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Template:COI Template:EngvarB Jason Horsley (born 1967), also known as Jake Horsley, Aeolus Kephas, Jason Kephas, and Jasun Horsley, is an English cultural critic, metapsychologist, conspiracy researcher, and podcaster.

Early life

Jason Horsley is the youngest child of Valerie Walmsley-Hunter and Nicholas Horsley, chairman of Northern Foods (the company founded by Nicholas's father, Alec Horsley).[1] His siblings are Ashley Horsley, a therapist, and the artist Sebastian Horsley (now deceased).[2][3]

In 1991, Horsley disinherited his personal fortune and travelled to Morocco to live on the streets.[4]


Film criticism

Horsley's film analyses have appeared in various publications, including New Dawn magazine, Bright Lights Film Journal, Film & Festivals Magazine, Cineaste, The Guardian, and The Quietus.[5][6][7][8] In 2004 he worked as a contributing editor and film reviewer for Oaxaca Times in Oaxaca, Mexico,[no citations needed here] and wrote film reviews for The List, an Edinburgh-based publication, in 2007-8.[9]

In 1999, Horsley published his first book, a two-volume study of violence in cinema, entitled The Blood Poets: A Cinema of Savagery 1958–1999, from Scarecrow Press.[10]

In 2005, Horsley published Dogville Vs. Hollywood: the War Between Mainstream Movies and Independent Cinema from Marion Boyars, UK.[11]

In 2009, Horsley's The Secret Life of Movies: Shamanic and Schizophrenic Journeys in American Movies was published by McFarland & Company in 2009.

In 2014, Seen and Not Seen: Confessions of a Movie Autist was published by Zer0 Books with an afterword by Jonathan Lethem.[12]

Other writings

In 2003, Horsley published Matrix Warrior: Being the One (Orion Publishing Group), in which he combined the plot of the 1999 movie The Matrix with the teachings of Carlos Castaneda, and argued that reality is an illusory construct designed to enslave humans and drain their life-force as food for "inorganic beings".[13] He also published The Lucid View: Investigations into Occultism, Ufology, and Paranoid Awareness in 2003 under the name of Aeolus Kephas, through Adventures Unlimited Press.[14]

As Aeolus Kephas, he wrote an article on Whitley Strieber in 2008 which appeared in Alien Worlds Magazine and Paranoia. "The Perils of the Literary Shaman" appeared in The Anomalist, the 2010 issue titled "Electricity of the Mind".[15] In 2012 he published a revised and expanded article on Strieber at the website Reality Sandwich.[16] He also published several articles at Reality Sandwich in 2011, including pieces on Carlos Castaneda[17] and the pitfalls of entheogen use.[18] More recently he has written about liminality,[19] writing, telepathy, and mirror neurons,[20] "extra-consensual perception,"[21] ritual abuse,[22] his relationships with Paul Bowles[23] and Jonathan Lethem.[24] He also reviewed Lethem's A Gambler's Anatomy for The Believer.[25]

In 2014 he published Seen and Not Seen: Confessions of a Movie Autist, a blend of film and literary criticism, cultural analysis, and autobiography, for Zer0 Books.[12]

In 2017, he published Dark Oasis: A Self-Made Messiah Unveiled, about Canadian spiritual teacher John de Ruiter.[26]

In 2018, he published Prisoner of Infinity: UFOs, Social Engineering, and the Psychology of Fragmentation for Aeon Books.[27] It is an overview of the cultural, political, and psychological context for the alleged "alien abduction" experiences of Whitley Strieber, including references to Jimmy Savile, the Process Church, Carlos Castaneda, transhumanism, and the New Age movement.

He has an upcoming book called The Vice of Kings: How Socialism, Occultism, and the Sexual Revolution Engineered a Culture of Abuse, due in December 2018.[28]

He continues to conduct interviews and author research in these and related areas, including via his podcast, called The Liminalist: The Podcast Between.[29]


In 2010 and 2017, he self-published a short illustrated book called Paper Tiger: A Mythic Narrative. The book recounts Horsley's experiences of growing up with his brother, Sebastian Horsley, and the effects of his brother's tell-all autobiography Dandy in the Underworld.[30]

The final chapters of Seen and Not Seen: Confessions of a Movie Autist also cover the life, career and death, of his brother. Prisoner of Infinity: UFOs, Social Engineering, and the Psychology of Fragmentation also includes autobiographical content.


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