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Template:Use Indian English Template:Cleanup The List of Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali episodes (Episode 1-1085) is an overview of the first 1085 episodes of the Indian television mythological series Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali.

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Vishu: Ratan Imaandar

Part # 1, 14 April 2015: Maharshi feels betrayed when he sees Mahanand and gets angry on Hanuman. He feels he is being tricked by Hanuman. Mahanand apologizes to Sadanand for his mistakes done in the past. Pradhan Jaipal comes to meet Arun and Sanchita but gets tensed when he does not find anyone in the house and he waits for them. Mahanand seeks help from Sadanand to turn Sanchita back to her normal form. Sadanand sends Mahanand to get the mud of the place where Sanchita has turned into a tree. Mahanand comes back with the mud.

Sadanand sends Hanuman to get an magical axe - Parashu, the primary weapon of Parashurama - to make the seas recede to save the lands of Konkan and Kerala]] the 6th Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Dhanvantari, known as an avatar of Vishnu is the Hindu god associated with Ayurveda. - from the magical forest.[1]

Sadanand sends Hanuman to get a magical axe, ono, from the magical forest. Hanuman finds the magical plant from the forest. Varun is tense and cries for Sanchita when tantrik Mahanand comes and make him understand. Soldier Mangheru gets the branch of the magical plant from the woodsman. Hanuman comes to him and asks for his shining branch stick.

Soldier Mangheru gets the branch of the magical plant from the woodsman. Hanuman comes to him and asks for his shining branch stick. But soldier is not ready to give the stick. Hanuman makes a deal with him and agrees to give him the portion of the land of Sumeru in exchange of the shining stick. Pradhan Jaipal goes to the forest in search of Sanchita and Arun where he meets Varun and inquires about them. Varun says him the fake story. Hanuman finds out the magical axe and comes to Sadanand and Mahanand. He reaches to the place where Arun and Sanchita have been converted into the trees. Under the influence of spell, Sanchita calls Varun as her husband. Sadanand explains Hanuman about the procedure to break the spell by using mud ball and the magical axe masa-kari.[2]

Sadanand explains Hanuman about the procedure to break the spell by using mud ball and the magical axe Parashu. Mahanand instructs Hanuman to hit the hammer three times on the tree to break the spell .Everyone is shocked when Sanchita appears and addresses Varun as her husband. Hanuman tries to convince Sanchita to recall the past and to make the situation normal. He even breaks the spell and makes Arun free from the spell. Arun attacks Varun in anger.[3]

Varun apologizes to Arun for his bad deeds. But Arun is so angry that he is about to attack Varun when Sanchita stops him and confesses everything in front of everyone. Mahanand feels guilty and seeks apology from Sadanand for his cruel deeds and mistakes. Varun goes to Kailas Parvat to worship Lord Shiva as a part of his repentance. Mangheru reaches to Sumeru and meets king Kesari. He starts walking on the land of Sumeru to acquire it as per the deal and becomes unconscious. Hanuman returns home and meets mata Anjana and King Kesari. He teaches a lesson to Mangheru that one should not be so greedy in life.[4]

Kami-sama no Iu Toori / As the Gods Will

Part # 1, 21 April 2015: King Kesari loses the game of Chausat against Hanuman when mata Anjana comes to call them for a walk. Two monsters soldiers search for their prince Aadri when they see a soldier falling dead. Hanuman along with Mata Anjana and king Kesari go for a stroll when they see a street entertainer gets hurt while showing his stunts. A sage is performing his rituals when a couple comes to him get the solution of their problem. Queen Aadrika chants for Isht dev Neyarti (Lord of wishes) to help her in controlling her son Aadri's anger and violence. In Raj Darbaar, the Mantri (minister) suggests king Kesari to perform the coronation ceremony (Rajyaabhishek) of Hanuman. Neyarti (Isth dev) comes to meet Aadri and makes him understand to keep control over his anger and violence. He explains him about his responsibility of being a king.[5]

