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The List of Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali episodes (Episode 1-1085) is an overview of the first 1085 episodes of the Indian television mythological series Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali.

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The slogan of this story about Hanuman - He is so huge that the only thing bigger than him is his appetite.[1]

Pret, an extremely tall hungry ghost part of the Buddhist lore; they are two stories tall, very skinny and have needle hole for mouths. In Japan, preta is translated as gaki (Template:Lang-ja, "hungry ghost"), a borrowing from Chinese e gui (Template:Zh, "hungry ghost").

According to some Hindu beliefs,Preta is ghost manifestation of human soul (Atma), which transformation takes place when the human dies without fulfilling life mission - when a person commits jigaki or jauhar. Generally, however, pretas are seen as beings to be pitied. Thus, in some Buddhist monasteries, monks leave offerings of food, money, or flowers to them before meals.

In the modern Japanese language, the word gaki is often used to mean spoiled child, or brat. In a game of tag, the person who is "it" may be known as the gaki.

In Hinduism Pretas are very real beings. They are a form, a body consisting only of air and Akaash (Sky or Black matter or space), two of the five elements which constitutes a body on Earth or any other planet, i.e., Air, Water, Dark Matter (Space), Fire and Earth. There are other forms as per the ‘Karma’ or ‘actions’ of previous lives where a soul takes birth in bodies resembling human forms or forms of the main intelligent entity in a planet, but with a unique difference that is absence of one to three elements. In Hinduism an Atma or Soul is bound to take rebirth after death in a body composed of five or more elements. A soul in transient mode is pure and its existence is comparable to that of a Deva (divine being) but in the last form of physical birth. The elements except Akaash or Sky or Black matter as defined is the common constituent throughout the Universe and the balance four are common to the properties of the planets or stars or places of birth. This is the reason that Pretas cannot eat or drink as the rest of the three elements (Earth, Fire, and Water) are missing hence no digestion or physical intake is possible for them.

In Thailand, Pret (Template:Lang-th) are hungry ghosts of the Buddhist tradition that have become part of the Thai folklore, but are described as being abnormally tall.[2]

Since 657, some Japanese Buddhists have observed a special day in mid-August to remember the gaki. Through such offerings and remembrances (segaki), it is believed that the hungry ghosts may be released from their torment. The segaki may be performed at any time, but it is traditionally part of the O-Bon, a festival held every year in July or August to remember the dead.

Part # 1 (Episode # 1086): It is the time of neighborhood Bon Odori festival. Hanuman begins to play the drum hard and Athibal, who has taken the form of the drum, begins to cry in pain. Hanuman finally stops himself when he gets the fragrance of some delicious food that is being served. Meanwhile, Narada is unhappy with Suryadev's egoistic behavior but reminds him that he will soon have to face reality. Narada makes up his mind to turn Suryadev's day of celebrations to be the day when his ego will be hurt. Meanwhile, Hanuman is stopped from partaking the food and this hurts him. Just then, Narada reaches the scene and advices Anjana to complete the rituals of segaki the next day, so that Bajrang Bali (Hanuman) can begin having all the dishes that he wishes to.

The segaki rituals continue as Hanuman begins to get restless seeing the wide spread of food all around him. The rituals proceed steadily and Hanuman is unable to control his hunger. Yyaspathi goes on to feed the first morsel to Hanuman, followed by Anjana and Kesari. Hanuman however, continues to concentrate on the food spread before him and he finally is allowed to eat all that lies before him. But everyone assembled at the place are in for a shock when Hanuman eats up all the food that lies before him and also finishes up everything that has been prepared for the day.

Part # 2 (Episode # 1087): The festival of O-Bon comes.[3]

Part # 3 (Episode # 1088): Hanuman has become very efficient in his flying skills, he has went up high, very high beyond the boundaries of earth and has enter into the space. On reaching up high in the universe he spotted Sun shining bright, he found it very attractive! Hanuman thought that it is a sky fruit or ‘Aakash Fal’. He got tempted and started moving fearlessly towards the sun to have it. Want to know, what is Suryadev's reaction after knowing Hanuman's fearless approach towards him?

Part # 4 (Episode # 1089): Hanuman is on his journey towards Suryalok, he is moving towards his target at a very high speed. Hanuman has found the Sun very attractive and wants to grab it at any cost. Kaal Dev himself has warned Hanuman to stop his journey towards Suryalok. But fearless Hanuman is careless of anyone's warning. He is focussed and just want to reach his target.

Part # 5 (Episode # 1090): Hanuman is determined that he will have the Aakash Fal (Sky Fruit) to satisfy his hunger but it is Kaal Dev who is creating barriers for Hanuman. Kaal Dev has warned him of harsh consequences and has put Hanuman in ‘Kaal Chakra’. However, on the hand Mata Anjana is getting worried about Hanuman, see is unable to find him and has started praying for his well-being and Kesari has send his soldiers to search Hanuman. Can Hanuman break the Kaal-Chakra? Will Kaal Dev let him have the Aakash Fal?

Part # 6 (Episode # 1091): Kaal Dev was very proud of his powers and capabilities but now he is held captive in Hanuman's fist. Hanuman has very tactfully put Kaal Dev in his captivity. Helpless Kaal Dev promised Hanuman that he will not create any barrier in his path and requested Hanuman to release him. In the meantime, Surya dev is tense about Hanuman's approach towards him. But can Hanuman have his Aakash Fal? Who all are now going to create barriers for Hanuman?

Part # 7 (Episode # 1092): Despite of all odds Hanuman has decided to have the Aakash Fal, he has won over Kaal Dev who was trying to stop Hanuman from reaching his target. Now, Suryadev has come in Hanuman's way to stop him in reaching to the Aakash Fal. Surya Dev, who is the lord of Fire has tried to stop him by putting fire around Hanuman. Can Hanuman win over Suryadev? Can he get his Aakash Fal?

Part # 8 (Episode # 1093): Jhulelal, an incarnation of Varuna is the chief deity worshipped by Sindhi Hindus. One of the oldest civilizations of human history, Sindhi's have a rich and clearly distinct cultural heritage and are very festive. Their most important festival is Cheti Chand, the birthday of Lord Jhulelal. Besides this, they celebrate Akhandi (Akshaya Tritiya) and Teejri (Teej).

Hanuman's decision to have the Aakash Fal is firm, he is mentally prepared to break every barriers which are going to come in his way. His target is fixed and wants to reach there as soon as possible. However, in this episode, we will get to know that Jhulelal has held Hanuman captive in Himsheela (ice-rock) to stop him in reaching towards Suryadev. But Hanuman has very easily broken the Himsheela and has proceeded ahead in his journey towards the Aakash Fal. But will Jhulelal again try to create barriers for Hanuman? Will this be the end of Hanuman's journey towards Aakash Fal?

Rahu ki Amavasya

Part # 1 (Episode # 1094): As Maruti is about to eat the entire Sun, assuming it be the fruit of the sky, Rahu comes in his way as he is supposed to cover the entire sun during the night of Amavasya.[4]

Maruti toys around with Rahu, but when he learns that Rahu is trying to fight him, Maruti hurls him and throws him miles away. Rahu reaches Indra's place and cries foul before him.

Meanwhile, Raavan gets furious as he is supposed to get divine powers by evening as per the boons bestowed upon him. But since Surya refuses to stop shining, Raavan's boon seems to be useless. Surya, at the same time, makes up his mind to prove himself superior before Maruti. How will Surya's egoistic behavior create chaos on earth?

Part # 2 (Episode # 1095): It is the time of Shani Amavasya/Hariyali Amavasya.

According to the Hindu mythology, when Mahamaya was conceived as the seventh issue of Devaki, Kansa threw Mahamaya violently on the ground. Mahamaya body part flew and divide in multiple parts. One among the parts, the hand - fell at Haryali Devi, Jasoli village on that Amavasya, that's why simultaneously with Shani Amavasya, the Hariyali Amawasya took place.

To fulfil his desire of having the Aakash Fal, Maruti ascend towards the sun. Surya Dev, on the other hand tries all his tricks to keep himself from being eaten. Other gods being mere spectators watch the epic battle between Maruti and the Suryadev. Can Maruti have his Aakash Fal? What will Suryadev do to stop Maruti?

Part # 3 (Episode # 1096): Maruti finally eats the Aakash Fal. He is delighted as longing for the Aakash Fal has ended. On the other hand, earth is experiencing a widespread black out because of little Maruti's divine play. Meanwhile, all the devs appear in front of Sankat Mochan with a plea that now Surya dev should be released as his desire is fulfilled. Will Maruti release the Suryadev? Why Indradev is Furious?

Part # 4 (Episode # 1097): Indradev, furious by Maruti's deed, send Erawan to capture Maruti. Erawan (Thai: เอราวัณ, from Pāḷi Erāvana, or Sanskrit Airāvana) is one of the Thai names of Airavata. It is depicted as a huge elephant with either three or sometimes thirty-three heads which are often shown with more than two tusks. Some statues show Indra, the king of Tavatimsa Heaven, riding on Erawan. The elephant is sometimes associated with the old Lao Kingdom of Lan Xang' and the defunct Kingdom of Laos, where it was more commonly known as the "three-headed elephant" and had been used on the royal flag.[5]

Indradev wants to punish Maruti for his childish deeds. Erawan seems to be helpless in front of Maruti, watching Erawan fail, Indradev himself has jumped into the arena to teach Maruti a lesson. Can Indradev defeat Maruti? Will Maruti overpower Indradev?

Part # 5 (Episode # 1098): Maruti dogded the weapons used by Indradev to punish him. Indradev feels that he has been defeated by a little child and has made up his mind to use ‘The Vajr’. Meanwhile, Maa Anjanaa, and Kesari are worried about their child Maruti. Can Maruti be saved by the Vajr Prahaar?

Vajra is also known as Bajra (Nepali), vajram (Tamil), bojro (Bengali), bajra (Malay), dorje (Tibetan), wajra (Indonesian), geumgangjeo (Korean), kongōsho (Japanese) and Очир ochir/Базар Bazar (Mongolian). Vajra is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond. Additionally, it is a weapon which is used as a ritual object to symbolize both the properties of a diamond (indestructibility) and a thunderbolt (irresistible force). The vajra is essentially a type of club with a ribbed spherical head. The ribs may meet in a ball-shaped top, or they may be separate and end in sharp points with which to stab. The vajra is used symbolically by the dharma traditions of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism, often to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power. The use of the vajra as a symbolic and ritual tool spread from India along with Indian religion and culture to other parts of Asia.

Part # 6 (Episode # 1099): Maruti, being stupefied by the ‘Vajr prahaar’ is descending towards the earth at a very fast pace. God Vishnu and Shiva are also watching the incidents with patience. Meanwhile, Maa Anjanaa is in perplexed stage and is hallucinating about, Maruti, as he is calling her.

Ravan, on the other hand, seems to be quite happy and praises Rahu for his deeds.[6]

Rahu is a severed head of an asura Svarbhānu , that swallows the sun causing eclipses. He is depicted in art as a serpent with no body and is paired with Ketu. During the Samudra manthan, Svarbhānu drank some of the amrita (divine nectar). The sun and moon realized it and alerted Pankaj Vishnu. Pankaj Vishnu cut off Svarbhānu's head with his Sudarshana chakra before the nectar could pass his throat. The head, however, remained immortal due to the effect of amrita and became Rahu. It is believed that this immortal head from time to time swallows the sun, causing eclipses. Then, the sun passes through the opening at the neck, ending the eclipse. The body also turned into Ketu due to a boon, and it in turn swallows the moon on timely basis to cause a lunar eclipse.

