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Darius is the name of a series of shoot 'em up video games developed and published by Taito. The first game of the franchise is named Darius and released in 1986.

The Darius Series has two main trademarks. The first one is the choice of different branches through the game, leading to possible routes and a different ending that depends on the last zone visited. Normally, each stage consist in one zone more than the previous, with the first stage having only one zone. The zones are labeled from A to Z (except in G-Darius, Darius Alpha and Sagaia for the Game Boy console) Once one zone is over, by defeating their boss, the player can choose only one of the zones of the following stage that can be accessed from the current zone. Some games in the franchise are not subject to this kind of distribution of the zones.

The second trademark of the Darius series are their bosses. Each zone has one boss at their end. Each boss have a name and is based on an aquatic actual lifeform (except a few exceptions). Prior to the boss' appearance, an alarm sounds and the following message is displayed on screen:



(Boss' name)


This article contains the list of all bosses in the entire Darius franchise, sorted by game releases.

Darius (Arcade, 1986)

Stage Zone Boss Name Based on
1 A King Fossil Coelacanth
2 B Electric Fan Sea anemone
3 D Dual Shears Lobster
4 G Fatty Glutton Piranha
5 K Keen Bayonet Swordfish
6 P Iron Hammer Hammerhead shark
7 Z' Great Thing Sperm whale
V Strong Shell Sea turtle
W Green Coronatus Crowned seahorse
X Octopus
Y Cuttlefish
Z Great Thing Sperm whale
V' Strong Shell Sea turtle

Darius II (Arcade, 1989) / Sagaia (Sega Genesis, 1991) / Sagaia(Sega Master System, 1992)

Darius II is the first game that adopts the idea of Captains, small versions of bosses of previous Darius games, that act as mid-bosses on each zone.

Sagaia for Sega Master System has less zones than Darius II, having only one zone in the odd stages (except Jupiter, that has 3 zones) and 2 zones in the even stages.

Stage Zone

(Darius II)

Boss Name

(Darius II)

Based on Boss Name

(Sagaia for

Sega Genesis)


(Sagaia for

Sega Master System)

Boss Name

(Sagaia for Sega

Master System)

Sun A Hyper Sting Lionfish Hyper Sting A Hyper Sting
Mercury B Alloy Lantern Anglerfish Alloy Lantern B Alloy Lantern &

Killer Hijia (see


Steel SpineTemplate:Refn Porcupinefish
C Alloy Lantern Anglerfish C
Killer HijiaTemplate:Refn Mackerel
Venus D Driosawm Moray eel Driosawm D Driosawm
Moon G Red Crab Fiddler crab Steel Spine E Red Crab
Earth K Yamato Hermit crab Leadain G Yamato (player 1 only)

Leadain (player 2 only)

L Leadain Sea urchin Yamato
M Yamato Hermit crab Leadain
N Leadain Sea urchin Yamato
O Leadain Sea urchin Leadain
Mars P Grand Octopus Octopus Grand Octopus H Grand Octopus
Q Red Crab
R Grand Octopus
S Red Crab I
T Grand Octopus
U Red Crab
Jupiter Z' Mother HawkTemplate:Refn Gigantic Silver Hawk Mother Hawk J Bio Strong
V Bio StrongTemplate:Refn Embryo of an

undetermined species

Bio Strong
W Little Stripes Angelfish Little Stripes
X Nehonojia

(another mackerel)

K Mother Hawk
Y Little Stripes L Steel Spine
Z Bio Strong Embryo of an

undetermined species

Bio Strong
V' Mother Hawk Gigantic Silver Hawk Mother Hawk

Darius + (Atari ST, Amiga & ZX Spectrum, 1990)

This game is based on the first Darius and has only five bosses, so the player may battle with a same boss more than once, although the stages and zones are distribuited on the same way as Darius, making a total of 28 zones. Fatty Glutton and Small Fatty Glutton together are the bosses of the zones M and Q.

