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John Locco born in the 1950's is a school teacher, former Mayor of Brighton in Victoria Australia and the founder of the swimming group the Brighton Icebergers.[1][2]


Locco is a former school teacher he taught at Sandringham East Primary school where he locked a entire class in the classroom for some students behaving silly.[3] Locco was instrumental in preventing the Brighton swimming baths from being closed in Victoria during the 1980s after being elected to Brighton Council in 1984. Locco in 1992 while Mayor of Brighton was involved in a punch up with Brighton Baths manager Mark Greene that resulted in Greene's sacking Locco and Grenne had been friends in the past as they were both bouncers years before at a hotel.[4][5] Locco became Mayor in 1992 prior to Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett sacking local councils, Locco stated "Kennett decided in his socially demented way that everything had to be privatised."[1][6][7] The Icebergs which Locco founded are a group have over a hundred members including former Premier of Victoria Ted Baillieu.[8] In 2010 Locco commented it was not not usual to see a shark of 2.5 metres close to the shore.[9] Locco stated in 2004 the motto of the club is death to the wetsuit.[10] Locco has supported Boxer Sam Soliman Soliman would spend Monday to Friday at Soliman's house and Locco was present fo Soliman's German win in 2013 carrying Soliman on his shoulders prior to Soliman's victory being reverted due to Soliman testing positive.[11]Template:Not in citation Locco was a guest with swimmer John Van Wisse at the Brighton Rotary club. Locco owned a horse with Bryan Roberts another former member of Brighton council and Don Brown.[12] Locco is the uncle of Michael Locco and brother in law of Deborah Locco a school principal.[13]Template:Not in citation given[14]Template:Not in citation given Locco use to play football in the 1970's as a ruckman he said "If I make it into the saints they will have to buy me contact lens."[15][16]

Locco is the brother of Frank Locco who died in 2016 from a snorkeling accident.[17][18][19][20]

When a shark sighting came into the Brighton beach area Locco stated "It sounds as if it's come in for a feed of fish and then took off again,". [[1]]

Locco founded the Icebergers when he noticed the fewer people swimming in the afterroon. [[2]]

Locco criticized Max Kellerman's interviewing at Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao. [[3]]


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