Part # 2: At midnight, Seema gets up from the bed and walks out of the house. Hanuman meditates when Mata Anjana comes and teases him about his coronation ceremony (Rajyaabhishek). She gives an idea of inviting Lord Shree Ram. Aadri is very angry as why his godfather Neyarti does not stay with him. Aadrika makes him understand about his responsibilities as Isth Dev. Hanuman comes to invite Lord Ram but heads back home disappointed as he could not meet Lord Ram. While practicing, Aadri kills his soldiers when Daasi maa sees it and tries to make him understand. Seema returns home when her husband Hasmukh starts questioning her and throws her out of the house. Daasi maa comes to Aadrika to inform her about Aadri's violent activities and anger. Pawandev comes to visit Mata Anjana and says her to get rid of the curse before Hanuman turns eleven years old.[6]

Part # 3 23 April 2015: Pawandev comes to visit Mata Anjana and says her to get rid of the curse before Hanuman turns eleven years old. The sage gets angry on Hasmukh for throwing his wife out of the house. He orders Hasmukh to get his wife back home. Hanuman comes to know about the curse on Mata Anjana. Daasi maa along with her son, makes a plan against the prince Aadri about how to conquer the Pissach lok.[7]

Part # 4: Hanuman comes to Swarglok to find out about the Mata Anjana's curse and its solution from Indradev. In the middle of the night, Seema gets up and walks out of the house when Hasmukh follows her. Seema; in a trance state comes to the rishivar (sage) when rishivar tries to take an advantage of her for his hidden benefits. Meanwhile, Hasmukh comes and fights with the rishivar. But rishivar hits him hard and makes him unconscious. Hanuman requests Mata Anjana to come along with him to take a holy bath in Godavari river so that she can be free from the curse. Dasi maa gives a suggestion to Queen Aadrika to invite Aadri's real father for his Coronation ceremony. Dasi maa explains Mangal how to finish Queen Aadrika and Prince Aadri. Hanuman along with king Kesari and Mata Anjana comes to Godavari river to free her mother from the curse.[8]

Part # 5: When Seema wakes up from the trance, she gets shocked seeing her husband dead and calls Rishivar but he denies knowing anything about Hasmukh's death. Hanuman, Mata Anjana and king Kesari come to Godavari to free her mother from the curse when Indradev appears and informs that she is not yet free from the curse. Pisach (monster) soldier comes to inform Mahamantri (minister) Mangal that his invitation to king Kesari is being delivered on the earth and Dasi Maa is happy to hear it. Seema along with the villagers come to meet Rishivar (sage) and blames him for his husband's death. But Rishivar with his cunning talks turns the situation and proves Seema guilty.[9]

Part # 6: Rishivar with his cunning talks turns the situation and proves Seema guilty for her husband's death in front of the villagers. Hanuman gets upset and irritated when Mata Anjana comes and tries to talk to him but he walks off in anger. Aadri practices sword fight when Dasi Maa comes and provokes him against King Kesari saying he is the enemy of his mother. Hanuman finds Seema who is crying and after knowing her story he feels pity. He goes along with her to find out the truth of Rishivar.[10]

Shōwa Day

Part #1, 29 April: Rishivar has been proven guilty in front of Seema and Hanuman. The villagers named Aruki and Golak, punish the Rishivar for his guilt. The messenger comes in the Raj Darbar and gives the letter to King Kesari. After reading this letter, King Kesari leaves the Raj Darbar in anger. On the way to Raj Darbar, Hanuman and Seema meet up Maha Mantri and he narrates the entire story to Hanuman. Mata Anjana is very glad to receive the invitation from Adrika for his son's Rajyabhishek (Coronation ceremony). She says to King Kesari to attend the ceremony. Rishivar's soul comes out of his dead body to take the revenge against Hanuman. Aadri feels sleepless and goes out the room when Aadrika is tensed about his behavior. Golak and Aaruki report to Aadri about the strength and weaknesses of the Prithvilok and the humans.[11]

Part # 2: Pisach soldier comes to Aadri to report about the earth and creatures living on it and also gives the information about the King Kesari. Messenger who is staying in the guesthouse being served delicious food by the servant. But when the messenger eats the food, it gets chocked in his throat. The spirit of the Rishivar (saint) tries to enter into Hanuman's body but fails. Messenger finds out from the servant that his throat got chocked because of the Gangajal that was mixed in the water. Servant is surprised when he finds out that he is unable to see the ghosts but the messenger is able to see them in the Kesari Mahal. He informs Hanuman about this. Golak enters into King Kesari's body.[12]

