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Kissami, also given as Kasmi and variously spelled as Kasimi and Kassimi, more commonly known as the Kissami family (Arabic: Template:Lang, Template:IPA-ar) is a Moroccan family of sharif and idrisid descentTemplate:OR.


The Kissami family descends from Yahya III[1]Template:Failed verification (883-904), eighth ruler of the idrisid dynasty and grandson of Idris II[2] (791-828), who inherited the Beni Snassen region upon the death of his father, Qasim ibn Idris.[1]

The latter was the grandson of Idris I of Morocco (745-791) and the great-grandson of Hasan ibn Ali (624-669), who was the grandson of Muhammad[3] (571-632).


The Kissami and Kasmi patronyms are derived from the possessive term (Arabic: قاسمي, qāsimi, "descendants or followers of Qāsim"), the latter of which comes from the Arabic verb (Arabic: قسم, qassama)[4]Template:Failed verification meaning to divide or to distribute, and into the doer from (Arabic: قاسم, qāsim) meaning one who divides goods among his people.[5]

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