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Musical artist

Jerrÿ Jay; born Chan Thu Won (Burmese: ခ်မ္းသုဝဏ္; also spelt Chan Thu Won; born 15 October 2001) is a Burmese record producer of midtempo, trap and bass music. He is best known for his unique sound design and his theme he applies to his each release. He rose to fame in 2017 with a remix of Bunny Phyoe's "Lay Htel Ka Eain (Castle in the Air)" uploaded onto his soundcloud account. Other releases following this includes "The Untold Story" (featuring Thin Nadi Kyaw) and a remix of Y3llO's "Talk About Us" (with Amera Hpone).

Early life

Jerrÿ was born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar. He is the youngest son of Soe Thu Aung, a businessman and a former military doctor, and his wife Mya Mya Htwe, also a former military doctor. He has an elder brother Aung Kaung Ko(better known as Bryan with a Y, videographer). He attended Pride International School Myanmar in Kamayut, Yangon. He finished high school in June 2018.[1]

Music Career

Jerrÿ rose to fame with his nationwide remix of Bunny Phyoe's "Lay Htel Ka Eain (Castle in the Air)"[2] which was released on 1st April 2017 which gained a lot of attention in SoundCould. He released "Dreams EP" in 2017, and the single "The Untold Story" on 30th July 2018. Jerrÿ Jay's remix of Y3llO's "Talk About Us" (featuring Amera Hphone) was released on 19th December 2018.

In the first few months of 2019, Jerry released an official remix of "Running" by Fakecake (featuring J. Par) and an unofficial flip of San Holo's "Lift Me from the Ground". Jerrÿ Jay first performed in Mandalay on 16th March 2019, together with Fakecake, PAST12, SYNE and Y3llO.[3][4] [5]On 28th March 2019, Jerry Jay released a new single with MIND.

Jerrÿ Jay on stage in Taunggyi
Jerrÿ Jay on stage at Taunggyi Winterland Festival, February 2019.


Extended Plays

Dreams (30th July 2017)[6][7]


  • Wonder (with J.Par) (2016)
  • Forget Me (with Grace Suiuk) (2016)
  • Dreams [prolouge] (2017)[8]
  • Out of My Mind (with MIREI) (2017)
  • Promises (with Thin Ei) (2017)
  • Rainfall (with SYNE and Bunny Phyoe) (2017)
  • Stranded(with PAST12 and Youn Ni Ko) (2017)
  • Wonder (Acoustic) (with J.Par)(2017)
  • The Untold Story (with Thin Nadi Kyaw) (2018)
  • Fall in Love Again (with MIND) (2019)


  • Lay Htel Ka Eain (Castle in the Air)(2017)
  • Pyar (Ash) (2017)
  • Can't Live Without You (2018)
  • Talk About Us (2018)
  • Running (2019)


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