There is a dedicated temple to Rahu - Naganatha Temple at Thirunageswaram, Tamil Nadu, India. There is a milk abhishekam everyday during Rahu Kaalam to appease Rahu. The milk turns light blue when it flows down after touching the statue of Rahu. This practice has been followed for over 1,500 years.

Rahu is also worshipped along with the other 9 planets in all Hindu temples in Burma. The navagraha deities, featuring nine planets, exist in the Ganesh Temple in Mandalay, Myanmar, and also in the courtyard of the South Indian temple in Silom, Thailand. One complex of this nature, featuring statues of all nine planets, also exists in the Bhairav Mahadev Sthan in Gyaneswor, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Phra Rahu, as he is called in Thailand, is worshipped in Wat Traimit in Bangkok's Chinatown and also in Wat Yannawa, amongst other wats. The most famous temple for Phra Rahu worshipping in Thailand is in Nakhon Pathom Province, a temple called Wat Srisathhong.

Rahu is also worshipped by the Dusadh (Paswan) caste found in Bihar. A prayer in the form of a three-day fast is offered by devotees. The bhagat (priest) assists the devotee in prayer by standing on a ladder made of swords and by fire-offering at which the bhagat walks through the fire. The ritual is a device to secure abundance of sunlight and prosperity by the community.

In ancient Tamil astrological scripts, Rahu was considered as incarnation of Shakti in beastly form.

Part # 7 (Episode # 1100 - Solvathellam Unmai): Anjana Maa is trying desperately to reach the place where Maruti is lying lifeless but her efforts are failing, suddenly Vayudev appeared and on his arrival Anjana Maa starts asking him questions regarding Maruti as Vayudev has taken the responsibility of Maruti's well-being. Vayudev assured Anjana that Maruti will be return to her in safe and sound state, he give her a Lotus flower and asks her to hinge her hopes on the Lotus as Maruti will come back to her before it gets withered. Indradev is furious with Vayudev due to Vayudev's pledge. Can Maruti be saved? Can Indradev fulfil his pledge?[7]

Part # 8 (Episode # 1101): Vayudev is holding Maruti in his hands and trying to convince the almighty Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh to give Maruti his life back. Indradev questions Vayudev's plea and asks otherwise. Meanwhile, Maa Anjana is hopeful for Maruti's return. Can Vayudev fulfil his pledge? Will Maa Anjana get back his son?

Part # 9 (Episode # 1102): Maa Anjana has pledged to destroy the world if her son is not given back. Goddess Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati have left the world taking their valuable powers away and leaving mankind without intellect and money. Bhoodevi has also said that if Maruti is not brought back to life she will make mankind suffer.

Part # 10 (Episode # 1103): Devi Parvati, Devi Laskhmi and Devi Sarswati and Vayudev have taken back the elements given by them to the humans. Humans and Dev nobody can live without the essential elements. Earth is getting destroyed by the wrath of Maa Anjana. On the other hand, Indradev is still backing his decision. Will the Almighty give Maruti his life back? Is planet earth going to destroy?

Part # 11 (Episode # 1104): Vayudev is determined to bring back Maruti's life, in haste he has taken back all the components of 'Vayu' or the air back from the universe. On the other hand, Indradev is firm on his decision to not to give back Maruti's life. However, Vayu or the air is an essential component for the existence of living beings on the earth. Everyone including gods in the heaven and living beings on the earth are feeling suffocated, they are struggling for their lives. In the meantine, Mata Anjana has started doing Tandav to save her son's life. But will Indradev give back Maruti's life? Will Mata Anjana's son Maruti return?

Part # 12 (Episode # 1105): Vayudev has decided to immolate himself, if Maruti's life is not given back. All the gods and goddesses are worried about the mistake done by Indradev. However, worried gods went to Brahma and Mahadev to help them out of the situation. In the meantime, Indradev who has now realized his mistake wants to rectify it, he decided to stop Vayudev by convincing him to not to go ahead with his decision of self-immolation.

Part # 13 (Episode # 1106): The firm decision of Vayudev forced other Devta's to give back Maruti's life. It was Vayudev, who took back all the components of air from the earth and had decided to immolate himself. However, Indradev, who now has understood his mistake; went on to seek Tridev's advice and requested them to give back Maruti's life. However, when Maruti came back to life all the Devta's including Mahadev and Brahma gave Maruti blessings that made him immortal and undefeatable. They have also given him a new title and an honor.

Part # 14 (Episode # 1107): The almighty Shiv and other Devs have blessed Maruti with their divine powers and made him the undefeatable. Maruti is now on his way to meet his mother Anjana who is lying unconscious. Will Anjana wake up?

Part # 15 (Episode # 1108): Maruti returns home where he gets praising for his safe return. He asked for his mother, Maa Anjana, and rushed inside the castle to know about her wellbeing but finds her unconscious. Will Maa Anjana ever wake up from her sleep? What will Maruti do now?

Budai Statue amongst Hindu gods at Wat Plai Laem, Thailand[8]

Part # 16 (Episode # 1109): Maruti reunites with his mother and is filled with joy. At this moment Vayudev tells Devi Anjana and Kesari that by the blessings of the almighty Maruti has been named as Hanuman and should be called by this name. Can Hanuman use his powers judicially? What will he do next?


Part # 1 (Episode # 1110): Vayudev is telling Maa Anjana and Kesari about the significance of Hanuman's powers and advising Anjana to make Hanuman learn proper use of his powers. Meanwhile, Hanuman and his friends are ready to have their dinner? Can Hanuman learn the proper use of his powers? What will happen when Hanuman sits for dinner?

Part # 2 (Episode # 1111): Hanuman has given his word to Anjana that he will not use his powers in public but now feels confused as how he would learn about his powers. On the other hand, Raavan is using his powers for bad purpose and evil deed.

Part # 3 (Episode # 1112): Anjana scolds Hanuman as he broke his promise of not using his powers in public. Meanwhile, Raavan's mother has arrived in Lanka as Kumbhkaran is about to wake up? What Kumbhkaran wanted to tell her mother?

Part # 4 (Episode # 1113): KumbhaKaran is awake and asking for his beloved elder brother ‘Raavan’ as he thinks some danger surrounds Raavan's life. Kaikesi is questioning KumbhKaran regarding the dream. Meanwhile, Hanuman is delighted by knowing that an Utsav is going to be organized. What is the warning KumbhKaran wants to convey to Raavan? Will Raavan take it seriously?

Part # 5 (Episode # 1114): Kaikesi is scolding Vibhishana, Raavan and Kumbhkaran as they couldn’t get the desired blessings from Almighty Brahma because of which Raavan is still very far from being the ruler of the entire world. Meanwhile, Raavan's man is trying to push Hanuman to use his powers.

Part # 6 (Episode # 1115): Kaikesi is scolding Vibhishana, Raavan and Kumbhkaran as they couldn’t get the desired blessings from Almighty Brahma because of which Raavan is still very far from being the ruler of the entire world. Meanwhile, Raavan's man is trying to push Hanuman to use his powers.

Part # 7 (Episode # 1116): Due to the volcanic eruption Hanuman gets separated from his friends and tries to find them. Meanwhile, Kaikesi is scolding Raavan about his incompetence and advise him to use the power of terror. Can Hanuman save his friends? What will be Raavan's next move?

Part # 8 (Episode # 1117): Hanuman saved the entire village from the effect of volcanic eruption but it seems like he is in trouble once again. Meanwhile, Raavan has organized a Yagya to gain super powers so that he can conquer the entire world. Can Hanuman get out of the trouble? Will Shukracharya make Raavan invincible?

Part # 9 (Episode # 1118): Hanuman's body temperature has crossed all limits and no one is able to find any cure through which Hanuman can be treated. Meanwhile, Raavan has organized a yagya with the help of which he can get super powers and become undefeatable. Can Hanuman be cured?

Part # 10 (Episode # 1119): Lord Shiva cured Hanuman and tells him that he should use his powers wisely. Meanwhile, Devraj Indra is preparing to launch an attack against Raavan but Almighty Brahma stops him.

Part # 11 (Episode # 1120): Anjana is telling hanuman when he should use his powers and the way he should assess the situation. Meanwhile, Raavan has acquired the most powerful armour of the entire world because of which he is deemed to be undefeatable.

Part # 12 (Episode # 1121): Hanuman has been named as the Yuvraj of Hanuman and entire Sumeru is celebrating Hanuman's Yurajabhishek. On the other hand, Urvashi envies Anjana for being the Queen of an Empire and giving birth to a divine child.

Part # 13 (Episode # 1122): Anjana is educating Hanuman and makes him learn the art of writing. Meanwhile, Urvashi approaches Indradev with the demand of calling Anjana aka Punjikasthala back to heaven because her term as human has come to the end.

Part # 14 (Episode # 1123): Hanuman is listening to the epic tale of Lord Ganesha's divine kathakali - Ganesh Leela

As the result of Dhumorna's request Lord Ganesha has come to earth. Ganeshaji meet Yamraj and in order to test Yamraj's determination to stay on earth, Ganesha has placed few conditions in front of Yamraj. Baldev, on the other hand, thinks almighty Ganesha to be an imposter and tries to insult him.

Bal Ganesha is hungry and demands for food. Yamraj has placed a large amount of eatables in front of Bal Ganesha so that Bal Ganesha can eat till his hunger has vanished, but Yamraj is shocked when Ganeshaji asks for more food. How ill Yamraj deal with Ganesha's hunger? Will Ganesha stop eating?

Yamraj is trying to please Lord Ganesha and for this he is doing everything he can but his efforts are proving to be insufficient. Meanwhile, Dhumorna is trying to stop Ganesha from leaving. Will Yamraj satisfy Ganesha? Why Baldev is furious?

By Lord Ganesha's blessing Baldev managed to provide food to all the people who were present during the Pooja of Ganesha Chaturth but a new problem has emerged in front of Baldev which he should solve immediately.

Lord Ganesha has given his final ultimatum to Yamraj and has said that if Yamraj didn’t stop Baldev then he will have to return to Yamlok. Meanwhile, Dhumorna is helping Yamraj but her every move is countered by Lord Ganesha himself. How will Yamraj stop Baldev? Will Yamraj return to YamLok?

Yamraj and Chitragupt went to meet a water tank supplier so that they could stop him from sending the tanker to Chandrapuri. They don’t want the fountain to work during Ganesh Utsav, as they think that it could Angry lord Ganesh during the celebrations of an auspicious festival. Can Yamraj stop the supplier? Will lord Ganesh get angry with the residents of Chandrapuri?

With Bablu's help Yamraj has spread the message to save water and Baldev also stopped the fountain show as he learned a new lesson. Lord Ganesha, on the other hand, has done something which amused his devotees. What did Lord Ganesha do?

Trishaktimaya Moksha Ganapathi

Part # 1 (Episode # 1124): Hanuman is listening to the epic tale of Lord Ganesha's intellect and how he won the most prestigious competition ever took place between the Devtas. Hanuman, later, did something which proves Hanuman to be a person of great intellect and ethos. Why Ganesha won?

Part # 2 (Episode # 1125): Baldev wants to distribute 21,000 Modaks on the eve of Ganesha Maha Aarti and for this he has placed the order. Lord Ganesha desired to eat few of the ordered Modaks as this sweet is known to be his favourite food, but Baldev said no and warned Ganesha along with Yam. Can Yamraj get Modaks for Lord Ganesha?

