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This is a list of Teen Wolf minor characters that appeared in Teen Wolf the American television series that aired on MTV. The series premiered on Sunday, June 5, 2011, following the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.[1] Teen Wolf is a supernatural drama series that follows Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), a high school student and social outcast who is bitten by a werewolf. He tries to maintain a normal life while hiding his secret and dealing with supernatural dangers that plague the town of Beacon Hills. He is aided by his best friend, Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien), and mysterious werewolf, Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin).


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Minor characters

Character Portrayer Season appearances Species
Laura Hale Haley Roe Murphy (adult)
Ana Walczak (teen)
1, 3 Werewolf
Laura Hale was Derek and Cora's older sister and also a born werewolf. Laura survived the Hale Fire because she and Derek were at school at the time. Laura was presumably groomed by her mother Talia[2] to become the next Alpha in the family. It has been suggested Laura gained Alpha status by a natural line of succession after her family was killed in the fire and her uncle Peter was induced into a coma. Being a fully Evolved werewolf, Laura had the capability to shapeshift into a full wolf. It is assumed she was taught this skill from Talia. She acted as the second-in-command to Talia when the Hale Pack met with Deucalion, Ennis, Kali and their respective original Packs. They discussed the situation where one of Ennis' Betas was tortured and then cut in half by the Argent hunters. When Kali questioned why any of them should be concerned with the death of a Beta in another Pack, Laura spoke up and reminds them that the hunters' indiscriminate attitude towards werewolves put them all at risk. They were in the middle of discussing how they would proceed when Talia announced her arrival with a howl. Once Talia arrived, they continued their debate. Several months later, while Laura and Derek were at school, the Hale House was set on fire by Kate Argent, along with a number of co-conspirators. After the fire, Derek and Laura left Beacon Hills for New York. Six years later Laura was lured back to Beacon Hills by a photo depicting a dead deer with a spiral marked on it, a symbol that represents revenge amongst werewolf Packs. Laura was investigating who was responsible for the Hale fire. She was able to uncover some information, meeting with Adrian Harris. Harris drew her the necklace of the woman (Kate Argent) whom he'd drunkenly babbled to about how to start an arson fire and get away with it. She came across her uncle Peter who was left comatose because of the fire. Peter killed her to steal her Alpha status. The discovery of the lower half of her body in the Beacon Hills Preserve sparked the plot for the series pilot "Wolf Moon". Derek found the top half of Laura's body and buried it outside the Hale house with a wolfsbane studded rope arranged around the grave in the shape of the spiral. In "The Tell", Kate Argent admitted to Derek that hunters had come across Laura's body and bisected it to use as bait to capture Derek, but verified that they didn't kill Laura.
Claudia Stilinski Joey Honsa 5, 6 Human
Claudia Stilinski (née Gajos) is Stiles' mother and the wife of Sheriff Stilinski. She attended Beacon Hills High School, married Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles is their only child. Claudia died when Stiles was only eight. Stiles had been with her when she died while his dad was out on the job attending to a car accident victim. Claudia is alive in season 6 as a result of the Ghost Riders taking Stiles. Prior to the Ghost Riders' interference, Stlies and his dad are haunted by her death. Stiles is fearful that his dad blames him for Claudia's death. Stilinski harbors immense guilt over not being there for his wife in her dying moments when he was reassuring the victim from the accident: he'd suspected the girl somehow psychically knew that his wife was dying, but chose to wait until paramedics arrived. Upon enlightened of the supernatural, Stilinski is sorrowful that if he'd believed in the supernatural world, he'd have been there for Claudia. In Season 3B, Claudia is revealed to have died from frontotemporal dementia.

At one point when Stiles was young and Claudia was hospitalized she suffered an onset of her illness. The family visited Claudia. Suddenly she became irrational, not recognizing Stiles, claiming the boy was trying to kill her, appealing to her distraught husband. Stilinski attempted to placate his wife saying her illness was affecting her. Claudia lost herself further attacking her son.

