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Laura Moser (born August 30, 1977)[1] is an American author and politician, the founder of the anti-Trump resistance movement Daily Action and a candidate for the U.S. Congress in Texas's 7th congressional district for the Democratic Party.[2]

Early life and education

Moser was born in Houston, Texas. Her grandfather came to Houston as a refugee from Nazi Germany.[3] She attended St. John's School (Texas) and graduated from Amherst College in 1999.[1] She later worked in publishing at the Harvill Press in London before becoming a freelance journalist.[1]

Publications and career

Moser published her first book, an "efficient, compact" biography of the actress Bette Davis, in 2005.[4] With her friend Lauren Mechling, she co-authored a series of young adult novels about the experiences of a girl who moves from Houston to Brooklyn.[5]

She contributed to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and The Jewish Daily Forward. She worked as the education Template:Cns at, where she explored many areas of policy.[6]

Political activity

Through her husband, Arun Chaudhary, whom she married in the Texas Hill Country in 2007, she was introduced to national politics.[7] Chaudhary joined the Barack Obama campaign in 2008 as a young filmmaker, and after Obama's victory the couple moved to Washington, D.C., where Chaudhary became the White House videographer, an experience documented in his book First Cameraman.[8]

The couple celebrated Passover every year with the Obamas -- Moser's family seder plate became the first such used at the White House -- which led to a widely publicized incident in 2015, when their young daughter Claudia threw herself at the feet of the President. The resulting photograph went viral.[9]

Moser has moved back to Texas's 7th district to run for congress in 2018.[10] She will be running against John Culberson, a Congressman who has a 100% pro-Trump voting record[11] in a district that voted for Hillary Clinton.[12]

Founder of Daily Action

Following the 2016 Presidential Election, Moser felt she had to get involved in politics. “If we can all do something more than we were doing before, if we can all work a little bit harder,” she hoped that she and others could make a difference, she told the Washington Post. She founded an organization called Daily Action. "People who sign up receive a text message every weekday at 10 a.m. Eastern describing a problem and a concrete task. There’s a link to a phone number where a recorded voice message gives enough information to help people feel comfortable talking with a young staffer answering the phone. The system automatically routes them to their lawmaker’s office."[13] The organization received Template:Failed verification span[14][15] national press coverage and was credited as one of the most effective tools of the anti-Trump movement.[16]Template:Primary source inline As of February 2017, Daily Action has over 300,000 members.[17] In February, the organization also launched a book club moderated by Benjamin Moser of the New York Times Book Review.[18]



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