Part # 3 (Episode # 1126): With the help of Lord Ganesha's Mount, Mushak, Yamraj has managed to procure 21,000 modaks for Ganesha. Meanwhile, Baldev is guarding his Modaks but is unaware of the reality. Now all the Modaks are eaten by Ganesha and none are left for devotees.

Part # 4 (Episode # 1127): After much effort there are still thousands of Modaks less in the counting of 21,000 promised sweets. Yamraj has accepted his defeat and is ready to go back to swarg but Lorg Ganesha asks him to stay on Earth. Will Baldev be humiliated? Can Lord Ganesha help him?

Part # 5 (Episode # 1128): Its Ganapati festival and celebrations is in the air. However, the residents of Gokuldham have gathered together to celebrate the last day of this year's Ganapati Festival. In today's episode, immersion of Ganpati Idol would take place. The residents of Gokuldham will be participating in an Aarti and play Dhol and Nagada to bid their farewell to Lord Ganesha!

Part # 6 (Episode # 1129): In this Maha episode of Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali, Kesari has ordered to dig a big well in Sumeru so that problem of water shortage can be dealt with. Hanuman also want to do something for his State and requests Kesari to take him to the place where the well digging work is going on. Hanuman on seeing that some problem has halted the digging process uses his super power to dig the well. Why Atibal seeks Hanuman help? Can Panchfan defeat Hanuman?

Hanuman beats Panchfan and this forces the evil snake to leave the battleground. Kesari finds Hanuman and inquiries about his wellbeing. While searching Kesari has found Panchfan and a fierce battle is going to take place.

Panchfan has poisoned entire Sumeru and even Kesari is following his commands now. Hanuman, on the other hand is trying to stop the infected Sumeru citizens from creating anymore damage.

Everyone including Kesari and his soldiers were affected by the deadly Poison of Panch Fhan.

We will get to know about the poisonous and deceptive Panch Fhan, who has started causing destruction in the Sumeru Rajya. He has made everyone his slave with his deceptive powers, even Hanumaan's father Kesari and his soldiers have become Panch Fhan's slave. In the meantime, Devil Atibal has made a plan to put Hanumaan in Panch Fhan's trap but will Hanumaan come to know about their dubious plans? What will happen when Almighty Hanumaan will meet the deadly Panch Fhan?

Part # 7 (Episode # 1130): Survi is still struggling to get free. Karthik collides with someone and drops the gift. He bends to retrieve it. Survi prays to Ganesha's idol. Karthik finds it strange that a Muslim woman is praying to a Hindu God.

The episode starts with Survi struggling to get free from SCCC people's grasp. Kartik accidentally bumps into someone & the gift drops. As he bends down to pick the gift from the ground, Survi prays to Ganpati idol. It surprises Kartik as a Muslim woman is bowing to a Hindu god.

While she's taken off by the other men, he recognizes her as Survi. He chases them making his way through the crowd. Finally reaching for her, he lifts the burkha and finds it's Survi. He finds that the other faces are Sujata and her team. He gets stunned and criminates them for doing such act. He then calls the police and get them caught. Sujata looks at him angrily.

Part # 8 (Episode # 1131): Hanuman is on his way to bring the flower which can cure the damaged caused by PanchFan's poison, but he is facing certain difficulties because of which his rescue plan is getting delayed. Can Hanuman save his country, and his Father? Why demons are attacking him?

Kumiko Watanabe

Part # 1 (Episode # 1132, 9 October 2015) - Silence Day: To defeat Hanuman, Mahavinashini has unleashed the powerful Jinn, Fitoori, so that he can trick Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali and capture him. Meanwhile, Manav, Meher and Ballu are trying to get a special antique item to win the Antique item competition. Can Fitoori capture Maruti?

Part # 2 (Episode # 1133): Before Navaratri, Fitoori is trying to abduct Meher and Manav but fails because Hanuman is there to prevent them. Can Fitoori abduct Meher and Manav?

Part # 3 (Episode # 1134, 13 October 2015): On the last day before Navratri, Fitoori has kidnapped Meher and Manav and is on his way to Ginistan. Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali is following Fitoori so that he can save Meher and Manav from Fitoori's evil clutches. Can Maruti save Meher and Manav? What will happen once Hanuman eneters the realm of Ginistan?

Part # 4 (Episode # 1135): It's the first Day of Navratri - Pratipada. Form of Goddess worshipped is Shailaputri Maa, her color is red.

Mahavinashini visits Devalok and threatens Indra and Parashurama as their powers are no match for her. Meanwhile, Hanuman is in Ginistan trying to figure out the way to defeat Fitoori. Can Hanuman stop Fitoori? Will Mahavinashini win this time?

Part # 5 (Episode # 1136): The second day of Navratri festival. This day is called Dwitiya. The worshipped on this day Goddess is Bharmacharini. Her color is royal blue.

As the second day of Navratri came, gods Parashurama and Indra have transformed themselves into Meher and Manav so that Meher and Manav's parents didn’t know about their disappearance. Meanwhile, Maruti (Hanuman) is trying to figure out a way with which he can save Meher and Manav and while doing so he made a new friend. Who is this new friend of Hanuman? Why Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali is eating Chinese food' like a hungry man?

Part # 6 (Episode # 1137): The third day of Navratri. The name of this day is Tritiya. On this day the Goddess Chandraghanta is honored. Her color is yellow.

Montu and Rohit are in Manav and Meher's house and trying to find something. Meanwhile, Manav and Meher have escaped from Fitoori's magic lantern and trying to find a way out of Ginistan. Can Manav and Meher outrun Fitoori? What is Mahavinashini's plan for Deva Lok?

Part # 7 (Episode # 1138): The fourth day of Navratri titled Chaturthi. Form of Goddess - Kushmanda. Color of the day - green.

Hanuman tries to rescue Meher and Manav but Fitoori gets the best of him. Hanuman along with Meher and Manav is held captive in magic lantern. Meanwhile, Mahavinashini is ready to launch an attack (Hare Kkaanch Ki Choodiyaan) on Devalok.

Part # 8 (Episode # 1139): The fifth day of Navratri called Panchami is devoted to Goddess Skandamata. The color of the day is gray.

Hanuman is trying to open the lid of the lantern so that he can free himself and save his friends. Meanwhile, Meher and Manav are drowning as their lantern fell in the water. Why Fitoori looks so scared?

Part # 9 (Episode # 1140): The sixth day of Navratri named Shashthi. Worshipped Goddess is Katyayani. Color is orange.

Ruler of Ginistan has punished Fitoori for his deeds but apologizes to Hanuman as he cannot send him back to earth. Hanuman asks the Jinn king to guide him as he wants to go home with his friends. On this Ruler of Ginistan told him a way. What is the way that can take Hanuman along with Manav and Meher to Earth? Why three men are trapped in a glass box?

Part # 10 (Episode # 1141): It's Navratri, Day 7 (Saptami). Form of Goddess -Kaalratri. Color - white. In addition, the Durga Puja holiday starts.

Hanuman defeats the first Jinn and completes the quest and with this he has also crossed the first hurdle. Now, Bajrangbali only need Buland Chirag to get himself and his friends out of Ginistan. Can Maruti get the Buland Chirag? Who is this new Jinn?

Junko Hagimori

Part # 1 (Episode # 1142, 23 October 2015):Navratri Day 8 (Ashtami. Form of Goddess - Maha Gauri. Color - pink.

Hanuman has defeated the Buland Jinn and now gets back to Sumeru, but before starting his life with Kesari & Mata Anjana, he destroyed the dangerous fire ball made by Mahavinashini to destroy Devalok. After Buland Jinn's demolish, Mahavinashini went into oblivion, but before her ultimate demise, she warned Hanuman that though she was thwarted by him, nevertheless during next summer - exactly on Vat Purnima - a new kali shakti will arise, which will be 1000 times stronger than she was. Will Mahavinashini's last prophecy ever come true?

Part # 2 (Episode # 1143): Ravan has asked Rahu, Ketu and Shukracharya to change their places in Universe so that a chaotic atmosphere can be formed.

Part # 3 (Episode # 1144): It's Vijayadashami Day. Shakti, has three aspects - Ichha Shakti, Gyan Shakti, Kriya Shakti, which represent the creative aspect or the Power that enables Sarva Bhuta(all the living beings) to act, perform, move in their respective lives. Here Shakti is neither male nor female. It is the formless Power of the Supreme Consciousness.

This verse is from Devi Stuti of Durga Saptashati, used to awaken, invoke, pray to the Supreme Power, who appears in her feminine, powerful aspect, which was needed, since all other efforts to defeat the enemy had failed. Hence Shakti was prayed to take a form, who then appeared as Goddess, whom we call by various names, Durga, Amba, Mahalakshmi, Mahakali etc.

Shakti also means ability to act, materialize ideas, actualize as required by time. Only the Supreme Goddess, mother Shakti herself, could help. This verse is to praise one of the most important aspect of her.

Dussehra is one of the most important Hindu festival celebrated in various forms across India. It is derived from the Sanskrit word Dasha-Hara which means remover of bad fate. It refers to Lord Rama's victory over the Demon King Ravan.

The day also marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasur. The name Dussehra is also derived from the Sanskrit word Ahaha which means day. (Example: Aharnisha is derived from Ahaha+nisha)

Dussehra is a day to remind mankind that good will always win over evil.

The roots of Dussehra can be traced back to various mythological tales and legends.

The world was being tormented by an invincible buffalo demon, Mahishasura. The helpless and infuriated gods merged their powers to create Durga. The goddess waged a furious battle against him, which lasted for nine days. This is celebrated as Navaratri and the 10th day is celebrated as Durga Puja.

India is known for its diversity and as such different regions have different ways of celebrating Vijayadashmi.

North India: On the 10th day of Navratri, i.e., Dussehra, Ram-Leela (plays depicting the legends of Lord Rama as he rescued his beloved wife Sita from Demon King, Ravana) is enacted which is followed by putting huge effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhakaran and son Meghanad on fire. They commemorate the day when Lord Rama killed Ravana, King of Lanka along with his entire Demon Army. The effigies are loaded with crackers and the sound and light in the night skies brings joy to all the people. Temples usually perform Durga Homa to purify the atmosphere.

Himachal Pradesh: A unique Kullu Dussehra is celebrated in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh which continues for seven whole days. They worship Lord Raghunath who is considered as the Ruling Deity of the Valley.

South India: In South India, this day is celebrated by thanking the almighty for all the success and prosperity bestowed to the people. Goddess Durga is worshiped as Goddess Chamundeshwari while special dolls are prepared called Golus.

Andhra Pradesh: Children pay respect to their elders by offering them leaves of Shami tree which is considered auspicious.

Shami Tree: Another legend has it that on this day the Pandavas went to the Shami tree to retrieve their weapons which were hidden during their 12-year-long exile. It is believed to have happened on this day, Dashmi. It came to be known as Vijayadashmi symbolizing the triumph of the Pandavas in completing their exile.

Karnataka: People worship the tools they use in their daily life; computers, books, stationary because these tools help the people to earn their livelihood.

Eastern India: In Bengal, Dussehra is the last day of their biggest festival, Durga Puja and the idols of Goddess Durga are immersed in water (Durga Bisarjan).