In Season 5, "Required Reading", Stiles relives this painful memory after being affected by the novel, The Dread Doctors which subliminally unlocks it from his subconscious.

In season 6A "Superposition", Claudia is alive and well after the Ghost Riders took Stiles. She and the Sheriff are married and very much in love. In "Sundowning", Claudia comments that she and the Sheriff have had a long day. He asks if she's ever had second thoughts about not having kids, to which she replies not once. In "Relics", she offers to help Lydia in searching for a relic that belonged to Stiles. Just as Lydia starts ripping the wallpaper off the hallway wall, Claudia interrupts her. In "Radio Silence", Lydia presents Claudia and Sheriff Stilinski with paperwork of Stiles' jeep, Claudia claims that she hasn't seen the jeep for nearly 18 years and believes it was stolen. She thinks Lydia should "let it go", which upsets Lydia. In "Ghosted", Claudia is surprised when the Sheriff suggests that someone should write a medical paper on how she survived frontotemporal dementia. She shoots him down, instead she talks about replacing the ripped wallpaper. In "Heartless", after the Sheriff shows her the previously sealed off room, Claudia claims the previous owners could have sealed off the room. The Sheriff believes that it could've been Stiles' room, Claudia says there are simpler explanations than a forgotten son. Lydia figures out that Claudia is actually a visage, conjured by the Sheriff to subconsciously hide the fact that his son was taken by the Ghost Riders. In "Blitzkrieg", Claudia is dragged by the Sheriff to the once sealed off room, claiming they had a son and that everything in his room has returned but Claudia sees nothing. She tries to fill his head with false memories as he realises he doesn't remember her previous birthday and anniversary. Claudia disappears as the Sheriff realises she isn't real. In "Riders on the Storm", the visage of Claudia shows her true face. She tries to kill Stiles so she can stay but she is stopped for good by the Sheriff's bullet and Lydia's Scream.

Talia Hale Alicia Coppola 3 Werewolf
Talia Hale was Laura, Derek and Cora's mother, and Peter's older sister. Talia was an extremely powerful Alpha, as well as a fully Evolved werewolf; she had the talent to shapeshift into a fully animal wolf. Talia was deeply respected by Packs up and down the Pacific coast, she was a leader in the larger werewolf community. Talia was friends with Satomi Ito and had contact with Alphas Ennis, Deucalion and Kali before they formed their lethal Alpha Pack. Deaton was Talia's druid Emissary.

During the skirmish between the Argent hunters and nearby Packs, Talia and Deaton met with Deucalion concerning his proposed peace offering with the Argents. She advised him against it considering Gerard Argent's monstrous nature, but demanded that he meet Gerard on equal grounds. Talia was a wise and loving mother as she comforted Derek after he gave his girlfriend Paige a mercy-killing to end her suffering from Ennis' Bite, saying his newly changed blue eyes were still beautiful. She also removed Derek and Peter's memories of the Nemeton's location, ostensibly because what happened with Paige was too painful, but likely to prevent Peter from misusing it. Her children inherited her last name, showing the Hales' Pack, like the Argents, had a matriarchal leadership. Her elder daughter, Laura also had the capacity to shapeshift into a full wolf form. It's implied Talia taught Laura this power and also groomed Laura to succeed her as the Hales' Alpha. Talia appears in flashbacks in the episode "Visionary" in Season 3. Talia died in the Hale House fire.

In "Galvanize" of Season 3B, Derek utilizes a channeling ritual with Peter's help in order to communicate with Talia's ghost. Derek envisions meeting his mother in her wolf form atop a manifestation of the Nemeton inside his loft. Talia revealed to her son that the Hales didn't only live in Beacon Hills, they protected the town. In "Letharia Vulpina", Peter has Lydia listen to Talia's claws to translate a memory Talia had wiped from his mind before her death. It is revealed Talia had Peter forget he'd fathered a child – Malia Tate. It's revealed Talia had wiped Peter's memories of his child and that of the mother, as well as taking the child away from the mother who was the Desert Wolf Corrine after birth to protect the soon-to-be-named Malia.

