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This is a list of characters in the Strawberry 100% series.

Main characters

Junpei Manaka

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Template:Nihongo is an overall average nice guy who gets strung up in numerous embarrassing but endearing romantic situations throughout middle and then high school. Although his thoughts on girls can get quite perverted on occasion, his gentleness and kindness, as well as his selflessness at times, is what attracts them to him. His indecisiveness between the girls he loves—Aya, Satsuki, and Tsukasa—and inability to decipher their feelings is the focal point of the story. His dream is to make films as a director. While not academically gifted, he has great talent with cinematography that gradually develops as the story progresses. By the end, Junpei is shown to be an upcoming director who was recently invited to join the Kadokura company, and he reunites with Tsukasa. She agrees to go out with him once again after he asks.

Aya Tōjō

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Template:Nihongo is a shy, reserved, and rather clumsy, but also kind, trusting, and intelligent girl. Aya is the middle-school mystery girl with strawberry-print panties that Junpei seeks at the beginning of the story. (東), the first character of her family name, means "east". Aya starts as a nerdy top student wearing large glasses and unattractive braids. The boys look her down and she closes herself in. She is secretly writing a fantasy novel on her math notebook but lacks confidence of showing it. Junpei discovers the novel and encourages her to become a writer by sharing his dream of becoming a film maker, which he is also afraid to tell anyone. Aya falls in love with Junpei at the moment. She wonders about the ending of her novel, whether the hero will choose the beautiful princess or the ordinary girl who shares his dream, which coincide with their love triangle. Aya and Junpei share the same dreams, to write and film respectively. Soon Aya starts wearing contact lenses and lets her hair down. The new look and her curvy figure get lots of attention from the boys. Junpei realizes Aya is the mystery girl and becomes attracted to her. Aya passes up the prestigious all-girl high school Omi Academy so she can attend Izumizaka with Junpei. At Izumizaka, Aya joins the Literature Club, wins awards and recognition for her work, and has her first novel published. An important member of the Film Studies Club, Aya writes the scripts each year for the three films Junpei directs and plays the heroine in the last film.
Aya became prettier because of Junpei, but when she sensed his jealousy of her popularity, she offered to go back to the unattractive look (Junpei agreed but she mistook it as an encouragement to be herself). Aya gained confidence in writing also because of Junpei, but he was angry when her joined the Literature Club and jealous when she won the first award.
Aya offered to go to the college Junpei attends (giving up better universities) in order to help him make films, just as she did for high schools. Aya's role throughout the series can be summed up in Junpei's reaction after mistaken her brother as a boyfriend, "Aya should always be with me, having attended the same high school and made films with me." The cause of this mistake is the Lover's Sanctuary game, which Junpei went with Tsukasa, but it turns out that Aya is the only one who could go with Junpei as they share the number 1508 "under the guidance of the stars."
When Aya discovers that Junpei and Tsukasa are going steady again after the misunderstanding, she finds the courage to tell Junpei she loves him. After Junpei regretfully rejects her, Aya experiences the heartbreak of an unrequited first love. At the end of the story, she understands that her friendship with Junpei has given her inspiration, and through her love she has discovered her deepest feelings. In the afterwords, the author mentioned that by learning this Aya grows the most among all characters. After graduation she becomes a successful novelist, winning the Naoki prize, the Japanese equivalence of the Pulitzer prize, and still cherishes their dream of Junpei adapting her notebook novel into an award-winning film.

Tsukasa Nishino

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Considered the cutest and most popular girl at their middle school, Template:Nihongo agrees to become Junpei's girlfriend after seeing him confess to her on a chin-up bar. Supportive, understanding, and optimistic, she does her best to encourage Junpei in everything he does, yet is also straightforward and flirtatious enough to let him know exactly what she wants. Of the four lead female characters, Tsukasa's personality changes the most: flighty and somewhat hot-tempered during her middle school days, she develops a far more mature attitude soon after entering Ōmi Academy. The first character of her family name, nishi (西), is associated with the Western cardinal direction.
While not a member of the Film Studies Club, Tsukasa expresses some interest in participating in their activities. She is eventually cast as the heroine of the Club's production during their second year because of her unanimously being considered to be a perfect match for the role.
Despite attracting the attentions of numerous admirers wherever she goes, Tsukasa stays with Junpei for much of the series. She is, however, intuitively aware of Junpei's affections for Aya, and breaks up with him at one point because of his indecisiveness.
Tsukasa has a passion for cooking and baking, and works part-time at Patisserie Tsuruya, a popular French pastry shop. Her dream is to study pastry-making further in France after graduation from high school. Her pursuit of this goal, and Junpei's newfound passion in filming, forces her to break up with Junpei a second time, but the two eventually reunite upon her return from France four years later.