Orissa: The women offer prasad to Goddess Shakti before her departure. The idols are taken for visarjan in large processions called Bisarjan Jatra. The idols are immersed in water and the people return with tears and sadness and hope that the Goddess will return next year and bring joy to their lives.

Part # 4 (Episode # 1145): Ravan asks Chandradev to deviate from its path as he wants to bring wrath upon the mortal humans. Meanwhile, Hanuman wants Anjana to sing him a lullaby as he is experiencing trouble in sleeping. Will Chandradev obey Ravan's command?

Part # 5 (Episode # 1146): The fierce battle between Chandradev and Ravan has created chaos and meteors have descended towards Earth. Hanuman tries to save Sumeru by destroying the flying fiery objects. Meanwhile, Ravan has now defeated Budhdev.

Part # 6 (Episode # 1147; 27 October 2015): Planets are fighting with Ravan to safeguard their freedom but this battle is destroying the calm and serenity of planet earth. Watching all this Indradev arrives at Kailash to seek help from Lord Shiva. Meanwhile, Hanuman has also left his meditation as he heard Anjana calling him to save the world. Can Hanuman stop Ravan? Why Ravan threatens devguru Brihaspati?

Part # 7 (Episode # 1148): Hanuman returns to Sumeru and tries to find Anjana, as it was Anjana's voice which called hanuman for help. Meanwhile, Ravan has captured the rest of the planets and compelled them to change their regular course so that Earth can be destroyed. Can Hanuman stop Ravan in time?

Part # 8 (Episode # 1149): Ravan has captured the Nav Grahas and is enjoying his triumph. Meanwhile, Hanuman is on his way to save the Grahas so that this born disaster can be controlled. Can Hanuman free the planets from Ravan's evil clutches?

Part # 9 (Episode # 1150): Hanuman is trying to free Chandradev from the evil clutches of Ravan but demons like Meghlochan, Rahu and Ketu are creating hurdles for Anjani Putra so that he can stay away from the Nav Grahas. Will Hanuman be able to free Chandradev? Is Ravan going to taste the sour flavour of defeat?

Part # 10 (Episode # 1151): In this episode of Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali, we will get to know about a lesson taught to Rahu and Ketu by Hanumaan. He has defeated them and returned all the powers of Chandradev which Rahu and Ketu had withheld with them. However, on the other hand Suryadev is in the bondage of Ravan. Can Hanumaan free him? Will Hanumaan defeat the devils?

Part # 11 (Episode # 1152): Hanuman is fighting for Suryadev's freedom and seems to be dominating Kumbh Karan in the fight. Tivrasur tries to help Kumbh Karan but Hanuman end his life by throwing him on the surface of Surya. Can Hanuman defeat Kumbh Karan?

Part # 12 (Episode # 1153): Hanuman, after saving Suryadev, is on his way to save Budhdev but gets in the trap made by Mayaksh and starts to dream about his mother Anjana. Budhdev is worried about this state of Hanuman. What will happen next? Can Hanuman break this hypnosis?

Part # 13 (Episode # 1154): Hanuman has freed Budhdev and now moves forward towards Mangaldev. Hanuman has now reached to Mangal but is perplexed as there are five figure standing in front of him and one of them is the real Mangaldev. How Hanuman is going to know about the real Mangaldev?

Part # 14 (Episode # 1155): Hanuman frees Mangaldev and now departed towards Shanidev to give him back his freedom, but Pashanasur has reached their and orders Shanidev to stop Hanuman from reaching him. Will Shanidev oblige to the demands of Pashanasur? How Hanuman will free Shanidev?

Part # 15 (Episode # 1156): Hanuman reaches to Shani Grah so that he can free Shanidev but Pashanasur tries to lure him into his trap after which he intends to kill Hanuman. Shanidev, after analysing the situation gives Hanuman a very important advice.

Part # 16 (Episode # 1157): Hanuman asks for Ravan's blessings as he doesn’t know about Ravan's identity. Ravan hurts him and says bad thing about Lord Vishnu. This has made Hanuman angry and now Ravan has gotten himself into serious situation.

Part # 17 (Episode # 1158): Diwali, the festival of lights is celebrate on the 15th day of Kartika according to the Hindu calendar. The name Diwali is derived from the words, Deepa which means light and Avali which means in a row. It marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. It is celebrated by Hindus, Shiks, Jains all over the world with great pomp and joy. It signifies the victory of light over the dark.

While there are many stories behind the origin of Diwali, one of the most popular story is The Ramayana. The homecoming of Lord Ram, Lady Sita and Lord Lakshmana from their 14-year-long exile is celebrated as Diwali. The whole kingdom of Ayodhya was lit up with earthen lamps, known as Diyas to welcome the return of their king.

Till date, diyas are lit as a part of the celebrations in memory of that day. Crackers are burst and fireworks are lit to show the triumph of light over darkness. Diwali is also celebrated as a festival of peace in the borders of India especially Indo-Paki border.

Diwali is celebrated over five days, with each day carrying its own significance. The five days of lights and festivities are as follows:

Dhanteras, is essentially the Festival of Wealth. Being the first day of Diwali, the event pays respects to the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi in hope of prosperity and well being. The word, Dhan, literally means wealth whereas Teras means thirteen as the festival is celebrated on the thirteenth day of the dark fortnight.

During Dhanteras, the diya is lit and Lakshmi is welcomed into the house. Furthermore, Rangoli designs are drawn on pathways including the goddess' footprints to mark the arrival of the Goddess of Wealth. Aarti's or devotional hymns are sung eulogizing Goddess Lakshmi and sweets and fruits are offered to her. Lord Kuber, furthermore, is also worshiped on this day along with Lakshmi as it is believed he also was the treasurer of wealth.

The next day of Diwali, namely Chotti Diwali, is a smaller celebration of the next day. Chhoti Diwali, in Hindu homes involves celebrations involve a ritual pooja to Goddess Lakshmi and also to Rama in the evening. Songs in honor of the god are sung and aarti is performed. The morning after, womendecorate the home with rangoli and light a few diyas and firecrackers.

The third day of Diwali is the grandest of them all. The lights, crackers, food and family come together to create an unforgettable day. The pooja for Goddess Lakshmi is performed primarily on this day, whilst also celebrating the triumph of good over evil and lightness over darkness.

Govardhan Pooja relates to the story of Lord Krishna lifting Govardhan hill to protect the inhabitants of Vrindavan. On this day, endless amount of sweets are made from food prepared by the devotees. In return they are offered to the Deities and subsequently to everyone. Cows are also honoured throughout the festivities.

After the high voltage celebrations of Diwali and the other days within the festival, sisters and brothers embrace their love through Bhai Dooj. By putting an auspicious tilak or a vermilion mark on the forehead of their brothers and performing aarti, sisters throughout India provide their brothers with protection from evil forceswithin the world. In return sisters are lavished with gifts and blessings from their brothers.

11 Mukhi Hanuman

Part # 1 (Episode # 1159): Hanuman fights Ravan but his powers could not do the desired damage as Ravan's divya kavach is protecting him. Meanwhile, Majrika is in trouble as Atibal,to reveal her true identity, gave her a poison due to which she cannot transform into Anajana for next couple of hours.

Part # 2 (Episode # 1160): In this episode of Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan, we will get to know about Ravan's arrogance towards the supreme powers of almighty. However, Hanumaan wants to teach him a lesson by defeating him in a war which is on between the two. In the meantime, all the God's in heaven are worried that if Ravan is killed in the war, then the whole idea of God's incarnation in human body would go into vains!

Part # 3 (Episode # 1161): The furious war between Hanumaan and Ravan was stopped by lord Shiva. Hanumaan was in his Rudra Roop or the fierce nature and it was quite obvious that Ravan would have lost his life in this war. It was then Lord Shiva tried to calm down Hanumaan's anger. However, after Ravan left the battle ground Hanumaan heard Lord Shiva uttering the name of Lord Shri Ram. It was so soothing and mesmerizing that Hanumaan got lost in his Bhakti!

Part # 4 (Episode # 1162); The furious war between Hanumaan and Ravan was stopped by lord Shiva. Hanumaan was in his Rudra Roop or the fierce nature and it was quite obvious that Ravan would have lost his life in this war. It was then Lord Shiva tried to calm down Hanumaan's anger. However, after Ravan left the battle ground Hanumaan heard Lord Shiva uttering the name of Lord Shri Ram. It was so soothing and mesmerizing that Hanumaan got lost in his Bhakti!

Part # 5 (Episode # 1163): Hanuman tries to break through the doors of heaven because it is the only way for him to meet Anjana. To get past the door, Hanuman needs to answer three difficult questions, every answer will take him one step closer to his mother.

Part # 6(Episode # 1164): Hanuman has answered all the questions necessary to enter in the realm of heaven and now searches for his mother. Urvashi tries to create hurdle in Hanuman's path but her efforts go in vain and finally Hanuman meets his mother Anjana.

Part # 7 (Episode # 1165): Hanuman is adamant about his decision of taking Anjana back to earth and waits for the arrival of Indradev. Shachi is trying to provide comfort to Hanuman and prepares food for him. Meanwhile, Ravan wakes up after seeing his end in one of his dreams.

Part # 8 (Episode # 1166): Hanuman is searching for Indradev but couldn’t find him, after much search he found Airavat, Indradev's mount, who took him straight to Indradev's palace. Meanwhile, Urvashi, with the help of her charm, has hacked Indradev and to keep him busy organized a dance show for him in Nandan Van.

Part # 9 (Episode # 1167): Hanuman sits on the throne of Swarg which has made Indradev furious and now he wants to punish Hanuman for his mistake. On being convicted Hanuman, to save Jayant, said that he is responsible for his deeds and will accept any punishment given to him.

Part # 10 (Episode # 1168): Indradev tells hanuman that he will have to present himself in Nyaya Sabha and there only he will be punished or given pardon. Urvashi is delighted with the statement of Devraj Indra and enjoys the moment.

Part # 11 (Episode # 1169): After all Hanuman has done still Anjana cannot be taken away from swarg as she can only leave swarg when her curse gets revoked. And the Saint who cursed Anjana in first place can only undo the effect of his curse. Hanuman needs to find him and convince him.

Chitose Ame (Shichi-Go-San)

Part # 1 (Episode # 1170): Yakshraj tries to take Uravashi with him but fails as hanuman comes to save Urvashi. When Hanuman makes Yakshraj sweat, Yakshraj tricks Hanuman and disappears with Urvashi.

Part # 2 (Episode # 1171): Ravan is introduced with few Rakshasa's by his father-in-law. The powerful Rakshasa's will only be killed by God who in incarnated in human being. The motive of introducing these Rakshasa is to find Narayan who is born on the earth in Nar Avatar!

Part # 3 (Episode # 1172): Hanumaan is determined to free Urvashi and Rishi Muni from the captivity of Yaksharaj. He has very playfully challenged Yaksharaj to try all his powers on him. However, on hearing this Yaksharaj got furious and created a Yakshavyuh to trap Hanumaan into it. Yakshavyuh is a several layers of trap in which various different kinds of weapons are ready to attack the person who is held captive inside it!

Part # 4 (Episode # 1173): Hanumaan wants to free Urvashi and Rishi Muni from the captivity of Mayavi Yaksharaj but he too got trapped in the Yakshavyuh created by the Yaksharaj. Moreover, the divine powers of Hanumaan is not with him to compete with the powers of Yaksharaj. However, Hanumaan is now completely trapped in the Yakshavyuh.