Boss Name Based on Zones
Fatty Glutton Piranha A, E, J, M, Q, V, V'
Small Fatty Glutton D, J, M, O, Q, X
Urchin Sea Anemone B, F, H, N, R, Y
Octopus C, G, I, S, U, W
Lobster K, L, P, T, Z, Z'

Super Darius & Darius Alpha (NEC PC Engine, 1990) / Darius-R (Game Boy Advance, 2002)

Super Darius is based on the first Darius and contains new exclusive bosses, plus all bosses from Darius and some bosses from Darius II so each zone has its own boss.

Darius Alpha is a "Boss Run" version of Super Darius, with 16 of the 26 bosses included in Super Darius. Thus, it has only one zone per stage.

Darius-R is based directly on Super Darius and has bosses from Darius, Darius II and Super Darius, with no new exclusive bosses. Also, like Darius Alpha, exists the possibility to face the same boss more than once. Darius-R has 2 stages less (thus 13 zones less) than Super Darius

Stage Zone Boss Name

(Super Darius)

Stage in

Darius Alpha

Based on Boss Name


1 A King Fossil 1 Coelacanth King Fossil
2 B Electric Fan 2 Sea Anemone Electric Fan
C Burst Out Puffer fish Guard Savage
3 D Big Rajarnn 3 Stingray
E Little Stripes 4 Angelfish Mystic Power
F Dual Shears 5 Lobster Electric Fan
4 G My Home Daddy 11 Hermit Crab Mystic Power
H Fatty Glutton Piranha Though Spring
I Guard Savage 6 Tiger shark
J Steel Spine Porcupinefish Mystic Power
5 K Hard Mollusc 8 Portuguese man o' war Fire Star
L Alloy Lantern Anglerfish Green Coronatus
M Though Spring 9 Shrimp Octopus
N Hyper Sting Lionfish Green Coronatus
O Keen Bayonet 10 Swordfish Fire Star
6 P Driosawm Moray eel The zones don't

exist in this game

Q Mystic Power 12 Chambered nautilus
R Fire Star 13 Starfish
S Iron Hammer Hammerhead Shark
T Buddy Blazer Mothfish
U Red Crab 7 Fiddler crab
7 Z' Great Thing Sperm whale
V Strong Shell Sea turtle
W Green Coronatus 14 Crowned seahorse
X Octopus
Y Cuttlefish
Z Great Thing Sperm whale
V' Strong Shell Sea turtle

Darius Twin (Super Nintendo, 1991)

This game has a different branching of zones leading to an only final zone.

Stage Zone Boss Name Based on
1 A (Rilair) Killer Hijia Mackerel
2 B (Danto) Emperor Fossil &

Queen Fossil

Both coelacanths
C (Koloba)
3 D (Lankus) Demon Sword Cuttlefish
4 E (Padi) Dual Shears SP Lobster
F (Rear)
5 G (Narukini) Dark Coronatus Crowned seahorse
H (Narudo) Red Mist Octopus
I (Sabia) Dark Coronatus Crowned seahorse
6 J (Noeru) Full Metal Shell Sea turtle
K (Horolain) Hyper Great Thing Sperm whale
7 L (Darius) Super Alloy Lantern Anglerfish
Great TuskTemplate:Refn Walrus

Sagaia (Game boy, 1991)

This game has only one zone per stage. The stage 4 is a boss run with bosses of the previous stages. The stage 8 is another boss run with bosses of all other stages. All bosses, except Big Merman and Ancient Helm are bosses from Darius and Darius II.

Stage Boss Name Based on
1 King Fossil Coelacanth
2 Red Crab Fiddler crab
3 Strong Shell Sea turtle
4 Big Merman Ocean sunfish
5 Cuttlefish
6 Green Coronatus Crowned seahorse
7 Ancient Helm Horseshoe crab
8 Great Thing Sperm whale

Super Darius II (NEC PC Engine, 1993)

This game is based on Darius II and has more captains based on most bosses from Darius, Darius II and Super Darius, so each zone has its own captain. Thus, except for Killer Hijia, Yamato and Leadain (that remain as bosses), all other bosses are new and exclusive on this game.