Conrad Fenris John Posey 1, 4, 5 Human
Conrad Fenris is a medical doctor at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, later a doctor and guard at Eichen House. Fenris was originally named Dr. Conrad Haberlind. One time, he came across a woman in Wisconsin who'd been shot with an arrow. People who'd brought the patient in claimed it was a hunting accident. Fenris had treated the woman, but when the arrow was removed, he saw the skin heal. Fenris was convinced werewolves existed. He began a study of the mythology becoming an expert, but over the years he was publicly ridiculed, his life was ruined as a result of his obsession, and subsequently changed his name.

During Season 1, in the webseries Search for a Cure, Scott and Stiles come across Fenris. Scott was looking for a cure of being a werewolf and Stiles said Fenris was the closest thing they had to an expert. They asked Fenris if they could ask him questions concerning his knowledge of werewolves. Fenris said no, that he was no longer involved with anything like that. Scott and Stiles later break into his house and Fenris catches them, holding them at gunpoint. Scott convinces him to put his gun down, saying he's a doctor, he has an oath to help people, not hurt them, and to just give them five minutes. Fenris relents. He gives them a basic rundown of the various stations of werewolves the Alpha, Beta, Omega, and the rights of passage they would conduct during the Wolf moon, the full moon in January. He's stressed, saying he needs a cigarette and his housekeeper has hidden them. Scott and Stiles see a photo of the woman he met in Wisconsin. Derek Hale is in the picture as well - the woman is presumed to be Talia Hale, his mother. Scott asks Fenris if he knows if there is any cure for someone who was Bitten. Fenris says he's never heard of any cure, despite his expertise. He demands to know why are they are interested in what he was obsessed with which resulted in his life, both personal and professional, being ruined. Scott and Stiles are disappointed but are sympathetic in what Fenris has been through. He insists they leave, but while they are leaving, Scott asks does he still believe. Fenris says sometimes, but he always returned to reality. Scott then tells him, if he really needs a cigarette, they're on the book shelf, behind the books. He flashes his werewolf eyes, then leaves. Fenris finds his cigarettes. Suspiciously, he runs back outside, but Scott had already left.

In "Wolf's Bane", Fenris is treating Jackson having a look at the scratches Derek had unintentionally left on the back of his neck. Fenris tells Jackson he has wolfsbane poisoning from the claw marks. Derek had been poisoned by wolfsbane and had passed on the infection to Jackson.

In Season 4, "A Promise to the Dead", Fenris is now more integrated into the supernatural world. He is seen employed at Eichen House, stationed in the secret prison level that houses supernatural beings. Deaton had returned a wendigo, Patrick Clarke, to the institution. Fenris thanks Deaton and allows him to see one inmate, Dr. Gabriel Valack. He advises him against seeing Valack, saying the last person who saw Valack too close "left the cell, but not the building". Fenris brings Deaton out after Valack renders him unconscious, exasperated saying "they never listen". Fenris has Deaton monitored every hour. Just when he declares Deaton be moved to level 6, Lydia comes in to collect Deaton. Fenris tells her Deaton is not responding to any external stimuli. Lydia assures him, Deaton will "hear her." In Season 5 "A Novel Approach", Fenris lets Scott, Stiles, Kira and Lydia come down to the supernatural ward of Eichen House for intel on the Dread Doctors from Valack as a favor to Deaton. He advises them not to make eye contact with anyone "or anything". He informs them mountain ash is highly concentrated in the ward which is why Scott and Kira can't go any further because of their werewolf and kitsune status. In "The Last Chimera", when a catatonic Lydia is being prepared to be sent to Eichen House by her mum Natalie, Fenris tells Natalie that Lydia will be cared for there. But Fenris is actually a glamoured Valack. In "Amplification", while Scott and his Pack attempt to get Lydia out of Eichen House, a patient in the institution reveals that someone took Fenris away.