Part # 3: Golak enters into King Kesari's body. Aadri informs Aadrika; his mother that he wants to kill one of his enemy but he does not say his name to her and says her to wait till his coronation ceremony. Hanuman along with Mata Anjana make King Kesari's body free from Golak's spirit. With the help of Gangajal, they finish Golak's spirit. Aruki is tensed about the end of Golak.[13]

Part # 4 (4 May - Midori no Hi): Hanuman along with Mata Anjana make King Kesari's body free from Golak's spirit. King Kesari gives the responsibility of his kingdom to mata Anjana and Hanuman in his absence. Isth Dev Niyatri says to Aadrika to invite Aadri's real father in his Coronation ceremony. Daasi maa informs Mangal that Aadrika has decided to invite King Kesari for the Coronation ceremony of Aadri. On the way to Pisach lok, king Kesari gets disappeared.[8]


Part # 1: On the way to Pisach lok, king Kesari gets disappeared. King Kesari reaches to a deserted place. Seema thanks Hanuman for his help and support when Aruki comes and attacks Hanuman. Aadri practices sword fight with the Pishach soldiers and kills them in anger when Bhartodasi comes and calms him down. She talks about king Kesari's disappearance. The messenger comes and gives an invitation to Mata Anjana from Queen Aadria. Mata Anjana informs him that King Kesari has already left for the Pisachlok. Aadri gets hyper and shocked when he comes to know that Neyatri is not his real father.[14]

Part # 2: Mata Anjana cries in tension when Hanuman comes to meet her. Both are confused about the second invitation received from queen Aadrika. Later, Hanuman comes to know about the truth of Aadrika who is Mata Anjana's younger sister and King Kesari's second wife. Also he has a younger brother whose name is Aadri. King Kesari remembers the curse given by Sage Durvasa when he was Yaksh Singhkesha in his past birth. Mata Anjana says to Hanuman about the curse given to her and Aadrika by Lord Indra in her past birth. She also says that they both got the rebirth as King Kunjar's daughters; Anjana and Aadrika. Both of them have worshiped Lord Shiva but only Anjana got the Lord Shiva's blessing and she could hide her monkey face. Aadrika gets upset as she was not blessed by Lord Shiva.[15]

Part # 3: Mata Anjana says to Hanuman about the curse given to her and Aadrika by Lord Indra in her past birth. She also says that they both got the rebirth as King Kunjar's daughters; Anjana and Aadrika. She says when she was chanting of Lord Shiva's name, Singhkesha reached there as he was very thirsty. King Kunjar got the information from the messenger that Krishkinda; the kingdom of his friend King Bali was attacked. So he has sent his army to Krishkinda. Singhkesha worshiped lord Shiva and was free from the curse. Mata Anjana says to Hanuman about the monster Sambasadan who did the attack on Sumeru kingdom with his army. But king Kunjari was helpless to protect his two daughters when Singhkesha came with a request to give him a chance to protect Sumeru and also to allow him to fight with Sambasadan and his army.[16]

Part # 4: Queen Anjana feels positive and confident about Singhkesha. Singhkesha challenges Sambasadan for the fight and kills him. A soldier comes to Kunjar darbar and gives the news that Singhkesha had defeated Sambasadan and the entire army. After hearing the news, king Kunjar gets impressed with Sambasadan and later declares him as king Kesari of Sumeru kingdom and wants his two daughters to marry King Kesari. After hearing the false story of King Kesari from Bhartodasi, Aadri turns and rebels against him. Hanuman sets off to find his second mother Aadrika and brother Aadri.[17]

Part # 5: After hearing the false story about king Kesari, Aadri comes to Queen Aadrika in anger and asks about king Kesari's injustice. Hanuman comes to God Neyarti to ask about Queen Aadrika's location and how to go through Pishach lok. Queen Aadrika's messenger is brought dead in front of her. Mahamantari Mangal blames king Kesari for it. Aadri decides to do war against king Kesari and he seeks the permission from Queen Aadrika. Queen Adrika is very much worried as her husband and her son both are going to fight against each other. Isth dev Neyatri says the entire story about the King Kesari who has already left form the Sumeru Kingdom, before her invitation and makes her aware that someone is planning against her.[18]