Satsuki Kitaoji

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Athletic, energetic, and beautiful, Template:Nihongo is very popular among the boys in the school, mainly with the sports clubs and teams. The first character of her family name, Kita (北), is associated with the Northern cardinal direction which has a key meaning in the series. She was an integral part of the Film Studies Club, having been asked by Junpei to join when it first formed, and starred as the heroine in their first film production. The two of them share the same interests and it was out of the fact that they were always happy around one another that she started developing strong feelings for him. Of all the girls after Junpei, Satsuki is the most confident in her love—having been the first to ever confess to him—and is constantly seen in his company. Unlike the others, Satsuki is very aggressive, often physical, with her feelings. Coupled with her attractive figure, mainly her large bust size (officially she is a DDD-cup), she constantly tries to push herself onto Junpei. If any of the girls of the story could be labeled as a tragic heroine, it would be Satsuki. Despite her total devotion towards him, Satsuki's feelings are rarely returned. Near the end of the manga, she was able to come to terms that they would only be friends, yet promises herself that the next time that they meet she would get him in the future. After graduation she moved to Kyoto and took over ownership of a relative's restaurant which is where all the club members meet four years later at the end of the manga. She stays close friends with Misuzu Sotomura who also lives in Kyoto after having moved there for college. It was shown in an omake that she wishes that Junpei would come back and return her feelings.

Yui Minamito

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Once a neighbor and childhood friend of Manaka before moving away, ; Template:Nihongo acts more like a little sister than a friend despite being only a year younger. She isn't at all shy around Junpei and is often found sleeping in his bed naked. The first portion of her name, Minami (南), is associated with the southern cardinal direction. Though considered one of the four main heroines in the series, Yui is never considered a love interest nor does she ever show Junpei any affection outside of their sibling-type relationship. She shows an extreme fondness for chocolate and cake. Though her home is in the countryside she stays with Junpei in order to try for Omi Academy. She later on meets Tsukasa whom she looks up to as a role model. Like the rest of the girls at her school she has an infatuation with Junpei's friend Okusa. Later on in the series she ends up moving out and living on her own, though is usually at Junpei's residence where she prefers to sleep.

Supporting characters

Izumizaka High


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Template:Nihongo is one of Junpei's old friends from middle school who is the star player of the soccer team. His athletic abilities and looks cause him to attract girls almost like a magnet. Because of his "perceived" experience with girls, Junpei went to him for advice on his girl problems early in the manga. Okusa's latent infatuation for Tsukasa, however, sometimes puts him—and his offered advice—at odds with Junpei. Yui greatly admires Okusa, and has a rather large infatuation with him.

Rikiya Komiyama

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Template:Nihongo is a close friend of Junpei since middle school, frequently made fun of because of his peculiar, octopus-like lips and his desperation in finding a girlfriend. Quite the pervert, he is able to entertain any girl (if only for a little while) with his gorilla and octopus impressions. Komiyama's dare in the third year of middle school caused Junpei to confess to Tsukasa. He joins Sotomura Productions after graduating.

Hiroshi Sotomura

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Template:Nihongo is a friend of Junpei's; his sole obsession in life is taking photos of pretty girls for his website, "Melon 100%". To this end, he initiated the re-establishment of the Film Studies Club in order to make use of school funding and facilities to expand his website. Despite his perversions, Sotomura is the number-one student in school, with grades even better than those of Aya. He also becomes the sounding board for Junpei's various relationship problems, offering surprisingly good advice. After graduation, he is accepted into Tokyo University and later starts his own production company. He also has a sister, Misuzu Sotomura, who joins the Film Studies Club.

Shiori Kurokawa

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Template:Nihongo is Junpei's math teacher and advisor to the Film Club. Beautiful, busty, and a frequent drinker, she is the classic irresponsible adult archetype, tending to spend the prize money of the Film Studies Club on frivolous pursuits like visits to the salon. Despite this, she is quite supportive of the club, being one of the original founding members. Towards the end of the manga, she is revealed to be the main actress in the club movie that inspired Junpei to push through with his directorial dreams.


A true ladies' man, Template:Nihongo is the perfect gentleman, with a face to match. He is Junpei's rival for Aya's affections, although he does not pose too much of a threat (It's apparent that she prefers Junpei). Like Okusa, Amachi has herds of girls flocking to him, and he seems to have a compulsive necessity in helping women in need. After meeting staunch resistance to his approaches on Aya, Amachi gives up his horde of girls as a sign of devotion to Aya, but later returns to them after news breaks out that Aya is not going with Junpei or him to the final school festival. Amachi once challenged Junpei to a swimming race, (which he won of course) but Aya dived into the water to save Junpei from drowning from exhaustion, despite the fact she could not swim. After seeing Aya in her swimsuit, he had a nosebleed (comically) that was so bad, that Junpei had to walk her home instead of him. He also managed to recognize Aya even with her hair braided and glasses on, which Aya's cram school friends took to mean that he truly did love her.
In a last bid attempt to capture Aya's love interest, and clear Junpei from her mind (which he believed were restricting her talents), asked Aya to take off her glasses before attempting to kiss her. However Aya, still in love with Junpei, 'escaped' from this situation, leaving Amachi behind.