Stage Zone Boss Name Based on
Sun A Golden Eyes Splendid alfonsino
Mercury B B-Gaudian Garden Eel
C Killer Hijia Mackerel
Venus D Revenge Shark Whale shark
F Deep Dragon Common seadragon
Moon G Crab Armer Horseshoe crab
H Bald Crab Arrow crab
I Crab Armer Horseshoe crab
J Bald Crab Arrow crab
Earth K Yamato Hermit crab
L Leadain Sea urchin
M Yamato Hermit crab
N Leadain Sea urchin
O Leadain Sea urchin
Mars P Dark Modon Black swallower
Jupiter Z' Heat Arrow Ocean sunfish
V Mech Bio StrongTemplate:Refn Cybernetic embryo
X Moderato Oarfish
Y Mech Bio Strong Cybernetic embryo
Z Heat Arrow Ocean sunfish
V' Moderato Oarfish

Darius Force (a.k.a. Super Nova, Super Nintendo, 1993)

On this game, it's not possible to tell which zone belongs to which stage, due to the fact that the Stage Select Map allows to take different paths in a different manner than the previous Darius games. The zones L, N and O are the final zones. The X zone is a secret boss run where the player battles the bosses listed below, one by one.

Zone Next Zone Boss Name Based on
A B, C Bio Hazzard Water flea
B D, E Mudy Crystal Portuguese man'o war
C E, F
D G Spiral Snail Garden snail
E G, H Thunderbolt Fans Sea anemone
F H, I Spiral Snail Garden snail
G J Devil Fish

(a.k.a. Ichtyion)

H J, K Peace Destroyer Moray Eel
I K, L Devil Fish

(a.k.a. Ichtyion)

J M StealtherTemplate:Refn Chameleon
K M, N
L Zandick II Plesiosaur
M O Great Force Humpback whale
N MegaloprosTemplate:Refn Pteranodon
O Galst VicTemplate:Refn Human
X Bio Hazzard Water flea
Mudy Crystal Portuguese man'o war
Spiral Snail Garden snail
Thunderbolt Fans Sea anemone
Devil Fish

(a.k.a. Ichtyion)

Stealther Chameleon
Great Force Humpback whale
Megalopros Pteranodon

Darius Gaiden (Arcade, 1994)

Stage Zone Boss Name Based on
Vadis Base A Golden Ogre Ogrefish


B Ancient Dozer Horseshoe crab
C King Fossil Coelacanth
Vadis System

Open Space

D Folding Fan Spotted fanfish
E Electric Fan Sea anemone
F Folding Fan Spotted fanfish


G Prickly Angler Anglerfish
H Neon Light Illusion Cuttlefish
I Prickly Angler Anglerfish
J Neon Light Illusion Cuttlefish
Darius System K Fatty Glutton Piranha
L Double Dealer Flounder
M Titanic Lance Orthocerida
N Double Dealer Flounder
O Fatty Glutton Piranha
Darius (Pt. 1) P Crusty Hammer Mantis shrimp
Q Deadly Crescent Mirror dory
R Crusty Hammer Mantis Shrimp
S Deadly Crescent Mirror Dory
T Crusty Hammer Mantis Shrimp
U Deadly Crescent Mirror Dory
Jupiter Z' Great Thing Sperm whale
V Risk Storage Gulper eel
W Vermillion Coronatus Crowned Seahorse
X Hysteric Empress Spider crab
Y Odious Trident Ocean sunfish
Z Curious Chandellier Nomura's jellyfish
V' Storm Causer Ogrefish

G-Darius (Arcade, 1996)

This game has 5 stages. Each zone is labeled with letters of the Greek alphabet. At half of each zone, the player can select one of two paths, that leads to a different version of the same boss. All bosses, except G.T. (Great Thing) are new and exclusive to this game.