Part # 6: In anger, when Aadri goes to fight with Hanuman, Adrika goes in search of him to stop him. Mahamantari Mangal shouts on his messenger for his mistakes when Bhartodasi enters and calms him down. They discuss about the future scenario of taking over the Pishach lok. King Kesari feels helpless and he breaks down. During the fight, Hanuman loses his control and when he is about to kill Aadri, queen Aadrika reaches there on time. She saves Aadri and meets Hanuman for the first time. Mata Anjana is worried about her husband and son so she leaves the Darbaar in tension. Queen Aadrika along with Hanuman and Aadri tries to sort out the confusion behind the two invitation letters.[19]

Part # 7: Queen Aadrika, Aadri and Hanuman; all are furious and angry. They are curious to know who is playing against them. Hanuman and Aadri check everyone's handwriting and match it with the invitation letter. They try to find out who is planning against them and feel suspicious about one Pishach who is missing. Pisach who is in Hasmukh's body, on his way to Sumeru kingdom meets Mata Anjana and feels guilty for his deed and also about the sudden disappearance of king Kesari. He asks for forgiveness.[20]

Hanuman Mahagatha

Part # 1: Pishach messenger informs mata Anjana about Hanuman's safely and his arrival in Pishach lok. Queen Aadrika says that she will give harsh punishment if she finds out the person guilty. But at the same time, dusty storm comes and, Hanuman and Aadri get disappear and reach to a dark place. Adrika faints when saint's ghost comes and declares that he is the only reason for Hanuman, Aadri and King Kesari's disappearance. Hasmukh thanks mata Anjana for her kindness.

Part # 2: Rishivar takes Bharthodasi and Mahamantari Mangal along with him to his secret place. He explains them his plan to play a game of Chausar in which king Kesari, Hanuman and Aadri will be trapped by him. Hanuman and Adri plan to go to different directions to find a way out. Aadri walks through smog when Kesari hears someone shouting for Hanuman. Hasmukh chants Shiva mantra in the forest when Seema sees him and keeps some fruits for his meal. Mangal doubts on Rishivar whether he is trying to trick them through game of Chousar.

Part # 3: Hanuman gets lost in the mysterious place searching for his brother and father. Mahamantari Mangal, Bhartodasi and Rishivar all are confused and surprised when they see the coins moving automatically. Hanuman reaches to a circle and sits there for meditation. Bhartodasi and Mangal with Rishivar are deeply involved in the game of Chausar to win it. Queen Aadrika comes in senses and gets tensed and worried about Aadri and Hanuman's disappearance. Hanuman sees a magical door and tries to break it with his mace but it disappears suddenly.

Part # 4: Hanuman attacks the magical door but it vanishes. King Kesari is glad to see his son Aadri. But as soon as Kesari hugs Aadri, he disappears. Queen Adrika prays and pleads to Istha dev to give her some information about Aadri and Hanuman. Hanuman breaks the wall to get out from the magical place. Bharthodasi tries to snatch the magical slate from Rishivar. She breaks it and makes Hanuman, Aadri and Kesari free from the game of Chausar. All of them appear in front of Bharthodasi. During the fight, Rishivar escapes and, Barthodasi and Mangal are killed. Hasmukh expresses his love to Seema. Hanuman finds out the Rishivar and destroys him.

Part # 5: Queen Aadrika, Aadri and King Kesari decide to go to Sumeru first for Hanuman's Coronation ceremony. When Seema sprinkles Gangajal on Hasmukh, he does not get burnt and proven to be clean now. Mata Anjana declares that Seema and Hamukh will get married on the day of Coronation ceremony. Mata Anjana welcomes Queen Aadrika, Aadri and King Kesari and, recollects the past memories. Queen Adrika apologizes to Mata Anjana for her mistakes done in the past. King Kesari performs the Coronation ceremony of Hanuman and Aadri.

Part # 6: In Swarg lok, Indradev enjoys Apsara's dance and has fun time. While dancing with Apsara, Indradev accidentally breaks the key of a cage. Lord Shiva senses Indradev's mistake and gets tensed about the consequences that are going to happen. As the cage key is broken, Akal comes out from this cage. To satisfy his hunger and thirst, Akal comes to earth and leaving it barren and lifeless. Mata Anjana gets anxious to meet her son Hanuman and asks king Kesari to call him back from Pishach lok. Narad thinks of visiting Earth when he gets surprised.

