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Kekcroc is a supposed video game for the Sega Genesis released in 1993. Very little is known about the game except for its box art. and vague descriptions of the game itself online. The game has been described as jerky and crude, with the ability to collect "crocodollars", a location known as "Toasty's Castle", and the default weapon being a toilet plunger.[1]


After an image of the game's box art was discovered in the archives of a local video game store's website, it was humorously spread to the website 4chan due to having "Kek" in the title. Later, a user on 4chan claimed they had worked at a video game store in the 1990s, and posted a document dated April 1993 of a customer asking for more information on the game after seeing its cover, questioning its quality, implying that Kekcroc was even obscure when it was released.


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