig Album, Songs for Wobbly Moments, (2014), singing songs in the voice of Woolly.[11][12] In 2014, Jamie also appeared multiple times on the CBBC comedy panel show, The Dog Ate My Homework, alongside other panelists and host, Iain Stirling.

However, Jamie gained his most notable attention for hes co-leading role in the Episode: Night Terrors , (Season 6, Ep.9)[13]Template:Circular reference, of Doctor Who, starring alongside the Doctor at that time - Matt Smith.

Jamie stopped acting professionally in late 2016, despite the fact that PLOEY[14] - a film that Jamie voiced in - was released in cinemas in 2018.[15]


Year Title Role Notes
2007 Wonder Pets! Butter Deer, Marvin Voice
2008 Lego Duplo Advert Narrator TV Advert
2008 Lufthansa Advert Narrator Radio Advert
2010-2016 Peppa Pig Freddy Fox Voice
2011 Small Potatoes Olaf Voice
2011-2014 Borgia Prince Ferdinand TV Series
2011 Doctor Who George (Tenza) Episode: "Night Terrors"
2011-2012 Raa Raa The Noisey Lion Ooo Ooo (The Monkey) Voice
2011 Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Charlie Game (Voice Over)
2012 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Joe Voice
2012-2016 Woolly and Tig Woolly (The Spider) Voice/Radio
2013-2015 Ella Bella Bingo Henry Voice
2013-2017 Sarah and Duck Umbrella Voice
2014 The Dog Ate My Homework Jamie Oram (Panalist) TV Series (Series 1, Ep.1 and 10)
2017 Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experiance Freddy Fox Animated Comp Film (Voice Over)
2018 PLOEY - You Never Fly Alone[16] Ploey Film


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