Part # 7: Narad thinks of visiting earth but gets shocked to see earth's conditions due to Akaal. King Kesari and mata Anjana are worried and tensed about the shortage of the food and water in the Sumeru kingdom. The messenger from the Sumeru kingdom comes to meet Hanuman at Pishach lok with the message from mata Anjana. Akaal becomes stronger by absorbing all the life and energy from the earth. Hanuman comes to the earth and gets shocked to see the situation. When Narad comes to Indradev to inform him about the conditions on earth, he ignores it and does not care what Narad wants to say.

Part # 8: Narad tries to explain Indradev about his duties but he is been humiliated and sent back by Indradev in anger. Akaal meets up an Asur messenger. Hanuman informs mata Anjana about the condition of the earth. Suchi makes Indradev realize about his arrogance and attitude towards others. Hanuman and King Kesari are shocked and feel pity after seeing the conditions of the villagers due to lack of water and food. Akaal flies in the galaxy and plans to attack his next target. Hanuman kills the asur messenger in anger and feels guilty for his action.

Part # 9: Mata Parvati is worried when Lord Shiva consoles her. Narad comes to Lord Shiva after getting humiliated by Indradev at swarglok. Hanuman feels guilty for killing an asur in anger. King Kesari apologizes to King Mridasur for Hanuman's mistake. Indradev is pleased after watching Mridangini's dance when Suchi comes to talk him but Indradev sends her back. King Kesari, Mata Anjana and Raj Darbaries discuss about the conditions of the earth which getting worse day by day. Narad helps Hanuman to come out of his guilt.

Part # 10: King Kesari announces his decision of allowing the villagers to use the stored grains from the palace to satisfy their hunger. Akaal consumes all the food storage and a soldier informs king Kesari about this. Sage Gautam comes to Raj Darbaar where king Kesari plans to perform a ritual to please Indradev. Narad informs Hanuman about his friend Murli's critical condition. A villager prays and pleads to improve the condition of the earth just then he finds one piece of a broken key.

Part # 11: A villager gets a broken piece of key. Hanuman looks for his friend Murali when a soldier comes to call Hanuman for the ritual to be performed by Gautam rishi. Tantrik is upset because of his ritual being incomplete. Hanuman comes back to Rajdarbaar and meets Gautam Rishi, mata Anjana and king Kesari. Everyone decide to perform the ritual to please Indradev. When Indradev hears prayers and mantras, he ignores it and continues to play his game of Chausar. After finishing the ritual, all are being patient for Indradev to get impressed and show his blessings. Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva talk about Indradev's misbehavior, mistakes and ignorance.

Part # 12: Villagers discuss about how to deal with the problems they are suffering, just then the Tantrik tricks them with words and says that Indradev has asked for a sacrifice to get pleased. Hanuman feels sad and pity on seeing the conditions of the villagers starving to death. While Indradev is enjoying Mridangini's dance, Suchi comes to remind him of his duties and responsibilities. King Kesari is tensed about his kingdom and sufferings of the villagers. Hanuman reaches to Mohakpur to his friend's place and sees him in critical conditions due to thirst.

Part # 13: Tantrik speaks to the devil about the sacrifice to complete his ritual. When Hanuman goes in search of the water for his thirsty friend, he meets up Samundradev. Gautam Rishi speaks to king Kesari to perform one more ritual to please Indradev. Tantrik gets a kid to the village for the sacrifice. Hanuman is very much disappointed and angry on Indradev. Mata Anajana, king Kesari and Gautam Rishi all are ready to perform the ritual and are waiting for Hanuman. When a soldier comes to call Hanuman for the second prayer, he gets irritated.

Part # 14: Gautam rishi along with the king Kesari and mata Anjana start the ritual just then Hanuman comes and stops the ritual as he feels Indradev is not worth it. When Indradev is enjoying Mridangini's dance, Suchi comes and reminds him his responsibility to help the earth in its critical situation. Tantrik does the preparation of the kid's sacrifice to his devil when suddenly few villagers feel suspicious about him. One of the villager runs to Hanuman for the help to save the kid. When Tantrik is about to sacrifice the kid, Hanuman enters and saves the kid.

Part # 15: Tantrik is about to sacrifice the kid to the devil when Hanuman enters and saves the kid. He exposes Tantrik's reality. Airavat comes to Indradev with a request to help the earth and solve its problems. Mata Anjana prays for the well being of their villagers and to put an end to their suffering. Akaal tries to kill Hanuman but fails. Tantrik is brought to the Raj Darbar and punished for his evil deeds.