Mr. Lahey John Wesley Shipp 2 Human
Mr. Lahey was Isaac's father, the owner of the Beacon Hills Cemetery and the swim team coach of Beacon Hills High in 2006. His wife is deceased and his elder son Camden died in combat. Lahey was abusive to Isaac, torturing him by often locking him in the basement freezer. In the season 2 premiere, he makes fun of Isaac when interrogated by Sheriff Stilinski, and also attacks Isaac during dinner by throwing cutlery at him. Lahey's abuse of Isaac is what set the teenager on the quest to become part of Derek's Pack and get the confidence and power he lacked. Lahey is later murdered by the Kanima. Even after all the abuse and his death, Isaac still has fond memories of him, as his father was Isaac's emotional anchor for gaining control during the full moon. In "Fury", it is revealed the swim team had won a state championship and Lahey had invited the team over his house for a pool party and have some drinks to celebrate. Matt reveals that Lahey had rescued him from drowning in the pool when he was nine. Lahey had cruelly berated Matt about not knowing how to swim and made him tell no one about the incident at his house (as he would've got in trouble if it was revealed he was letting the swim team drink alcohol). It's revealed that Matt's rage at Lahey for the incident caused Jackson to shift into his Kanima form and kill Lahey (the Kanima seeks a Master that desires vengeance on others to control the shapeshifter).
Henry Tate Todd Stashwick 3, 5 Human
Henry Tate is Malia's adoptive father, the husband of the deceased Evelyn Tate, and the father of an unnamed deceased younger daughter. Henry is out of the loop about Malia's werecoyote status, her activities with Scott's Pack, and the supernatural in general.

Eight years previously, Henry's family was caught in a car accident that caused the car to slide off the road into a ravine in the Beacon Hills Preserve. Evelyn and his younger daughter were killed, but Malia's body was never found. Henry spent the next eight years alone to deal with the tragedy of losing his family. In "Anchors", Sheriff Stilinski reopens the case when he notices the night of the accident was on a full moon and suspects a werewolf could have caused the accident. Henry finds belongings of Malia's from the night of the accident and wants to kill the coyote that supposedly killed mauled his family and/or killed Malia; in reality Malia was the animal as a werecoyote. He brings out rifles and bear traps, and almost kills Malia but Scott and his Pack save her. After eight years as a coyote, she is returned to human form by Scott; Henry is tearfully reunited with Malia. Malia now lives back with him, but she later learns she was adopted.

By Season 5, Malia has settled back into her father-daughter dynamic with Henry. Henry is seen in "Creatures of the Night" during a big storm where he rallies a party of people to lift an overlarge, uprooted tree. Malia easily lifts the tree with her super strength. Malia is checking her phone for her summer school test results so she can be a senior. Henry comforts and eases Malia telling her she'll find out when she finds out. Malia is then picked up by Scott, Liam and Stiles in Stiles' jeep for the annual senior scribe. After Stiles kisses Malia, Henry warns the boys that he owns a gun, then walks away with a lopsided smirk.

Geyer Todd Williams 4, 5 Human
Dr. Geyer is Liam's step-father, the husband of his mother, a hospital administrator and co-worker of Melissa at Beacon Hills Memorial. Geyer is intelligent, accomplished doctor as well as athletic having played lacrosse and was team captain when he was in high school, and he went to Harvard Med in college. Geyer used to play lacrosse with Liam in Liam's youth, and seems dedicated to help his step-son overcome his rage problems. Geyer and his wife are unaware of Liam's transition into the supernatural world as a new werewolf, as well as his role in Scott's Pack.

Geyer is first seen in "Muted", conversing with Melissa regarding the financial mess the hospital is in. When Liam is admitted to the hospital after Scott accidentally injures him during lacrosse practice, he talks with his dad admits it was his fault as he took on two juniors. Geyer shows him sympathy, while also saying they'd always agreed to "Play smart, not hard." In "Time of Death", Geyer is paged when Scott is forwarded to the hospital, supposedly dead. Geyer springs into action, having personal prep Scott for defibrillation. He shocks a number of times, but fails. He sets the defibrillator to 360 and shocks one last time. Scott remains asystole. Grimly, Geyer decides to call in and marks the time of death. He asks someone to page Melissa. He informs Melissa causing her to break down uncontrollably and he tries console her. Geyer didn't know Melissa was only acting: Scott's death was a ruse as part of a plan to flush out the Benefactor. When Noshiko is injured by the Berserkers, Geyer runs in and sees Melissa applying pressure and immediately runs to get help. When Scott is revealed to be alive, Geyer wants Scott to return to the hospital so to run some tests, as well as answers to many questions.