Part # 5 (Episode # 1174): Hanumaan is badly trapped in the Yakshavyuh created by the Mayavi Yaksharaj. He is trying hard to break free the trap of deadly weapons. At first, Hanumaan patiently understood the configurations of the Yakshavyuh but on seeing Hanumaan breaking the trap; the greedy Yaksharaj once again changed the configuration of the Vyuh created by him!

Part # 6 (Episode # 1175): Hanumaan is encountering greedy Yaksharaj in the Yakshalok. Urvashi and Rishi Muni are in the captivity of Mayavi Yaksharaj, he wants to free them from his captivity. However, later in the episode, we will get to know that Hanumaan has defeated Yaksharaj but Rishi Muni has warned Hanumaan to not to kill him!

Part # 7 (Episode # 1176): In this episode of Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan, we will get to know about great Hanumaan's kind nature. He has gifted all the Punya's which he has accumulated to the Mayavi Yaksharaj to free Urvashi and Rishi Muni from his Captivity. However, on the other Kesari has come to know about Majrika's truth and has ordered to put her in the prison. Kesari has said that law council of his royal will now decide her fate!

Part # 8 (Episode # 1177): Hanumaan has reached to the entrance gate of Swarglok, where Mata Anjana and Devraj Indra along with others are waiting to welcome Hanumaan. It is a very happy moment for him, as his wish to take back his mother Anjana back to Prithvilok is going to be fulfilled. However, on the other hand Kesari is tensed about his wife and Hanumaan and for this he wants to go to Swarglok. Moreover, reaching Swarglok is not an easy task;so Rishi Muni has suggested him to perform a Lokantaran Yag successfully.

Part # 9 (Episode # 1178): Anjana's curse has been revoked by the saints and Hanuman too has completed his quest and now wants to leave for earth but Saptrishi stops him. Meanwhile, Kesari is on the verge of committing suicide.

Part # 10 (Episode # 1179): Hanuman has been given the option to become the King of Heaven and accept prestigious Indrasan. Bramhadev is worried about this decision of Saptrishi and seeks counsel of Mahadev.


Part # 1 (Episode # 1180): Hanuman wants Indradev to give Devi Sachi her place at the throne of Indralok and urges him to be good to her. Watching Hanuman do things with great intellect, Saptrishi asks him to get his powers back. Will Hanuman take his powers back? Who is this Vidyutasur?

Part # 2 (Episode # 1181): After defeating Vidyutsur, Hanuman now possess the power to carry Vajr. Indradev makes a copy of his super weapon and gives it to Hanuman. Meanwhile, Ravan is trying to make arrangements so that Hanuman cannot reach to Kesari in time.

Part # 3 (Episode # 1182): Kalnemi has created a mist of dark clouds because of which Hanuman cannot see anything and Kesari, who is ready to give away his life, has also submerged himself in water.

Part # 4 (Episode # 1183): Hanuman tries to give Kesari a new life and uses his power to revive Kesari. Whole Sumeru along with Indradev and Anjana is watching the divine child playing his part in the human life given to him.

Part # 5 (Episode # 1184): Hanuman needs a teacher by the dusk otherwise he will remain uneducated for the eternity. Kesari and Anjana are trying to find out the ideal teacher for Hanuman but no one can teach such a magnificent boy.

Part # 6 (Episode # 1185): Description As per the instructions of Narad Muni, hanuman leaves to find Maharshri Shringi so that he can get an apt teacher to guide him on the path of life. Meanwhile, Ravan has ordered his demons to kill every living human child.

Part # 7 (Episode # 1186): Rishi Shringi rejects Hanuman's plea of being his teacher and says that Hanuman is a divine child and not even the most knowledgeable scholar can provide him the education he seeks. Shringi calls the Saptrishis to rectify Hanuman's problem.

Part # 8 (Episode # 1187): Hanuman has started his journey to acquire knowledge from Suryadev as no one else can teach him. Suryadev is watching Hanuman coming his way but has planned something else to assess Hanuman's intellect and his worthiness. What has Suryadev planned? Can Hanuman convince Suryadev to teach him?

Part # 9 (Episode # 1188): Suryadev asks Hanuman to stand in line like others and should wait for his turn. Hanuman does as he is said but once again comes in front as sunset is going to take place and after the sunset Hanuman will not get any teacher. Can Hanuman convince Suryadev? Why Suryadev is angry?

Part # 10 (Episode # 1189): Suryadev is conducting a test to impart an overall lessons to the divine children's in the space and for it everyone needs to complete a task. However, Hanumaan is seen pleading before Suryadev to provide him an opportunity to complete the assigned task!

Part # 11 (Episode # 1190): In this episode of Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali, we will get to know about Hanumaan's wish to become a student of Suryadev. In order qualify to become his student, Hanumaan has given a tough examination. However, after knowing Hanumaan's answers, Suryadev has accepted him as his student! But do you want to know what Suryadev's instruction to Hanumaan was?

Part # 12 (Episode # 1191): Suryadev has become the teacher of Hanumaan and in this episode of Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan, we will get to know about the first lesson by his teacher. However, on his very first day Hanumaan has got late for his class. When Hanumaan reached to the chariot of Suryadev; he was offered his first lesson but on certain terms and conditions!

Part # 13 (Episode # 1192): In this episode of JaiJaiJai Bajrangbali, we will get to know about the task which Suryadev has given to Hanumaan. On the very first day of his lesson he had to count all the meteorites in the space carrying water in a vessel in his hand. However; seeing the difficulty in the task, Narad Muni offered Hanumaan to help him in completing the task but will Hanumaan take his help? Will this make Suryadev angry?

Part # 14 (Episode # 1193): In this episode of Jai Jai Jai Bajranbali, we will get to know about the task which Hanumaan is supposed to complete in order to get his first lesson from his Guru Suryadev. However, he has failed to complete the assigned task in the first attempt and got one more chance to complete the same!

Part # 15 (Episode # 1194): Hanuman has to complete the task given by Suryadev in order to get his first lessons from his Guru. He is very meticulously trying to complete the task within the given timeframe by Suryadev. However, on the other hand Varundev's son Gau is feeling heartbroken after getting rejected by Suryadev. His mother complained to Varun Dev that Suryadev is doing favouritism and hence he has rejected her son. Moreover, Varun Dev got little sceptical after hearing this from his wife and Narad Muni and went straight away to discuss this issue with all Dev's!

Part # 16 (Episode # 1195): Hanumaan is trying his best to complete the task assigned by his Guru Suryadev within the given timeframe. However, later in the episode, we will get to know that Hanumaan has very aptly counted all the meteorites present in the space and hence he has successfully completed his task. On the other hand, Varundev has called an urgent meeting with the Devta's to decide on cancelling Hanumaan's studentship. He wants his son Gau to get education from Suryadev, as he feels that Suryadev has favoured Hanumaan over his son!

Volguus Zildrohar

Part # 1 (Episode # 1196): An urgent meeting of all Devta's was called on the request of Varundev to decide on Hanumaan's education. Varundev has alleged that Suryadev has favoured Hanumaan over Gau and hence he has purposely not selected his son. However, on the other hand, Rahu has played a trick by confusing Varundev's mind and as a result he has become very furious in front of all the Devta's.

Part # 2 (Episode # 1197): In the meeting of all the Devta's it was decided that Hanumaan and Gav will have to compete against each other to prove their mettle to get teachings from Suryadev. The competition was to enter inside the deadly Kaal Kumbh and both of them had to bring out the hoisted flag within the set deadline. However, Varun Dev kept a demand before everyone that Hanumaan will have to leave behind his divine powers before competing against his son!

Part # 3 (Episode # 1198): In today's episode Hanumaan is trying his best to perform all the tasks assigned by Gurudev. On the other hand, Anjana is worried about his son Hanumaan and approached Rishiwar. Hanumaan is facing new challenge of invisible attackers.

Part # 4 (Episode # 1199): The competition between Gav and Hanumaan has begun and the winner will get teachings from Suryadev. The competition is very difficult; because they need to come out with the flag hoisted inside Kaal-Kumbh within a set deadline. If anyone among the two is unsuccessful then they could get trapped inside the Kaal-Kumbh. However, Hanumaan has very cleverly won the competition but Gav is stuck inside the Kaal Kumbh and is feeling very helpless!

Part # 5 (Episode # 1200): Hanumaan has successfully brought out the flag which was hoisted inside Kaal Kumbh. He has won the competition but the very next moment he heard Gav pleading for help! Hanumaan came out from his Kaal Kumbh and entered in the Kaal Kumbh where Gav was stuck and was struggling for his life. However, Hanumaan is trying his best to rescue Gav but the barriers present inside the Kaal Kumbh was posing a challenge to Hanumaan.

Part # 6 (Episode # 1201): Gav was trapped inside the Kaal Kumbh; it was Hanumaan who has very courageously saved his life. Hanumaan has very skilfully bombarded the Kaal Kumbh and ultimately got successful in escaping from it. However, it was not only Gav but other aspiring students of Suryadev who were previously trapped inside the Kaal Kumbh were released from the captivity!

Part # 7 (Episode # 1202): In this episode of Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali, we will get to know about Mata Anjana who was on an Animesh fast to pray for the well-being of Hanumaan. Mata Anjana was on a very difficult fast where she needs to continuously stare at the sun without blinking her eyelids. However, now the fast is successfully completed but Mata Anjana's eyesight is affected!

Part # 8 (Episode # 1203): Paatalika is creating hurdles in respect to stop Hanumaan's education. Varun Dev and Lankesh are building up a plan to keep Surya Ratha in Varun lok. What is going to happen with horses of Surya Rath? Will Hanumaan be able to save the Surya Rath?

Part # 9 (Episode # 1204): Ravan has send his deceptive army of Rakshaveer's to attack on Suryalok. Hanumaan, Varun Dev and Sandhya Devi were trapped by those deceptive devils. They were trying to abduct Sandhya Devi but it was Hanumaan who challenged them and wanted to teach a lesson. However, the Rakshaveer's had immense deceptive powers which was creating confusion for Hanumaan!

Tomoko Yoshikawa (吉川智子)

Part # 1 (Episode # 1205): The deadly and deceptive Rakshaveer's were sent by Ravan to attack on Suryalok but Hanumaan has taught them a lesson. However, on the other hand Varundev has become furious after knowing that his son Gav has lost competition with Hanumaan. Moreover, he has withheld Suryadev's Chariot and is denying returning it back to Suryadev!

Part # 2 (Episode # 1206): Hanumaan was informed by Devrishi that his guru Suryadev is stuck in a problem in Varunlok. Moreover, Suryadev's chariot was also found in Varunlok which Varundev is denying returning to Suryadev. Varundev has even challenged Suryadev for a war with him!

Part # 3 (Episode # 1207): Hanumaan has come to Varunlok and found that Varundev is fighting a war with Suryadev and has frozen him with his divine powers. However, on the other hand Pataalika has entered in Sumeru Rajya and abducted Mata Anjana and few children's from the Palace!

Part # 4 (Episode # 1208): Hanumaan was informed by Devrishi that his mother is abducted by Patalika and she has taken Mata Anjana along with few Children's of Sumeru Rajya to Patal-Lok. Moreover, Patalika is trying to perform a deadly Yagna; where she will be scarifying Mata Anjana and others lives to make devil goddess happy. She is doing this to gain powers by successfully completing the Yagna!