Misuzu Sotomura

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Template:Nihongo is the tough and pretty younger sister of Hiroshi Sotomura. A no-nonsense person, Misuzu installs herself as vice-president and assistant director of the Film Studies Club. She idolizes Aya for her writing ability. She can not stand Junpei's indecisiveness with women. When they first met, she found Junpei interesting because he was critical about movies. She tends to play down Junpei's role in the club, but later admits (to herself) that Junpei's accomplishment in building the club from scratch is truly remarkable whereas she is just "all-talk". In extra chapter at the end of the manga, Misuzu falls in love with an aspiring manga artist named Uchiba, and later lives with him. Misuzu and Kitaoji argue with each other often, but after graduation they both live in Kyoto and always keep in touch. Misuzu could be easily identified as the tsundere of the group.

Chinami Hashimoto

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Template:Nihongo is a childish, impulsive, and fickle girl in the same year as Misuzu. A gold-digger through and through, she is very used to getting whatever she wants. She initially used Junpei as an excuse for dumping one of her previous "boyfriends" and eventually ended up joining the Film Studies Club. While she does not possess any genuine feelings for Junpei, she is irritated by how unremarkable she is to him. In a surprising twist, she ends up with Komiyama, the least likely person imaginable, for a short while (she later dumped him, as expected). In the epilogue, Hashimoto has joined Sotomura Productions as a gravure model, with Komiyama as her manager. She often refers to herself in the third person.

Cram school students

Kozue Mukai

Template:Anime voice
Template:Nihongo is a student in the cram school Junpei and Aya attend during their second year of high school. Although she has an attractive body, she has a chronic fear of males, freezing up and even cowering in terror in their presence. Ironically, she also tends to have very vivid romantic fantasies with those she fears. She quickly falls in love with Junpei, the first boy she feels comfortable enough to talk to. She finally gives up on Junpei after finding out that he dates Tsukasa. She appears to be an extreme version of Aya; she is far more shy and reserved, and falls over just as often.

Mai Urazawa

Template:Nihongo is a friend of Aya and Mukai at cram school. She is supportive of Mukai's infatuation with Junpei, and makes it her goal to get them together, to the extent of enlisting Aya's help. Neither Urazawa nor Mukai are aware of Aya's hidden affection for Junpei.


Migishima is a tall, fierce-looking, and short-tempered student in the same cram school class as Junpei. He has an X-shaped scar on his forehead. A former delinquent, he became a serious student after being inspired by his homeroom adviser. He shows a little affection towards Mukai, which she finally replies. He wants to become a teacher.


Satake is Migishima's friend, also in Junpei's cram school class. His family owns a small but failing business, which he hopes to take over and rebuild. He wants to be a great CEO.

Other characters

Ryuuichi Higure

Template:Nihongo is a tall, dark, handsome, world-famous pastry chef. His grandmother owns the shop where Tsukasa works. He is the main attraction whenever he returns to work from his travels abroad, and while he has fallen for Tsukasa, he understands that she would rather be with Junpei. He is a genuinely nice guy, once going to great lengths to help Junpei in a minor situation even before they got to know each other.

Movie Theater Manager

The short, 72-year-old manager of the movie theater where Junpei works part-time. He is a pervert who gets passing girls wet by splashing them with a wet mop so they have little choice but to change into the clothes he offers. He especially likes Tsukasa, and orders cakes from the pastry shop she works at just to have her deliver them in person. He has a wealthy son who owns a mansion and a karaoke building.

Shotaro Toujou

Template:Nihongo is Aya Toujou's younger brother. Although they are actual siblings, Shotaro is much taller than Aya and there is little family resemblance between the two. He was Aya's date for the Ran-Sen Festival during the main cast's last year at Izumisaka, and because Aya kept this from everyone, it caused some misunderstanding with Junpei and Amachi. It is possible that Kawashita intentionally kept Shotaro from meeting the rest of the characters for this purpose.

Shuu Kadokura

A professional director and alumnus of Izumizaka interested in Junpei's films. To improve Junpei's cinematography he acts as Junpei's senpai. He's an old friend of Shiori. He has messy black hair and thick-framed glasses. At the last chapter he invited Junpei to join his company.


A tough thug-looking crepe street vendor who has been a friend of Aya's. He's very protective of Aya whom he thinks of as his daughter and as such he almost beat up Junpei when he first met him. Because Aya, who has a very large bust size, has been a loyal patron for several years Shoji jokes that all of his crepes went straight to her boobs.

Haruka Toujou

Aya's 22-year-old cousin. She is a second year at Hanano's Girl University. She is known to be praised a lot for her beauty and be in beauty contests. She believes that men think with their crotch instead of their head. She once tested Junpei for this reason, telling him he can touch her chest if he wanted, but he refused to. Impressed, she approved of him.


Appearing in the bonus chapter at the end of the series, Uchiba is a shy student at Doushigaya University who wants to become a Japanese manga artist. He is quite tall, (standing 185 cm. or about 6'1") and wears glasses. Impressed with his art and stories, Misuzu quickly becomes attracted to him, though she tells herself at first that it's only admiration. They begin living together three years after becoming a couple.