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[[Category:Deleted {{{month}}} {{{year}}}]] Template:Infobox YouTube personality Karel Kovář, known as Kovy, is a Czech youtuber, vlogger, student and in the past also a Let's Player. The nickname Kovy is based on his last name.[1] From other Czech youtubers, they differ by discussing topical social themes, politics, the backbone of social networks, or non-bank loans, for example. His work is based on infotainment (the interconnection of information and entertainment that is mostly aimed at evoking certain emotions) and, with the help of videos, tries to break the prejudices in society.[2] Kovy means metals in English.


He was born and raised in Pardubice, where he also attended elementary school and Grammar School Dašická. In 2016, he graduated from the history and foundations of social sciences, and later in the same year, he moved to Prague for the study of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in the field of marketing communications and PR.

You Tube

He currently has three channels on YouTube, including two videos on a regular basis.


Gameballcz is his fitst channel. This channel wast created on 16 June 2012. First on this channel he was filming let's plays from minecraft. Later Kovy began to switch to another type of videos; Even though he continued to play let's play videos, Gameballcz also began to show different cuts of the best moments of the other youtubers. Then Kovy started to create various parodies, such the oaths as Jolanda and Vlastík Plamenek, for cooking programs (most often Láďa Hruška) and so on.


On 5 January 2014 , he founded a personal account called Kovy on YouTube, with the intention of filming vlogs, themed videos and sketches, which he also began to publish regularly here. He regularly travels to the diverse countries of the world where he makes travel vlogues. At present, he publishes so-called "Kovyneděle" on the Kovy channel each Sunday. Kovyneděle means "KovySunday".