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John Henry Silva
Born (1980-11-10) November 10, 1980 (age 41)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Residence Cambridge, Massachusetts
Nationality American
Alma mater Harvard University[1]
Occupation Private Equity Investor
Years active 1998 — Present
Known for Investor, Entrepreneur, Public Policy Advocacy, Presidential Marine[2]

Speaking at Harvard Social Enterprise Conference
Speaking at Consulate of Switzerland
Photo-Op with President Clinton
File:President Bush and John Silva, BW.png
Photo-Op with President Bush
Serving in US Marine Corps Special Forces

John Henry Silva is an entrepreneur, investor and veteran. He is a leading advocate for innovation, sustainability and veterans affairs. Prior to his career in private equity, he was selected for Yankee White Duty to protect the President of the United States.

Private Equity

Silva is a private equity investor at 3BL Holdings, the first holding company focused on triple bottom line investments.[3][4]

Previously, he founded Tufts Health Ventures, the corporate development division of Tufts Health Plan, the leading health plan in the United States as rated by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.[5][6]

He has served as a corporate development executive for ReMed Life Sciences, Aga Khan Foundation,[7] and iRobot Corporation.

Silva serves on the Board of Directors for the Association for Corporate Growth.[8][9]

Government Service

Silva was selected to serve in the The White House on Yankee White Duty in the United States Marine Corps. He served during the Administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, serving on Presidential Missions worldwide. He also served in the US Marine Corps Special Forces. For his military service, he was awarded the Presidential Service Badge #17996 by President Clinton.


Silva is on the Board of the National Warrior Scholar Project.[10] He served as a Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.



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Silva's maternal and paternal family are political refugees from Gdańsk, Poland and Havana, Cuba respectively.


  • On Innovation and Diplomacy: "This is a new age of innovation diplomacy for our community. No longer is diplomacy the province exclusively of professional diplomats; we can integrate diplomacy into our business operations."[29], Quoted in the Boston Globe

  • On Entrepreneurship and Urbanism: "Entrepreneurship and innovation thrive in intellectual environments where the synergy of great minds, abundant resources and cultural zeal all reinforce the productive faculties of theory and practice, mind and hand."[30], Quoted in the MIT Entrepreneurship Review

  • On Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital: "The best way to get buy-in from corporate leadership is to show immediate return on investment. By focusing on the most costly and underserved pain points in healthcare, entrepreneurs can create real value. There are many underserved chronic condition patient populations for entrepreneurs to address, and that can make a great impact in many lives. As your product or service gains traction through satisfied customers, you can expand the range of your offerings."[31], Quoted in Medtech Boston

  • On Investing in Diversity: “Today’s health care system can often be complex, and almost impossible to navigate for those who speak a primary language other than English. ConsejoSano performs a very important service for its clients, simplifying the complicated health care world for Spanish speaking individuals. This investment is in line with our mission of improving the health and wellness of the diverse communities we serve.”[32], Quoted in MobiHealth News

  • On Veterans and Classics: "Initially, like many veterans who discover an interest in Ancient Rome and Greece, I was attracted by the grand accounts of martial glory. Who is not astounded by the feats of the Athenians defending their home from vast invasions, the stern discipline of the Spartans, or the titans of grand strategy such as Themistocles, Alexander the Great, and Hannibal? Yet as I delved deeper into Greco-Roman civilization, I learned the Classics have more to teach us about peace than about war."[33], Quoted in the Eidolon Journal

  • On Veterans and Politics: "There is “an enormous disconnect between the military and the elite in this country—just look at Congress."[34], Quoted in the Harvard Crimson

  • On Veterans and Networking: “It changed the whole course of my military service, and if I hadn’t talked to people who were savvy enough to let me know about it, I never would have had that opportunity.”[35], Quoted in the Boston Globe

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