In Season 5, "Condition Terminal", Geyer and Melissa are paged when teenager Corey is placed in the hospital. When Geyer asks what's wrong with him, Melissa indicates the large gash, and melted flesh on his left arm. They attempt to do whatever they can for Corey, pumping him full of morphine to no use. Geyer leaves Corey with Melissa, asking her to see whatever she can do for the teen, while he goes off to find an anesthesiologist. In "The Last Chimera", Geyer treats Stilinski after he's attacked, mauled then forwarded to the hospital and immediately starts to stitch him up. Later, however, Stilinski's body starts to break down from minor internal bleeding. Geyer fruitlessly works on him with Melissa to no use which leaves him frustrated. Geyer talks with Melissa saying he doesn't have a clue how to save Stilinski, but tells her he's noticed the weird, inexplicable activity that happens in Beacon Hills, that she seems to know something, and nothing seems to faze her. Melissa firmly responds she could tell him really bizarre things, but nothing right now that can save Stilinski. Later Melissa runs up to Geyer, saying they have to perform surgery on Stilinski, open him up because he's being poisoned by a piece of bone marrow stuck inside him, to his total confusion. Melissa admits it does not make any sense, but demands that Geyer open Stilinski up right away. Geyer complies and during the surgery, finds and removes the piece of bone. Stilinski recovers.

Lorraine Martin Stephanie Blair (younger Lorraine)
Marcy Goldman (older Lorraine)
4, 5 Banshee
Lorraine Martin was Lydia's paternal grandmother, and also a banshee. When Lydia was a little girl, Lorraine would read The Little Mermaid to Lydia as a bedtime story. For a few months, Lydia would insist on being called 'Ariel' which Lorraine thought was adorable. Lorraine owned a lake house, along with a boathouse out in the Beacon Hills Preserve, which was inherited by her family.

In the 1970s, Lorraine was in love with a woman named Maddy. Lorraine worked for IBM in San Francisco. One weekend, at the office, Lorraine heard a strange sound. She heard rain and thunder, but when she looked outside it was a clear blue sky. The sound became so loud, Lorraine Screamed: she was a banshee. Maddy was about to be going out on the lake, so Lorraine suspiciously asked her about the weather. Maddy replied it was clear at the lakehouse too, so Lorraine said nothing about what she heard. The thunderstorm she'd heard in her premonition however arrived while Maddy was out on the lake, there was an accident, and Maddy died.

Lorraine spent years trying to learn how she'd known the rain would be coming, how she knew Maddy was going to die before knowing it happened. She brought in parapsychologists, pseudoscientists who designed the study in the lakehouse along with the record player, and later on, mediums and psychics. Everything failed, until Lorraine found Meredith Walker at Eichen House. Meredith was brought in one day. She put on headphones for tests, but the sound almost killed her and ended up hospitalized.

In Season 4, "Time of Death" Lydia learns of Lorraine's story and legacy. In Lorraine's will Lydia had been left behind instructions to scatter Lorraine's ashes out onto the lake, but what she found in the urn was not her ashes, but mountain ash, as well as computer code. This new code was a list of people who were murdered by Brunski at Eichen House, he being a serial killer.

Lydia surmises in "Perishable" Lorraine eventually experienced another death prediction: the entire Dead Pool situation which would actually occur in the present. Lorraine had written the entire code which would ironically be used as the actual hit list, and had provided the actual computer servers which would serve as the Dead Pool. Lorraine's "erratic behavior" strained her relationship with her son, Lydia's father. Eventually, she was declared mentally ill, and was interned at Eichen House.