Part # 5 (Episode # 1209): In today's episode Paatalika continuously tries to attack Hanumaan and his mother. Whereas Hanumaan became the protection layer of her mother and defeat Paatalika. Meanwhile, Hanumaan got to know about the blindness of mother Anjana and refused to take the final day coaching. At the same time Varun Dev told him about Suryakaant mani with which he can fix the blindness of his mother.

Part # 6 (Episode # 1210): Hanumaan was searching for Suryakant Mani to help his mother regain her lost eye sight but searching this Mani was not an easy task. The path is full of deceptive mountains and the Mani has intense sparkling light and every wrong search would multiply the numbers of deceptive Mani's present in the area.

Part # 7 (Episode # 1211): Hanumaan has successfully brought the Suryakant Mani from the deceptive mountains, which has helped Mata Anjana in regaining back her eyesight. However, Varun dev reminded Hanumaan that he shouldn’t delay any more for his lesson with Suryadev. It was the final day for his lessons with Suryadev and on this big day Hanumaan will have to grasp all his lesson in a single day! Want to know what happened next in the episode?

Part # 8 (Episode # 1212): Hanumaan is getting his lessons from his Guru Suryadev; where his Guru will be sharing knowledge of divine weapons and explain about its attacking powers. Moreover, Hanumaan will also get Narayan Gyan to accomplish his motive of life but he has a challenge of completing his lesson within a very short span of time or else his education will be incomplete!

Part # 9 (Episode # 1213): Hanumaan is getting his lesson from his Guru Suryadev; he will be getting the divine knowledge of Tridev's Ashtra. However; after successfully completing his lesson of Tridev's Ashtra, his guru will provide him Mahadev's Gyan. This Gyan is very important for him to accomplish the motive of his life but getting this Gyan in a very short span of time could pose a threat on Hanumaan's life!

Makar Sankranti / Pongal

Part # 1 (Episode # 1214): Hanumaan has successfully completed his education; he has gained the divine knowledge from his Guru Suryadev and now the time has arrived for Hanumaan to return to his home after completing his education. However, after reaching Sumeru Rajya everyone is noticing a change in Hanumaan's behaviour

Part # 2 (Episode # 1215): In today's episode Anjana and Kesari are worried about Hanumaan's unusual behaviour. Hanumaan is not eating anything and just kept praising Ram. On the other hand, Ravan got to know that Ram is the avatar of Narayan. Anjana and Kesari took Hanumaan to Rishiwar to know what happened to their son.

Part # 3 (Episode # 1216): Hanumaan has become a Bhakt (or devotee) of Lord Ram, he is intoxicated with the Bhakti Ras of his Prabhu. Hanumaan is unable to see anything other than his Prabhu, he just want to meet him as soon as possible. However, on the other hand Ravan has gathered his huge army to find out the Narayan's Nar Avtar!

Part # 4 (Episode # 1217): Hanumaan is intoxicated with the Bhakti Ras of Lord Shri Ram, and now he just want to meet his Prabhu. On the other hand, Mata Anjana and Kesari were thinking that Hanumaan has fallen ill and hence he is only repeating Ram's name. However, a Vaidya Guru has come to the palace who is claiming to make Hanumaan healthy but prior to this he wants a promise from Mata Anjana.

Part # 5 (Episode # 1218): Hanuman is intoxicated with the Bhakti Ras of Lord Shri Ram and Mata Anjana is considering that he has become ill. Vaidyaraj has promised to make Hanuman healthy but on a condition that he would take Hanuman along with him.However, the condition kept before Mata Anjana is completely unacceptable to her.

Part # 6 (Episode # 1219): Hanuman is intoxicated in the Bhakti Ras of Lord Shri Ram; he has now become impatient and just wants to meet his Prabhu. He has started flying in the sky writing Lord Shri Ram's name in the clouds. However, on the other hand Lord Shri Ram is also waiting for his Bhakt Hanuman to come and meet him.

Part # 7 (Episode # 1220): Lord Shiva is carrying Hanuman on his shoulders to make a Bhakt meet his Prabhu. However, all the gods from heaven have come down on the earth to witness this divine meeting. Moreover, Gods have changed their appearance and have dressed up as saints to witness the first meeting of Hanuman with Lord Shri Ram!

Part # 8 (Episode # 1221): Everyone in Aayodhya are worried for Shri Ram. He is upset and so many people has come to entertain by their bhajans and other things. But nobody succeed to make Shri Ram happy. Then Shiv Shankar in form of Vaidraj has come with Hanumaan and ensure Dashratha that he will rejoy Shri Ram. But he wants the reward in place of Ram's happiness. They agreed and called Shri Ram in Sabha. On the other hand, Hanumaan entered in Sabha with the constant Ram name on his lips. Ram was also waiting for Hanumaan only. Finally the moment has come when Hanumaan is in front of Shri Ram.

Part # 9 (Episode # 1222): This episode shows the great affection and respect in the heart of Hanuman for Lord Ram. This can be easily noticed by the tears rolling down from Hanuman eyes. His tears clearly resembles the happiness and satisfaction which he is feeling after meeting his Prabhu Shri Ram. This divine meeting will be benevolent for the whole world.

Part # 10 (Episode # 1223): , Lord Ram embraces Hanuman which provokes powerful divine light throughout the universe. This light is so powerful and magnetic that evil spirit can’t resist it. Even Ravan starts transforming from negative to positive after facing these magnificent lights. Ram is tremendously happy and makes Hanuman gratified by offering him sweets.

Part # 11 (Episode # 1224): Mata Kausalya and Maharaj Dashratha offers gratitude to Maharishi Vaidyaraj for making Ram cheerful. In return Vaidyaraj also showed his respect and gratitude to them for making Hanuman contented. However the tough time has come back, it's time to depart Hanuman from his Prabhu Shri Ram. On the other hand, Pichaasraj has arrived from Lanka to kidnap Ram.

Part # 12 (Episode # 1225): In this episode, Mata Kausalya apologises to Maharishi Vaidyaraj for her mistake of asking him to pay money in order to keep Hanuman with them. However, Hanuman is trying to make Ram happy through different ways.

Part # 13 (Episode # 1226): Hanuman wants to impress his Lord Shri Ram and for this he went to Him Desh where he has made an idol of snow, returned to Ayodhya and took his PrabhuTemplate:Clarify along with him to give to Lord Shri Ram.

Part # 14 (Episode # 1227): In this episode, Mata Kausalya is worried about Ram and Hanuman as they are taking a long time to come back to Ayodhaya. Whereas, Ram has gone to Himalaya with Hanuman to see his outstanding gift specially prepared by the latter in order to please him.

Part # 15 (Episode # 1228): In this episode, Hanuman is showing his devotion towards Ram by offering him fresh fruits in the forest. Ravan looks at this, as an opportunity to abduct Ram and Hanuman. He has send some devils to create trouble for Ram and Hanuman.

Part # 16 (Episode # 1229): In this episode, three deceptive devils took Ram away from Hanuman. However, Hanuman gets an intuition that something is wrong. On the other side, the evil spirits has reached near divine Yagna for creating barriers.

Part # 17 (Episode # 1230): In this episode, Hanuman protects Ram from deadly devils in the forest. On the other side, Maharaja Dashratha himself starts search operation for his beloved son Ram and Hanuman. Everyone in Ayodhaya is extremely worried about Ram and Hanuman. However, in the end we come to know that positive always overcome negative!

Part # 18 (Episode # 1231): In this episode, Hanuman takes Ram, back to Ayodhya. However, Hanuman has broken Ayodhya presidency's rule. And now, the court of justice will decide on Hanuman's fate.

Part # 19 (Episode # 1232): In this episode, Manthara cunningly forces Hanuman to leave Ram's room and unties the sacred thread from Ram's wrist. Hence, demons get signal from Manthara to enter the Palace and accomplish their objective of Ram's abduction.

Nagannathaswamy Temple, Keezhaperumpallam

Part # 1 (Episode # 1233): In this episode, once again Hanuman protects Ram from the deadly devils. He thrashed them and spread sacred yagna smoke in the Palace so that those spirits cannot enter in the palace again. However, the smoke coming out of Ram's room caused panic among the people of the palace in Ayodhya.

Part # 2 (Episode # 1234): Dasharatha declares that whosoever had untied the protective thread from Ram's wrist will be given fatal punishment. However, Hanuman doesn’t reveal about Manthara's entry in Ram's room but he has his suspicion on her. On the other side, Ravan is angry and calls Manthara to plan something new about Ram's abduction.

Part # 3 (Episode # 1235): In this episode, Ram teaches lesson of non-discrimination to Kaikeyi and allow their servants to have food with them. On the other side, Raja Dasharatha plans to get the sacred ash spread in all over Ayodhaya to keep the evil spirits away. Hence, Hanuman took this responsibility to sprinkle the sacred Ash all over Ayodhya and to make in divine.

Part # 4 (Episode # 1236): Devraj Indra makes Dasharatha aware about the Sumeru's agitation. This information leads Dasharatha in deep distress because both Ayodhya and Sumeru are in trouble and only Hanuman can solve this problematic situation but he asks Hanuman to help his mother Anjana and kingdom Sumeru. However, Hanuman is in dilemma and seeking lord Shiva guidance.

Part # 5 (Episode # 1237): The Deadly Devils of Ravan's army were trying to distort the Yagna which is performed to make Ram the Yuvraj of Ayodhya. His army have started throwing huge trees and rocks from the sky on Ayodhya to create a barrier on the Yagna!

Part # 6 (Episode # 1238): The deadly devils wanted to create barriers in the Yagna which was performed to make Ram the Yuvraj of Ayodhya. The devils have started attacking on Ayodhya by throwing rocks from the top of the palace. Even the Pichaas Raj has entered inside Surjit's body to accomplish his mission. However, Hanuman is fighting with the devils in the sky but can he teach Pichaas Raj a lesson?

Rahu Stalam

Part # 1 (Episode # 1239): The deadly devils were trying to create barriers in the Yagna which was performed for Ram to make him the Yuvraj of Ayodhya. However, Hanuman has taken the responsibility to keep all the barriers away from Ayodhya and hence it was very important to kill the Pichas Raj or the King of devils!

Part # 2 (Episode # 1240): Pichas Raj has apologized before Hanuman for his mistake which he has done by following Ravan's order. However, after getting defeated by Hanuman he went back to Ravan to make him understand that he is doing a mistake by going against the Devta's and this could possibly be a reason for his end!

Part # 3 (Episode # 1241): Hanumaan is in Ayodhya to keep away the devils from creating barriers in the Yagna which is being performed for Lord Ram to make him the Yuvraj. Whereas, on the other hand Mata Anjana is seen praying before Lord Shiva to help her in meeting her child! However, the coronation of Lord Ram is going to be held and Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati have reached Ayodhya!

Part # 4 (Episode # 1242): Finally the time has come for Hanumaan to leave Ayodhya and return to Sumeru. Hanumaan's eyes were filled with tears, on getting separated from his Lord Shri Ram!

Part # 5 (Episode # 1243): Hanuman discovers that Vaghya (Vaidya Raj ) and his wife are indeed Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Anjana is inconsolable remembering her son. Lord Shiva decides to reunite Anjana and Hanuman.

Meanwhile, Rahu conspires along with Ravan to snatch the Amrit away from the Devtas. He tries to manipulate God Shani but to no avail. So he tries to convince Lord Chandra to go late to the Dev Sabha.