Part # 16: Tantrik is been punished by King Kesari. Akaal is shocked about the kid's strength when Narad appears and Akaal asks him about the kid. Hanuman comes to meet Indradev but the gatekeepers of Swarglok don’t allow him in when Airavat comes and says he will request Indradev for a meeting. Rajvaidya checks Mata Anjana for the weakness she going through because of the fast. Indradev enjoys Mridangini's dance and doesn't hear Airavat's request. Airavat meets Hanuman along with Suchi and plans to make Indradev realize about his responsibilities.

Part # 17: Indradev is shocked to know that Airavat is not in the Swarglok. Hanuman comes back to Sumeru kingdom along with small form of Airavat. Mata Parvati is curious to know what is going to happen with Indradev. Indradev comes to Kesari mahal in rage and anger. King Kesari apologizes to him but shocked to know that Hanuman stole Airavat from Swarglok. Akaal and Hanuman meet up again.

Part # 18: Mata Anjana regains her consciousness and king Kesari worries about the shortage of water in the kingdom. When Hanuman gives the fruit to a villager who is dying in hunger, in return the villager gives a shiny broken piece of key to Hanuman. Indradev is unable to go back to Swarglok and gets frustrated when a villager teases him for his appearance. After watching Indradev's situation, Narad comes to Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. Hanuman distributes the fruits to the villagers who are dying in hunger.

Part # 19: Sumeru villagers discuss the conditions in their village when Indradev comes and gets beaten by the villagers. Suchi is worried for Indradev. A soldier comes to king Kesari with the news of Indradev being tortured by the villagers. Indradev is dying in thirst and searches for water. Meanwhile, king Kesari comes to help him but gets angry due to Indradev's rudeness and misbehavior.

Part # 20: Mata Anjana asks Hanuman to be patient in teaching a lesson to Indradev. Indradev wanders due to thirst when he is troubled by the villagers. Hanuman comes to speak to Indradev but he starts beating Hanuman. Suchi is worried and tensed about Indradev when Narad appears. Indradev beats Hanuman in anger when Suchi and Narad appear there. Hanuman gets angry on Indradev and he teaches Indradev a lesson with his powers.

Part # 21: Brahmadev along with Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu decide to take Indradev's throne. Because of this decision, Indradev is shocked and angry. Indradev comes to Brihaspati's Aashram but he is not able to enter into it. He gets angry on this and hits Samaydev and breaks his Samaychakra.[21] Indradev comes to Brahmalok to apologize for his mistakes and actions. Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Brahmadev have been called by Adhishakti in anger for the disturbance happening in the universe.

Part # 22: Mata Adhishakti is disappointed and angry on Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma for the disturbance happening in universe. She reminds them the reason for their creation. Brahma creates Mahamaya for the creation of the thoughts and dreams.[22]

Part # 23: Devi Mahamaya comes to Lord Vishnu for the creation of time and the Samaydev is created along with Samaychakra. Samaydev and devi Mahamaya come to Lord Shiva. The Lord Shiva with his powers creates four cycles of time: Past, Present, Future and Death. Mata Adhishakti appears appreciating Lord Shiva's work.[23]

Part # 24: Mata Adhishakti reminds Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Brahmadev about the duties given to them. They apologize to Mata Adhishakti for not completing it and ask for a second chance to make things right. Samaydev says to Lord Vishnu about the critical conditions of all the Kaals. Lord Vishnu with his power helps devi Mahamaya to recreate the Samaychakra. King Ravan chants Shiv mantras to please Lord Shiva to grant him the Moksh. Lord Vishnu tries to fix the Samaychakra.[24]

Desa Mangayarkarasi

Part # 1: Devi Mahamaya and Samaydev along with Lord Vishnu try to fix the period of ages as it was disturbed due to broken Samaychakra. Ravan pleads lord Shiva for his Moksh. The tridev takes the decision that the Lord Vishnu will take Ram avatar and Lord Shiva will take Hamuman avatar. The Tridev along with Brihaspati honor Purandar as the king of Swarglok.[25]

Part # 2: Lord Vishnu is confused whether to kill king Ravan or not as in future he would be a great follower of Ram, "the avatar of lord Vishnu". King Kesari and queen Anjana come to Gautam Rishi to get a solution of having a child. King Dashrat comes to his gurudev to know how to have an heir of the family. King Kesari and Queen Anjana sit for the meditation to please Lord Shiva for a child. Lord Shiva is pleased with their dedication and says them that his 11th avatar, "Hanuman" will take birth as a child of mata Anjana. King Dashrat gets the good news of his wives deliveries. Rishivar Vashist gives his son's name as Ram. Queen Anjana gives birth to her first child.

