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Musical artist

Joe Butterworth (born August 1, 1983) is a British heavy metal drummer, known for his work with Nephwrack, Dead, Interlock, and currently, Talanas.

Early life

Joseph S. Butterworth was born on August 1, 1983 to parents John M Butterworth F.R.S.A and Lesley G Butterworth MA. He was raised in the south of England, where he was schooled. At the early age of 3, Butterworth was first introduced to percussion at a crèche run in central Winchester. He then started to develop his drumming technique, by using his parents’ pots, pans and paint brushes. His parents the persuaded him to put his musical skills into learning the Bb Cornet, which he perused for the next few years achieving grade 5. However his enthusiasm for drumming persisted and his parents relented and invested in a bright red Hohner drum kit, for himself and his sister to share and practice upon.

In 1994 Butterworth attended The Westgate School, Winchester, Hampshire, where he was to form his first few bands with childhood friends, including Alex Harbourne and Ewan Parry (later to become a key member of Talanas). During this period Butterworth was furthering his musical talents through the tuition of Glenn R Clarke. This included an annual Freddie Gee Drum Academy Summer School at Winchester University. Guest teachers included Steve White, Mark Mondsir, Keith Le Blanc, Andy Gangadeen, Gavin Harrison, Simon Hanson, Gregg Bisonette and Gary Husband. He became a regular face at the summer schools and began to contemplate a career as a professional drummer.

Leaving school in 1999, Butterworth attended Cricklade College in Andover on their music course transferring later that year to Eastleigh FE College, where he was accepted on the BTEC National Diploma in Popular music; from there he graduated to the Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford, Surrey. There he studied under the watchful eyes of Pete Riley (Republica), Mike Sturgis (Lou Reed, Wishbone Ash) and Jon Duff. During this period he witnessed many master classes given by acclaimed artistes of current musical trends, including Russell Gilbrook (Uriah Heap, Iommi), Steve White (Paul Weller, The Jam) and Ritchie Kotzen (formerly of Poison, now of The Winery Dogs). It was here that Butterworth started playing in his college band, Industry Of Lies. This however, was a short lived position as upon graduation from the ACM, Butterworth returned home to Winchester.



In 2004, he joined the band Nephwrack. Replacing Paul White (formerly of Seasons End, NYA), the lineup included Ed Simmonds (Guitars), Laurence ‘Fuzz’ Pawling (Guitars) and Laurie Goulding (Bass and Vocals). He stayed with Nephwrack until the start of 2007, having completed several UK tours with the band, including playing one of the early incarnations of Bloodstock Open Air, where they shared the unsigned stage with thrash band, Evile.


At the start of 2007, He joined London based industrial metal band, Interlock. Upon joining, it was decided that Butterworth should apprise himself of all the bands material prior to the upcoming transatlantic tour, covering the eastern seaboard of America supporting the New York-based industrial band, Inswarm. Featuring Fade Kainer (Ascension of the Watchers, Batillus) and Josh Lonzano, who are both live members of Jarboe. On their return to the UK, the band toured extensively throughout England and in July of that same year, played Hellfest Summer Open Air in Clisson France together with fellow Anticulture band, Gutworm. After which they focused on writing material for a new album, resulting in the still unreleased demo’s entitled ‘Parasite’.


In August 2008, upon the disbanding of Interlock, Butterworth and fellow ex-Interlock front man, Hal Sinden, formed the London-based band, Talanas; the goals of which were to pursue and develop musical styles and genres more personal to them. Since then, the line up of the band has gone through several changes and now consists of Hal Sinden (Vocals and Guitar), Ewan Parry (Vocals and Guitar), Mark ‘Duff’ Duffy (Vocals and Bass) and Butterworth (Vocals and Drums). Their output includes the ‘Reason & Abstract’ EP and ‘The Waspkeeper’ Album, both released through Eulogy media. The band has taken to the road throughout the UK, with Manchester prog-metal outfit, Spires. Bogaty Smak. In the autumn of 2011, Talanas were invited to headline Rocktober Festival with local act To Cast A Shadow (Kolony Records) at Sebs Hotel, in Hamar, Norway. At present the band are working on a new album, to be released in the later part of 2013.

In the early Summer of 2012, the quartet were personally selected by UK doom legends My Dying Bride as main support for their UK & European tour in December. Once again returning to Berry Street Studio, the quartet are now penning material for their sophomore album ‘daylight’, advancing on their formative musical backgrounds in the darker climes of 80s music and contemporary extreme metal to combine tense & haunting moments of melodic introspection with nightmarish & frenetic passages of ferocious precision.

Bridging stylistic gaps as wide as Suffocation to Scott Walker and presenting their creativity in their unmistakable and classically British visual approach for which they have come to be known as “death metal’s gentlemen”, Talanas proffer a more refined slant on the alternative music landscape.


Butterworth is now involved with the GRC music school, based in Winchester and Fair Oak. His teaching role involves him in individual and group tutorials with the next generation of prospective drummers and percussionists.

Drum kits and percussive equipment

During his career, Butterworth has been supported by and endorsed by the following: Paiste Cymbals, Axis Percussion and Pedals, Protection Racket drum cases, Quick Stix and recently Mapex UK. Mapex UK constructed for Butterworth the single largest custom built drum kit for an endorsed artist in the UK.

Drums - Mapex Saturn in Black, with custom black hardware

  • 10"x10" tom
  • 12"x12" tom
  • 14"x14" tom
  • 16"x16" tom
  • 18"x18" tom
  • 18"x16" bass drum (x2)
  • 22"x22" bass drum (x2)

Mapex Black Panther Snares

  • 14"x4" Birdseye Black Maple
  • 13"x6" Walnut (Chris Adler model)
  • 14"x4.5 Black steel

Cymbals - Paiste

  • 2002 21" Wild China
  • 2002 19" Wild China
  • 2002 14" Wild HiHats
  • Alpha 13" Medium Hihats Brilliant finish
  • Twenty 10" splash (x2)
  • Twenty 12" splash
  • Twenty 8" Mini china
  • Signature 8" cool bell
  • Signature 12" flanger bell
  • Signature 13" Mega cup chime
  • Signature 22" Dark metal ride
  • 2002 #3 Cup chime
  • 2002 #5 Cup chime
  • 2002 15" Crash
  • 2002 20" Crash
  • Signature Reflector 17" Heavy full crash
  • Signature Reflector 18" Heavy full crash

Roto toms/Cantables

  • 6", 8", 10"

Rhythm Tech Mounted Percussion

  • 11" Ribbon crasher
  • 15" Ribbon crasher

Axis Percussion

  • Single pedal AX-A (x2)

Dixon Rack Systems

Vic Firth Sticks


Year Band Title Notes
2008 interlock parasite demos unreleased
2010 Talanas Reason & Abstract (EP)
2011 Talanas The Waspkeeper
2012 Talanas Corpseflower


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