Part # 6 (Episode # 1244): Anjana enjoys the unending showers of petals. Hanuman also shows her the foot prints of Shree Ram. Meanwhile, all devtas discuss about impending danger in devsabha. When Shanidev arrives, no one looks directly at him. Every one requests Shani dev to not look directly at Chandra dev. While Shani devi tries to explain importance of Maha purnima to Chandra Dev, he discards his opinion. This infuriates Shani dev. He stares at Chandra which worries other devtas. On the other hand, Vaid Raj, his wife and the little Hanuman get ready to leave Sumeru.

Part # 7 (Episode # 1245): Anjana requests Vaidya Raj to take Hanuman along with them. She bids a tearful adieu to her son. But Goddess Parvati claims that the mother son duo should not be separated. Meanwhile, Chandra Dev scrutinizes the security arrangements of Amrit. Chandra Dev is sure that Shani Dev won’t be able to harm him. Meanwhile, both Anjana and Hanuman are thankful to Chandra dev that they were able to see each other when they were far off.

Part # 8 (Episode # 1246): All Devtas are extremely worried as Chandradev has challenged Shanidev and annoyed him. Shanidev is determined to show his power to Chandradev during Maha Purnima. Though Daksh has sent a message for Chandradev to seek an apology from Shanidev, which he is not ready for.How Chandradev will protect himself from Shani's wrath?

Sri Shani Temple Kuchanoor

The only temple in India, which is solely meant for Shaneeswara Bhagavan, is located at Kuchanur - 20 km. south of Theni near Madurai.

In 2013, a 20-foot-tall statue of Lord Shani was established at Yerdanur in the mandal of Sangareddy, Medak district, nearly 40 kilometers from Hyderabad city and around 8–10 km from Patancheru, easy to reach by road. Thakur Suryapratap Singh, who established the statue, said he wanted to combat the notion that Saturn was ill-omened, describing him instead as "the Lord of Justice".


Part # 1 (Episode # 1247): Devrishi is seen narrating a story about Shanidev's anger and Mahadev's attempt to save himself from his Prakop. An inspiring lesson was conveyed to Hanumaan by Devrishi about facing the challenges of life. Part # 2 (Episode # 1248): Mata Anjana and others were waiting for the Moon to shine bright so that they could proceed with their Puja. However; Chandradev the Lord of Moon has made the moon shine brighter but his ego and anger has compelled him to take back its brightness from the earth!

Part # 3 (Episode # 1249), 27 February 2016 - Hanumaan asks for the reason of Shani Dev's eye-sight and then his mother tells the story of the curse of Chitradansha; Shani Dev's wife. In the meantime, Chandra Dev is being followed by Shani Dev. How will Hanumaan come to the rescue?

Part # 4 (Episode # 1250): Ravan has sent his army of deadly devils to take the Amrit Kalash but it was Hanuman who has very cleverly stopped them. However, on the other hand Chandradev is seen trying to escape the Drishti of Shanidev but in the midway Devrishi met him and suggested a way in which he could calm down Shanidev!

Part # 5 (Episode # 1251): Devrishi has suggested Chandradev to seek help from Hanuman in order to protect himself from Shanidev's Dhristi. However, Shanidev has become very furious and he has come all the way to Sumeru in search of Chandradev! He has even warned Hanuman to keep away from his decision!

Part # 6 (Episode # 1252): Chandradev in an attempt to protect himself from the Drishti of Shanidev has reached Sumeru. He has asked for a promise from Anjana to protect him from Shanidev. On the other hand, Shanidev has reluctantly dismissed her plea. However, this has made Chandradev feel unsafe and he has become furious and has insulted them!

Part # 7 (Episode # 1253): Ravan has convinced Chandradev to hand over the Amrit Kalash to him and in return he has promised to protect Chandradev from Shanidev's Drishti. However, on the other hand Hanuman has come searching for Chandradev but he did not find him there.

Part # 8 (Episode # 1254): Chandradev is deceived by Ravan to hand over the Amrit Kalash to him and in return he has promised to protect him from the Drishti of Shanidev. Moreover, Ravan has planned to delude Hanuman by sending his associate in Chandradev's Avtar. On the other hand, Anjana's health is getting deteriorated and Vaidya Rishi has advised Kesari to bring Chandrajal to cure her illness!

Part # 9 (Episode # 1255): Hanumaan takes Chandradev to Shanidev. Shanidev is already angry with Chandradev for disrespecting him and insulting him. Shanidev tells Chandradev that he would punish him for offending him. Chandradev looks terrified. Meanwhile, Hanuman's father is trying his best to save Chandradev before something unpredictable could occur.

Part # 10 (Episode # 1256): Shanidev has become very furious and wants to penalize Hanuman for his attempts to save Chandradev from his Drishti. However, Hanuman was bonded with a pledge which he has taken in the presence of his Guru Suryadev!

Part # 11 (Episode # 1257): In an attempt to save Chandradev from the Drishti of Shanidev, Hanuman was forced to fight a war with Shanidev. Moreover, Shanidev has become so furious that he has started destroying meteors and converting them into Kaalkup!

Part # 12 (Episode # 1258): In an attempt to save Chandradev from Shanidev's Drishti, Hanuman was forced to fight a war with the latter. Shanidev, who has become so violent that out of anger he has opened up the Kaal-Chakra and if not stopped immediately then it will destroy the earth completely!

Part # 13 (Episode # 1259): Hanuman and Shanidev were stuck in the centrifugal force of the Kaal-Chakra and both of them were getting deep down inside the darkness of the Chakra. However, the war between Shanidev and Hanuman was turning destructive for the people on the earth. And as a consequence, it has posed a threat on the earth!

Part # 14 (Episode # 1260): In an attempt to save earth from entering into the Kaal-Chakra, Hanuman has rotated Kaal-Chakra in an opposite direction. This action is considered against the law of nature by Kaaldev. However, now the war between Shanidev and Hanuman has got intensified.

Part # 15 (Episode # 1261): Lord Hanuman consoles Shanidev and asks him not to get worried about his wounds as these are trivial issues for him. Moreover, Hanuman puts oil on the wounds of Shanidev which is a soothing sight for every divine power. On the other side, Hanuman's mother Anjana is sick.

Part # 16 (Episode # 1262): Hanuman visits Chandra Lok and urges him to show the Maha Purnima's Chandra to the world so that Hanuman's mother can drink water. However, Chandra Dev declines to accept the seat of his empire because he feels guilty after having given the ‘Amrit Kalash’ to Ravan.

Part # 17 (Episode # 1263): Ravan is very eager to have the Amrit (sacred water) but it was Ravan's Guru who informed him that the vessel which he is holding impatiently in his hand is not the sacred water but rather a vessel containing plain water of Chandralok. However, this has left Ravan in shock; as his dream is shattered!

Part # 18 (Episode # 1264): After overcoming all the barriers, Hanuman has returned to Sumeru. On the other hand, Mata Anjana was on fast for past few days and had vowed to break her fast only after seeing the full moon. Moreover, now all the hurdles of Chandradev's path was cleared by Hanuman!

Part # 19 (Episode # 1265): Hanuman has come know that in order to save his mother's life, Kesari had gone to Matangiri Mountains to bring the Chandrajal. In an attempt to save Anjana's life; Kesari has got bloodcurdling blisters on his foot. Moreover, this has left Hanuman in tears and he has started feeling his father's pain and sufferings. However, on the other hand Indradev believes that Hanuman has broken the law of nature and to punish Hanuman, he has called an urgent meeting of Devta's.

Part # 20 (Episode # 1266): An urgent meeting of Devta's is called to decide the punishment of Hanuman for breaking the law of nature. However, Hanuman is seen pleading before Kaal Dev to forgive him for the mistake which he has done. Now, the Devta's are divided into two groups; the one who wants to punish and another who are supporting Hanuman!

Part # 21 (Episode # 1267): Hanumaan feels helpless and starts crying after saving his father Kesari as he seems to believe that the accident was a result of the curse of Kaal Dev. Why should his father suffer because the punishment was supposed to be gven to Hanumaan; this thought makes Hanumaan very concerned and upset.

Part # 22 (Episode # 1268): In Today's episode we will get to know about Hanuman and his friends who have come to meet a Rishi. The Rishi has alerted Hanuman about a possibility of distress which might prevail in his family. However, to find a solution to the problem he narrates an inspiring story of a great Rishi Mrikandu and his wife Marudvati.

Neyyattinkara Sree Krishna Swami Temple

Part # 1 (Episode # 1269): The episode continues with the story of Rishi Mrikandu and his wife Marudvati who are blessed with a son. However, after lot of hard Tapasya they were blessed with a son but they have a curse that their son Markandey will have a short life span of 10 years only! And today is the last day of his life!

Part # 2 (Episode # 1270): The episode continues with Matang Rishi's narration of Markandey's story to Hanuman and his friends. The story proceeds with the Tapaysa of Markandey; where he is continuously reciting Mahamrityunjay Mantra to get blessings for his long life! And, hence in a way Matang Rishi tried to reveal the mystery behind this powerful and divine mantra before Hanuman!

Part # 3 (Episode # 1271): Today's episode continues with Markandey's Tapaysa to get Lord Shiva's blessing for his long life. He wants to do service to the mankind and to his parents. However, a war like situation is created between Mahadev and Kaaldev over providing blessing of long life to Markandey!

Part # 4 (Episode # 1272): Today's show continues with the bad dreams of Hanuman which he is continuously getting in his sleep. This time he is dreaming that a herd of buffaloes is approaching toward his family members and as consequence Kesari is falling down from the mountains. However, this has made Hanuman very tensed and he thinks that this is an ill omen in their pilgrimage.

Part # 5 (Episode # 1273): Today Hanuman is going for Markandey's tapasya, just to save his father Kesari from Kaal Dev. But Meanwhile, Hanuman and his family is facing so many problems. Kaal Dev is continuously trying to stop them by creating an earthquake. How will Hanuman save his family from this attack of Kaal Dev?

Part # 6 (Episode # 1274): Now, Kaal Dev seeks Agni Dev's help as Hanuman vows to stand by his Father's side. Both Kaal Dev and Agni Dev agrees that in a bid to harm Kesari, Hanuman must not be nearby.

Devipuram is a Hindu temple complex located near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Belonging primarily to the Shakta school of Hinduism, it is dedicated to the goddess Sahasrakshi (lit., "she who has a thousand eyes", a form of Lalita Tripurasundari or Parvati), and her consort Kameshwara (a form of Shiva).

Part # 7 (Episode # 1275): Hanuman again gets in the way of the evil intent of Kaal Dev to cast out his father Kesari. Though Kaal Dev still seems persistent and comes up with new plan to distract Hanuman. Can Hanuman outsmart Kaal Dev?

Part # 8 (Episode # 1276): Kesari is searching for Hanuman, but Hanuman is busy with a Rishimuni, who is trying to stop Mahabali by asking different different questions. As the Rishimuni is throwing question on one hand, on the other hand time is passing by. It will be interesting to see how Hanuman would come out from the trap of Rishimuni and meets his father.

Part # 9 (Episode # 1277): In this episode, Hanuman and his mother Anjana is in deep grief because his father Kesari Nandan is lying still on the ground. However it is a revenge of Kal dev from Hanuman which seems injustice to little Hanuman and this deed of Kaal Dev is not appreciated by any divine power.

Part # 10 (Episode # 1278): Today's episode is showing a grief moment of Hanuman's family. His father's sudden demise was a big jolt for his family. But at the time of cremation Hanuman got to know the fact of his father's sudden death. Now He has decided to fight for Kesari's life.

