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Julen Roselló García (2016–2019) was a Spanish boy aged two years who fell into a narrow shaft near Totalán in Málaga in 2019.


Julen disappeared on January 13, 2019 playing while his parents José and Vicky were having a picnic. He fell into a 107 meter deep shaft with a diameter of 25 to 30 cm. The shaft had been drilled in December 2018 by an entrepreneur searching for ground water, without the permission of the authorities. It was not secured afterwards.[1]

The parents say that they could hear their child crying. [2][3][4]

Rescue attempt

Initial attempts to reach Julen were unsuccessful due to the shaft being blocked at a depth of 71 meters. This was discovered when a camera was lowered into the shaft. Rescuers only managed to remove about 30 cm of rubble before deciding to pursue alternative rescue plans.[5]

Construction of the vertical shaft took several days due to the rocky nature of the earth. On January 24, 2019, the vertical shaft was completed and rescuers started excavating the horizontal gallery.[6] Explosives were used as a last resort as rescuers could not break through the rocks using conventional tools.[7]


On January 26 at 01.25 am local time, rescuers located his lifeless body in the hole.[8] Autopsy revealed that he suffered a ‘severe head trauma’ during the 71 meter fall and presumably died instantly.[9]

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