Thotsakan (Ravana)'s sculpture as a guardian of Wat Phra Kaew, Thailand

King Ravan praises Lord Shiva for showing him a way for getting the Moksh (liberation of the Atman soul from the cycle of birth and death forever).[26]

Part # 3: King Ravan is happy to know about Ram's birth when uncle Marich comes and changes king Ravan's mindset. He says him to find Ram and kill him. Anjanay dreams about Ram and gets anxious to meet him. He walks in the jungle when meets up a Rishivar who is meditating and tries to know about Ram. "Anjanay engulfs the sun thinking as it's a fruit". Lord Brihaspati comes with shocking news of Suryadev in trouble. Indradev hurts Anjanay for saving Suryadev and faces the consequences for it. Ram is anxious to meet his friend Anjanay.

Part # 4: Anjanay is being cured by Lord Shiva and blessed by the Tridev and is named as Hanuman. Hanuman returns home and mediates to see Shree Ram. Lord Shiva changes his getup for Hanuman to reach to his friend Ram. Ram is excited to meet his friend Hanuman. Rishivar and Hanuman change their getup so as to enter Ayodhya to meet Ram but they are stopped by the gatekeepers.

Part # 5: Lord Shiva and Hanuman come in disguise to meet Ram but they are stopped by the gatekeeper. Ram gets the intuitions that his friend Hanuman has already reached. Ram comes to see his friend and meets Hanuman. Hanuman comes to Suryadev and asks him to be his first preceptor.

Part # 6: Hanuman comes to Suryadev with a request to be his preceptor. Uncle Marich manipulates king Ravan and pushes him towards Ram. King Vibhishan comes to queen Mandodari to know about Ram. Hanuman meditates and chants shree Ram's mantras when Narad appears. He is surprised of Hanuman's smartness and asks him to acquire more knowledge.

Part # 7: Hanuman again comes to Suryadev for acquiring more knowledge and lessons. Hanuman meditates when monster Durayu comes to disturb Hanuman's meditation but gets killed. Mata Parvati is worried and asks lord Shiva to protect Hanuman. Mata Anjana prepares sweets for Hanuman.

Part # 8: Lord Shiva is tensed about the consequences that Hanuman will have to face for Durayu's death. King Kesari and mata Anjana are shocked to see Hanuman covered in blood. Shirayu, brother of Durayu is angry and furious about his brother's death and takes an oath of killing Hanuman. Mata Anjana gets emotional for Hanuman and he takes the sweets made by his mother for Ram. Ram is tensed for Hanuman and he talks it out to mata Kaikai.

Part # 9: Hanuman heads towards Ayodhya when Shirayu comes to take revenge for his brother's death. Ram is tensed as Hanuman's life is in danger. Shirayu is scared and he runs away seeing Hanuman's divine powers. Shirayu starts to chant shiva mantras to please Lord Shiva. Hanuman returns home and speaks to mata Anjana about the incident that happened while heading towards Ayodhya. Shirayu starts to sacrifice his body parts for pleasing lord Shiva.

Part # 10: Gautam Rishi is concerned about Hanuman's family and he informs mata Anjana about the troubles they need to face it. Shirayu worships Lord Shiva and continues to sacrifice his body parts. Lord Shiva gets impressed and grants his desired wishes in life.

Part # 11: Lord Shiva gets impressed and grants Shirayu his desired wish of being a poisonous insect and also assembles his body as well. Shirayu comes in the form of an insect and infects mata Anjana. When Raj Vaidya fails to treat mata Anjana, Hanuman forcefully takes Dhanvantari along with him for his mother's check up.

Part # 12: Hanuman and king Kesari plead Dhanvantari to check mata Anjana for being poisoned. Hanuman has been shown the way to treat his mother.