Part # 11 (Episode # 1279; 2 April 2016):In spite of the warning received by Kaaldev, Hanuman has started his quest to free his father, Kesari, from Pretlok.

Part # 12 (Episode # 1280): The young Hanuman is warned that he will not be able to leave the Pretlok with an impending death but he requests them to let him meet his dead father. In the meantime, Kesari tries to convince Pretraj to free him so as to meet his son but is told about the trouble that awaits his son.

Part # 13 (Episode # 1281): In this episode, Hanuman ecounters several devils in Pret Lok, however all of them surrender in front of Hanuman's divine power.On the other side, Anjana persistently protects her husband's body from the deception of devils.


Part # 1 (Episode # 1282): Hanuman tells that Kal Dev will have to let his father free and is told that it will have to be done within 11 days. Elsewhere in yamlok, Hanuman is told that his father cannot get alive anymore. Meanwhile, at Vishkali Niwas, Kakashri gets to know that his army has come together and is given warning about the enemy.

Part #2 (Episode # 1283): Today's episode continues with Hanuman discovering the truth about Kaal Dev's decision to take away Kesari's life. It is Chitragupt who revealed that Kesari's life span is not completed but Kaal Dev's decision compelled him to take away Kesari's life!

Part # 3 (Episode # 1284): Today's episode continues with the attempts of Kaal Dev to punish Hanuman for creating barriers in his decision. However, on the other hand Shanidev has come pleading to Lord Brahma to find a way out from the war like situation between Hanuman and Kaaldev!

Vasant Navaratri

Part # 1 (Episode # 1285): Today's episode revolves around the ego of Kaal Dev and his unjustified will to punish Hanuman for creating barriers in his decision. However, Hanuman has warn Kaal Dev to put aside his ego and to return Kesari's life but Kaal Dev has become very furious and wants to fight a battle with Hanuman!

Part # 2 (Episode # 1286, 10 April 2016 - Kollam temple fire): Kollam temple fire - A catastrophic explosion and fire occurred at the Puttingal Temple in Paravur, Kollam, on 10 April 2016 after firework celebrations went awry. The fire took place at approximately 03:30 IST (22:00 UTC) when an explosion occurred in a stash of firecrackers stored in the temple for upcoming Vishu celebrations. Apparently, the cause of the explosion is a firework, known locally as Amittu, while displaying the firework celebrations, fell into the stash which was on fire. According to local reports, the explosion and fire were caused by firecrackers that were being used in a Kerala New Year celebration. The blast was felt by people living more than a kilometre away from the temple. The fire took place sometime between 3:00 - 3:30 a.m. The explosion caused the temple to collapse leading to most of the casualties.

Part # 3 (Episode # 1287): Today's episode continues with Hanuman's impersonation to Rudra Avatar. He has become very furious and is determined to punish Kaal Dev for his misdeeds. However, all the Devta's is pleading before Lord Shiva to calm down Hanuman!

Part # 4 (Episode # 1288): After realising his mistake, Kaal Dev is regretting and trying to make things normal. Today Maharaj Kesari defeat the danger of death and reunite with his family. Whole Sumeru is celebrating Hanuman's win. But it seems a new danger is on his way.

Part # 5 (Episode # 1289): Today the whole Sumeru is in joyful mood. All are ready for the celebration. But Kesari is waiting for Jatayu and Nagraj's arrival to start the celebration. On the other hand, Hanuman is also missing his brother Bali.

Part # 6 (Episode # 1290: "Kali Yuga 5118"): The traditional Tamil year starts on 14 April 2016 [Kali Yuga 5118]. The year may also be dated according to the Vikram Samvat or Saka era. The 60-year cycle is ancient and is observed by most traditional calendars of India and China, and is related to 5 revolutions of Jupiter, or to 60-year orbit of Nakshatras (stars) as described in the Surya Siddhanta.

Tamil people celebrate Tamil new year on 14 April. This is the month of Chitterai, the first month of the Tamil solar calendar. On the eve of Puthandu, a tray arranged with three fruits (mango,banana and jack fruit), betel leaves and arecanut, gold/silver jewellery, coins/money, flowers and a mirror is placed. This is to be viewed upon waking in the morning. In the temple city of Madurai, the Chitterai Thiruvizha is celebrated in the Meenakshi Temple. A huge exhibition is held, called Chitterai Porutkaatchi. In some parts of Southern Tamil Nadu, it is called Chittirai Vishu. The day is marked with a feast in Tamil homes and entrances to the houses are decorated elaborately with kolams. In most parts of India, one can see neem trees blooming with their flowers and the first batch of mangoes hanging prominently. This day is celebrated by some communities with neem flowers and raw mangoes to symbolize growth and prosperity.

On the day of Tamil New Year, a big Car Festival is held at Tiruvidaimarudur near Kumbakonam. Festivals are also held at Tiruchirapalli, Kanchipuram and many other places.

Sri Lankan Tamils observe the traditional new year in April with the first financial transaction known as the 'Kai-vishesham' where elders gift money to the unmarried young, particularly children as a token of good luck. The event is also observed with the 'arpudu' or the first ploughing of the ground to prepare for the new agricultural cycle. The 'punya-kaalam' or auspicious time when the sun reportedly shifts from Meena raasi to Mesha raasi is considered ideal to commence new activities on a favorable note. Sri Lankan Tamils begin the year with a herbal bath with 'maruthu-neer' with ingredients for good health. The game of 'por-thenkai' or coconut wars between youth is played in villages through the Tamil north and east of the island while cart races are also held. The festive Puthandu season in April is a time for family visits and the renewal of filial bonds. It coincides with the Sinhalese new year season.

In Malaysia and Singapore, Tamils join Sikhs, Malayalees and Bengalis to celebrate the traditional new year in mid-April with leaders across the political spectrum wishing the ethnic Indian community for the new year. Special religious events are held in Hindu temples, in Tamil community centers and Gurudwaras. Cultural programs and media events also take place. Its a day of celebration for the Indian community.


The previous Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK)-led Government of Tamil Nadu had declared in 2008 that the Tamil new year should be celebrated on the first day of Tamil month of Thai (14 January) coinciding with the harvest festival of Pongal. The Tamil Nadu New Year (Declaration Bill 2008) was introduced in the House by the Tamil Nadu Government on 29 January 2008. This bill of the DMK Administration was subsequently rescinded by a separate act of legislation in the Tamil Nadu Assembly on 23 August 2011.

The earlier legislative enactment of the DMK government was not without controversy . The resolution was met with resistance. It was challenged in court. The then opposition All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) and Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) in Tamil Nadu subsequently condemned the decision of the DMK Government in that state and urged their supporters to continue celebrating the traditional date in mid-April. Tamils in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada continued to observe the new year in mid-April. Many in Tamil Nadu continued the celebration of the new year in mid-April. The Governor and Chief Minister of the Indian Union Territory of Puducherry, which has an ethnic Tamil majority, felicitated the public for the Tamil new year in April 2010. The previous state government in Tamil Nadu in an effort to accommodate popular sentiment conceded the celebration of the April new year with a new term called "Chithirai Tirunal" (the festival of Chithirai). The day remained a public holiday in Tamil Nadu albeit purportedly to commemorate Dr. B.R Ambedkar, who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution. All television channels in Tamil Nadu continued to telecast festive "Chithirai Tirunal Special Programs" on 14 April 2010. The leader of the AIADMK, Jayalalitha felicitated the people on the traditional Tamil New Year. The MDMK leader Vaiko, followed suit. Press reports indicated that the people in Tamil Nadu celebrated the Tamil New Year with enthusiasm and thronged the temples in thousands. There are others who highlight the absence of historical and literary evidence for the change in new year. The 2008 legislation of the previous DMK-led administration has since been annulled by an act of the Tamil Nadu Assembly in August 2011. The controversy has now subsided and the official celebrations during the traditional new year in April revived.

Tiruvalluvar Era

The 2006–2011 Government in Tamil Nadu also introduced the Tiruvalluvar era that begins with the purported birth of the Tamil literary figure Tiruvalluvar in the year 31 BCE. The literary evidence however may not indicate an early date for Tiruvalluvar. The syntax and grammar may indicate a subsequent date. Renowned Tamil Scholar Vaiyapuri Pillai was of the view that Tiruvalluvar lived around 600 CE, based on the internal evidence of his work and the significant influence of Sanskrit, Prakrit and Pali works in the Tirukkural. While not all may agree with Vaiyapuri Pillai's textual criticism and dating, several question the Tiruvalluvar era on the issue of its date.[43] However, the Government of J. Jayalalitha in 2011 reverted the celebration of Puthandu to the original date of fourteenth of April.

In today's Puthandu episode - Tamil New Year episode - we will see the showcase of Bali's power. As Bali have got the Vardaan with which he will get the half power of his enemy in fight or war. He challenges Lankesh.

Part # 7 (Episode # 1291: Year 1423 of Bengali Era): Pohela Boishakh - Bengali New Year (Bengali: বাংলা নববর্ষ, Bangla Nôbobôrsho). The episode starts when Hanuman is catching Jatayu, as Sumeru is facing so many problems. There is a condition of flood there and Hanuman have to help his family and other Sumeru citizens. What happened next?

Part # 8 (Episode # 1292: Ram Navami episode) Today once again Hanuman saved Sumeru. He picked up and placed a mountain to save everyone from flood.

Part # 9 (Episode # 1293): Today we will see Garuda attacks Snake and Hanuman got worried to see them fighting. As they both promised for the friendship. Meanwhile, Nagraj's son Bhushan told Hanuman that his father is in danger.

Part # 10 (Episode # 1294): Today's episode continues with the hide and seek between Garuda and Sarp.Today we will see how Hanuman teach a lesson to Garuda and save Bhushan Naag.

Part # 11 (Episode # 1295): Today Hanuman approached Jatayu, to talk about Nagraj. Bhushan is worried for his father. On the other hand, Bali is dreaming about his future empire. Meanwhile, Jatayu told everyone about magical wings.

Part # 12 (Episode # 1296): Today Hanuman is going to Garuda Rajya with Jatayu. He wants to takle his friend Bhushan Naag with him. And convinced Jatayu for the same. But it seems that Chitraketu is not happy with the decision of Jatayu.

Part # 13 (Episode # 1297): Today we will see that Hanuman is defending Bhushan Naag, as everyone else putting question on him. They consider him as their enemy but Hanuman disclosed the intention of Bhushan Naag in front of them.

Part # 14 (Episode # 1298): Today's episode continues with the Naag's planning to attack on Garuda. And, for this they have started poisoning the surroundings by exhaling poisonous air on the Garuda province. However, Hanuman is seen trying his best to ensure peace by convincing both the sides to avoid the war against each other.

Part # 15 (Episode # 1299): Hanuman trying to convince King Jatayu to allow the representatives of Naag's to come into Garuda province. It is a part of peace initiative which Hanuman has initiated between Garuda and Naag community. However, the Naag's believe that the Garuda's have held Paanch Fan captive in their province and hence, they want to carry out a search operation.

Part # 16 (Episode # 1300): Bali is intoxicated in the ego of getting the powers of being a King of his province. It is Kesari who has come to meet him, but Bali instead of welcoming he is seen disregarding Kesari. However, on the other hand, Hanuman's friend Bhushan is held captive by the men's of Meghasur and the army of Garuda's is desperately searching for Bhushan!