In Season 5, "Required Reading", Lydia experiences a flashback where she saw Lorraine after walking right into Eichen House when she was a little girl. Lorraine had drilled a hole into her head using trephination. Noticing Lydia, Lorraine looked up. The elderly banshee gave her granddaughter a message. "They're coming, Lydia. They're coming for all of us." Lorraine had predicted the arrival of the pseudo-supernaturals, the Dread Doctors.

One day, Lorraine had one final premonition. She escaped Eichen House and headed to the lakehouse. She was in the study, listening to the record player when Brunski came upon her. He injected Lorraine with a syringe, and Lorraine asphyxiated. Brunski recorded his murder of her, and plays the tape for Lydia. Lorraine had predicted Lydia's own near-death experience at the hands of Brunski. Lydia hears her grandmother's final breaths pleading with Brunski not to hurt "Ariel", her nickname for her granddaughter.

Cordova Unknown 3, 5 Human
Deputy Cordova is a Sheriff's deputy at the Sheriff's station first seen in Season 3. In "Riddled", Cordova and Deputy Jordan Parrish are introduced when Stiles is reported missing due to his parasomnias. Stilinski orders Cordova to get a list of any industrial basements or sub-levels Stiles could have wandered into while sleepwalking. Stilinski orders everyone to work fast. In Season 5, "Creatures of the Night", Cordova is seen alongside Deputy Clark dragging delinquent Donovan Donati into the station for his latest petty crime. In "Required Reading", Cordova is again seen with Clark investigating holes seen in the school's sports field (the Dread Doctors' incubation process for the Chimeras). In "Status Asthmaticus", Cordova is seen at the sheriff's station when Parrish causes the overheating in the station due to his hellhound side taking over. Stiles warns the other deputies including Cordova not to get in Parrish's way. In "Sword and the Spirit", Cordova is seen among several deputies walking through the school with shotguns.
Severo Calavera Ivo Nandi 3, 4 Human
Severo Calavera is a member of the Calavera werewolf hunters and is Araya's right-hand man. Severo is rather quiet, letting Araya do the talking. He is shown to share Araya's zealotry towards supernatural people, though follows her orders unquestioningly and obeys the Hunter's Code.

In "More Bad than Good", Severo is seen electrocuting Derek and Peter when the clan had captured the two wolves during their mission in South America to retrieve Talia's claws. He demanded the location of the "La-Loba" from the two Hales. When Derek and Peter say they don't know what he is talking about. Severo has one of his men start up a chainsaw threatening to cut one of them in half taunting then he wonders how far their healing goes, sure they can't grow back their head. They are called off by Araya. Severo is again seen in "The Divine Move" at Derek's loft cornering the werewolf with a team at his back. He is again demanding Derek for the location of the "La-Loba" or the "she-wolf". Derek tells Severo to just kill him, because he's never telling them where to find Cora. It turns out Cora isn't who Severo is talking about. Right then, a smoke bomb goes off in the loft and Severo's men are killed by unseen assailant, the La-Loba, Kate Argent, but Severo slips away. In "The Dark Moon", Severo is seen when Scott's Pack infiltrate the Calaveras' club in search of Derek. He assists Araya in her interrogation and torture of Scott. In "I.E.D", Severo faces off against Argent in a standoff with their guns drawn, when the Calaveras arrive in Beacon Hills to recruit Argent in hunting Kate. Severo is seen during the Calaveras' stand against Kate and her Berserker in "Smoke and Mirrors". He grimly stands at Araya's side as Kate is mauled by a fully transformed Derek Hale. After Kate escapes and her Berserker destroyed, Severo is among the few survivors of Kate's onslaught.

