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Kristen McGuire
Years active 2014–present

Kristen McGuire (born August 27, 1985) is an American voice actress, script writer, and ADR Director affiliated with Funimation. She has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime television series. She is best known as the voice of An Onoya from ReLIFE, Hanabi Kawai from Keijo!!!!!!!! , Hinano Kurahashi from Assassination Classroom, Dolugh from ēlDLIVE , and Loop Nishigori from Yuri!! On ICE.

She is also an anime artist and author. Her list of published works include: Enchanted[1] and A Day in the Life of a Cat Girl[2]. She was a contributing artist in Drawing Basics Made Easypublished by Flame Tree Publishing.[3] She also worked for Sonny Strait as a coloring assistant on the Dark Horse Comics title, Elf Quest.[4]


List of voice performances in anime

Year Title Role Note Source
2011 Gosick Cecil Lafitte [5]
2014 Rage of Bahamut: Genesis Rita's Mother [6]
2014 Selector Spread Wixoss Fumio's Mother [6]
2014 Tokyo ESP Harumoa Toriu [6]
2015 Assassination Classroom Hinano Kurahashi [7]
2015 Maria the Virgin Witch Vera [6]
2015 Mikagura School Suite Yuriko [8]
2015 Prison School Chiyo Kurihara [9]
2015 Sky Wizards Academy Beach Chevro [6]
2015 Dance With Devils ADR Script [6]
2015 Castle Town Dandelion Karen Ayugase [10]
2015 Heavy Object Charm [6]
2015 Ultimate Otaku Teacher Ako [6]
2015 Noragami Aragoto Toma [6]
2016 Dagashi Kashi ADR Script [6]
2016 Shōnen Maid Amahara ADR Script [11]
2016 Love Live! Sunshine!! ADR Script (odd numbered episodes) [6]
2016 Divine Gate Defier Girl [6]
2016 Servamp Julie [6]
2016 ReLIFE An Onoya [12]
2016 Keijo!!!!!!!! Hanabi Kawai [13]
2016 Yuri!! On ICE Loop Nishigori, Young Takeshi Nishigori [6]
2017 Akiba's Trip the Animation Mashiro Kuga [14]
2017 Fūka Chitose Haruna [15]
2017 ēlDLIVE Dolugh [16]
2017 Interviews with Monster Girls ADR Script Writer [17]
2017 RWBY Young Nora Valkyrie U.S. ONA [18]
Template:Dts KanColle: Kantai Collection Yūbari [19]
2017 Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On Alph [14]

List of voice performances in video games

Year Title Role Notes Source
2017 The Last of the Disciples Rasha [20]
2017 88 Heroes Ascii the Magic Unicorn, Claire Voyant, Penelope Pixel,

Ladder Lola, She Roar, Madge Dusa, Turbo Guppy, Shield Maiden,

Miss Fortune, Glass Girl



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