Part # 13: Hanuman does the preparation for "Kawar Yatra" to save his mother's life. Mata Parvati and Narad help Hanuman in his journey.

Part # 14: Hanuman meets up a pot maker who is Lord Shiva in disguise and learns to make the pots form him. King Kesari along with Anandi go in search of Anandi's son "Vijay" who is lost.

Part # 15: Narad tries to mislead Hanuman at every turn, but Hanuman continues his journey. Hanuman tries to convince monster Dushtala who has disguised himself as Vandev to release Anandi.

Part # 16: Mata Parvati doubts Nard's intentions. She is unsure whether Narad is helping Hanuman or he is trying to trick him. To help Hanuman, Narad drops Anandi's bangle in the forest.


Part # 1: Mata Paravati is tensed and confused about Narad's intensions. Hanuman breaks his force shield and head towards Mata Anjana's cave. Lord Shiva finds bangle's are missing in Mata Parvati's hand.[27]

Part # 2: Lord Shiva gets angry on Narad for his actions. Narad further confuses Dhanvantri and says him not to go back to Sumeru Kingdom. Hanuman traps Dushtala when he comes to attack him.

Part # 3: Lord Shiva instructs Narad to obey him and not to go against his plan. Dushtala realizes his mistake and feels guilty about his bad deeds. He apologizes to Hanuman about his behavior.

Part # 4: Dhanvantri feels strange when he does not find anyone in the entire Sumeru kingdom. He wanders around this empty kingdom. Mata Parvati is worried about Hanuman's safety as there is a threat from Brahmarakshas.

Part # 5: Pandit Parmeshwar Pyare saves Hanuman from Brahmarakshas. In search of the rakshas (monster), Hanuman finds Brahmarakshas and allows him to drink his blood due to which Brahmarakshas turns into Kupasa.

Part # 6: King Kesari pleads to lord Shiva to heal mata Anjana as he feels helpless about not able to do anything for mata Anjana and Hanuman. He calls Rajvaidya as Anjana needed to get her condition under control immediately.

Part # 7: King Kesari is helpless and worried for mata Anjana as her conditions is becoming worse day by day. Mata Anjana's soul comes to Lord Shiva and pleads to meet Hanuman. Mata Parvati is scared as Hanuman gets the snake bite and she asks lord Shiva to help Hanuman.

Dakini & Sakini

A preta depicted during Kali Puja.

Part # 1: Lord Shiva sends Nargraj Vasuki to help Hanuman. Hanuman continues his journey through a muddy way and gets stuck in it. Mata Anjana going in a shock of her son in trouble. Hanuman gets confused when he sees Dakini and Sakini[28] who has saved his life "are fighting to eat him".

Part # 2: King Kesari is worried for his wife and says to Rajvaidya to do his best to save mata Anjana. Hanuman agrees to satisfy Dakini and Sakini's hunger with his flesh after saving his mother but they do not agree to this. They attack Hanuman but fail in their attempt to kill him and seek his advice to get rid of their curse.[29]

Part # 3: Hanuman with the help of Lord Ram shows Dakini and Sakini the way to get rid of their curse. Rajvaidya stabilizes Mata Anjana's critical health condition with the help of the medicine that he got from his Guru (teacher, mentor). Hanuman loses his Kawad and to get back his Kawad, he agrees readily with the conditions put to him by Yaksh.[30]

Part # 4: Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati discuss about Ujwalla who got curse from her husband Neeraj. Hanuman with his intelligence make Ujwala free from the curse.

Part # 5: Hanuman fulfils Yaksh's wish but he gives Hanuman another task to complete. Hanuman finds out Yaksh but to get back his Kawad Hanuman needs to answer Yaksh's three questions. Narad helps Hanuman in his disguise getup.

Part # 6: Narad disguised himself and helps Hanuman to find out the answer for Yaksh's question. Mata Parvati is tensed to see Narad is getting carried away in his act. Hanuman figures out the answer and moves ahead to find out the second question.

Part # 7: Hanuman answers all the questions that are asked by Yaksh and acquires his Kawad. Hanuman finds out Nirdosh plant and heads back to home.

Part # 8: 'Dhanvantri is unable to save mata Anjana.Everyone is disturbed and upset on Mata Anjana's death when Lord Shiva appears and declares that mata Anjana is still alive.


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