Stage Zone Boss Name Based on
Planet Amnelia α Eclipse Eye Gibberfish
Moon Mahsah β Tripod Sardine Ipnopidae
γ Queen Fossil Coelacanth


δ Dual Horn Spiny lobster
ε Dimension Diver Chimera fish
ζ Absolute Defender Pinecone fish
Planet Mabaher η Fire Fossil Coelacanth
θ Death Wings Stingray
ι Eight Ft. Umbrella Cirrate octopod
κ Eternal Triangle Goblin shark
Darius Star


λ Lightening Coronatus Crowned seahorse
μ Heavy Arms Shell Sea turtle
ν The Embryon Sea angel
ξ Accordeon Hazzard Anomalocaris
ο G. T. Sperm whale

Darius Burst (PSP, 2011)

Stage Zone Boss Name Based on
1 A Iron Fossil Coelacanth
2 B Mud Wheel Chambered nautilus
3 C Lightening Flamberge Stingray
4 E Mirage Castle Porcupine fish
5 H Hungry Gluttons Piranha
I Thousand Knives Lionfish
J Dark Helios Oarfish
K Great Thing Sperm whale

Darius Burst - Another Chronicle (Arcade, 2010) / Darius Burst - Chronicle Saviors (PlayStation 4, 2015)

Both games have three modes: In the original mode, the player can select one of three zones in the first stage. In that mode, there are only three stages. The Original EX mode is similar to the original mode, but with more dificult zones and bosses. The chronicle mode consist in rearranged individual missions selected by the player, with bosses that are exclusive to this mode.

Darius Burst - Chronicle Saviors has also a CS (Chronicle Saviors) mode, that consists on 186 zones in a single branched map. Bosses whose name ends with "Claw" or "Nigtmare" and Gigantic Byte are CS Mode exclusive bosses. Therefore, they are not available in Darius Burst - Another Chronicle.

Original Mode

Stage Zone Boss Name Based on
1 A Iron Fossil Coelacanth
B Hard Wheel Chambered nautilus
C Hyper Jaw Goblin shark
2 D Lightening Claw Stingray
E Ancient Barrage Hawksbill sea turtle
F Phantom Castle Porcupine fish
G Brightly Stare Barreleye
3 H Violent Ruler Giant isopod
I Thousand Knives Lionfish
J Hungry Gluttons Piranha
K Dark Helios Oarfish
L Great Thing Sperm whale

Original EX Mode

Stage Zone Boss Name Based on
1 O Knight Fossil Coelacanth
P Glassy Stare Barreleye
Q Dark Flare Oarfish
2 R Lightening Flamberge Stingray
S Trident Jaw Goblin shark
T Thousand Edge Lionfish
U Heavy Gluttons Piranha
3 V Golden Ruler Giant isopod
W Dual Spin Porcupine fish
X Dreadful Whip Cuttlefish
Y Slash Shell Hawksbill sea turtle
Z G.T.V. Sperm whale

Chronicles Mode and CS Mode Exclusive Bosses

Boss Name Based On
King Fossil Coelacanth
Mud Wheel Chambered Nautilus
Thorn Wheel
Dissaster Jaw Goblin shark
Heavy Jaw
Assault Jaw
Lightening Prison Stingray
Mirage Castle Porcupine fish
Insane Stare Barreleye
Savage Ruler Giant isopod
Thousand Bullets Lionfish
Brute Gluttons Piranha
Dark Flame Oarfish
G. T. B. Sperm whale
Massive Whip Cuttlefish
Blazes Whip
Force Claw Fiddler crab
Twin Claw
Double Claw
Azure Nightmare Blue angel
Crimsom Nigtmare
Gigantic Byte Dunkleosteus


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