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Lindsay Mills
Residence Russia
Nationality American
Occupation Acrobat
Known for acrobatics, blogging, dating Edward Snowden

Lindsay Mills is an American acrobat living in Russia. She came to international attention as the girlfriend of Edward Snowden at the time of the Global surveillance disclosures. Mills and Snowden share a home in Moscow.

Before the global surveillance disclosures

Mills' father Jonathan Mills lives in Laurel, Maryland.[1]

Mills studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art.[2] She is a dancer and acrobat.[2]

Mills and Edward Snowden lived together in Baltimore, Japan, and Hawaii.[3] They have been together at least since 2009.[3]

Mills kept a blog in which she posted pictures of herself posing and performing.[4] On 20 May 2013 Snowden left Hawaii for Hong Kong and told her that he was going on a business trip.[5]

On Thursday 6 June agents from the National Security Agency searched Mills home seeking Snowden.[6] On Sunday 9 June 2013 The Guardian published a story revealing that Snowden had done the global surveillance disclosures.[6] On Monday 10 June 2013 Mills wrote on her website, "I'll be refraining from blog posts for awhile" then deleted all posts within a day.[7] Mills was shocked to learn what Snowden had done.[8] She was very sad that he was gone.[4]

After the global surveillance disclosures

Mills became the focus of a media sensation after the global surveillance disclosures her identification as Snowden's girlfriend.[9] One media outlet called Mills, "the girlfriend Edward Snowden left behind".[2] In 2013 Buzzfeed reviewed Mills' personal blog.[2] It noted that she had a boyfriend whom she called "E" and her "man of mystery".[2]

After Snowden left Hawaii reporters sought question members of the Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe for insight into Mills and Snowden's relationship.[10] Newsworthy comments reported from that interview included, "I never got to know her", "I wasn't even aware she was in a relationship", and "I have no idea how much pole and other stuff she'd done".[10]

Between June 2013-14 here was no public awareness in the media of any interaction between Mills and Snowden.[11] The public did not know where Mills lived after June 2013.[12] Later, the Citizenfour documentary included a scene which showed Snowden and Mills reunited in Moscow.[11] This reveal in October 2014 was the first indication in the media that they were still dating.[11][12] The information that Mills and Snowden were together and happy was surprising because until the documentary, popular media supporting the U.S. government had reported that Snowden's life in Russia was a miserable punishment.[13]

Mills and Glenn Greenwald joined director Laura Poitras on stage at the 87th Academy Awards to accept the Academy Award for Citizenfour.[14] In September 2016 one reporter described the Oscar showing as "Mills' most notable public appearance".[15] In Citizenfour, Mills appears for a few seconds cooking with Snowden in the Moscow apartment which they share.[12] Mills took one of the three statues awarded in ceremony.[16] Reflecting on the experience of being on stage to receive the statue for Snowden, Mills later commented, "We won a motherfucking Oscar!"[16]

In February 2015, Anatoly Kucherena stated, "Edward Snowden is happy that his girlfriend Lindsay Mills came to Russia and that she is supporting him".[17] In March 2015 Mills revived her blog and made two posts which a writer for Jezebel described as "mysterious".[11] In October 2015 news reported that Mills and Snowden went to see a show at a theatre.[17]

For Halloween 2015, Mills posted pictures of herself with her boyfriend in Halloween costume as Carmen Sandiego and Wally of Where's Wally?.[18][19] Both popular fictional characters are known for hiding.[18][19] In the photo Mills and Snowden are posing in front of the J. Edgar Hoover Building but presumably this is photo manipulation because they are supposed to stay in Russia.[18][19]

Public image

Mills has a history of being highly active in new media publishing, including social media, blogging, and video sharing.[20] A reviewer for The New Yorker described Mills' blog as "a mixture of chatty accounts of Mills’s days in Hawaii, stories of her athletic and pole-dancing feats, descriptions of fun evenings with friends, and declarations of girl power".[21] Mills regularly posts pictures of herself posing in her underwear.[21]

The character of Lindsay Mills has a prominent place in Snowden, a 2016 dramatization of Snowden's global surveillance disclosure.[22] Director Oliver Stone said that the relationship between Mills and Snowden was an important part of his movie.[23] Actor Shailene Woodley plays Mills in the film.[24] Woodley reported that she had been unable to meet Mills in person before filming, so she had been unable to imitate Mills' own mannerisms.[24] Woodley based the character on information from Mills blog and social media posts.[25]

Wonkette reported that Mills "possesses several physical qualities that are commonly associated with being hot".[26] The media has noted Snowden's complaints about Mills being portrayed with sexy pictures.[27]


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