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oooh, orphan

Jeanne Foguth published her first book in 2000. The book Peacekeepers was a big hit in the sci-fi groups. They enjoyed the Worlds that Mrs. Foguth had created where things were more one with the nature. The verbal paintings she created set her readers into a fantasy world full of flowers, trees, running water, and magical pets. Nimri one of her main characters has a magical pet tiger named Kazza who is her protector. Her other Larwin relies on an android robot to help him fit into this new place which is often comical. When she decided to cancel her contract with her publisher. These books went for thousands on eBay afterwards. The books Fatal Attractions and Passion's were first published under her publisher in the early 2000s as well these books are full of action and keep you guessing throughout the series of which each can be read as a stand alone book. In 2012 Jeanne decided to begin republishing these books along with the rest of these series and her newest series "The Sea Purrtestors Files" this series was written in memory of her feline writing partner Rom. The series is about a cat named Xander who sails around the World to the rescue. Each book introduces the reader to a new place. So far she has released: "Star Bridge" priorly known as "Peacekeepers" "Deadly Rumors" "Fatal Attractions" priorly known as "Fatal Impressions" "Passion's Fire" "The Red Claw" which is book one of "The Sea Purrtector Files" series

To be released soon: "Thunder Moon" the sequel to "Star Bridge" "Purr-A-Nois" which is the second book in the "The Sea Purrtector Files"

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