Homeless Omega Werewolf Joe Knezevich 2 Werewolf
This unnamed homeless man appeared in the Season 2 premiere "Omega". He is first seen outside Beacon Hills high school, scouring through a dustbin for food and was accosted by Jackson, who gave him a single dollar and told him to "go find another parking lot to die in". The man is later revealed to have been the werewolf at the Beacon Hills cemetery who stole a liver to eat and the culprit who'd attacked an ambulance, when Scott and Stiles assumed it was Lydia turning into a werewolf. He briefly fought Scott in his shifted form, but was caught in a trip-wire left by the Argents. Scott attempted to help him but Derek held Scott back when Argent and Gerard arrived, along with their crew and interrogated the captured werewolf. The man fearfully said he came to Beacon Hills looking for the Alpha. He begged for his life saying he hurt no one, that the patient wasn't alive in the ambulance when he broke in. The Argents realize the werewolf is an Omega werewolf, one without a Pack. Gerard then draws a broadsword, stating an Omega rarely survives and mercilessly slices the man in half.
Danielle Shantal Rhodes 2, 3 Human
Danielle is the extremely sassy best friend of Heather. Danielle first appears in Season 2, as a random attendee of Lydia's birthday party. Seeing Scott's unsuccessful attempts to sober Stiles up, Danielle dunks Stiles in the pool. Since she didn't appear to be hallucinating, she seems to have avoided the wolfsbane-spiked punch being served by the Peter-possessed Lydia. In Season 3, Danielle is Heather's best friend and is seen at Heather's birthday. When Heather reveals that she plans to lose her virginity, Danielle gives her advice about choosing the right guy, but she also seems to disapprove of Heather's decision. Later on, Stiles and Lydia see Danielle is in counseling, still trying to handle the death of Heather, although after seeing the dozens of identical drawings of the Nemeton Lydia has produced, declares that she has bigger issues and departs.
Dr. Vandenburg Brandon Boyce 3, 4 Human
Dr. Vandenburg is a doctor who works at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. He lives in Hill Valley, a neighbouring town. In the season 3 premiere "Tattoo", he is sent to perform surgery on Isaac Lahey but found the boy's wounds have miraculously healed. Angered by this, Vandenburg tells an orderly (Ennis in disguise) to wheel Isaac out. In "The Overlooked", Cora Hale was his patient at the hospital (she had been injured by Aiden and later poisoned with mistletoe by the Darach). Vandenburg evacuated the hospital during a powerful storm due to a flood alert in Hill Valley. In season 3B, "Galvanise", he operated on and then attacked by William Barrow who was controlled by the Nogitsune via a tumour filled with flies. In "Riddled", he performed Stiles Stilinski's MRI scan, checking to see if Stiles has frontotemporal dementia, the same disease that killed his mum Claudia Stilinski. In season 4, "Perishable", Vandenburg is preparing to remove a bullet from Sheriff Stilinski's shoulder after he was shot by Deputy Haigh who tried to shoot Deputy Jordan Parrish who had survived an attempt on his life. In "Monstrous", he appears in Meredith Walker's flashback where he leads a group and discusses hers and Peter Hale's conditions (Meredith was hospitalised after she was almost killed by Lorraine Martin's tests, while Peter went into a self-induced coma after being badly burnt in the Hale House Fire).
Heather Caitlin Custer 3 Human
Heather was a childhood friend of Stiles, who knew each other since they were three years old. Their mothers were best friends before Stiles' died. Stiles said that they were playmates from their time as children and played a lot together. Heather planned to lose her virginity on her seventeenth birthday and decided that Stiles would be her "first". However, due to the fact that she was a Virgin, the Darach kidnaps and kills Heather on her birthday, before she can sleep with Stiles. Her death causes Stiles great pain and also motivates him to find out who the Darach is and why Heather was killed.
Tara Graeme Mieko Hillman 3 Human
Deputy Tara Graeme was Sheriff Stilinski's assistant deputy. Tara was close to the Stilinski family, she used to help Stiles with his homework when he was younger, when he had to wait for his father to finish his working hours at the station, after Stiles finished school for the day. Tara is first seen in "Fireflies" when she and Stilinski meet with a girl named Caitlin, who'd happened across "a girl with glowing eyes and fangs, and claws" (Cora Hale, who was feral under the full moon). Tara subsequently appears in "Unleashed" helping Stilinski coroner off the area on the school's cross country track where a student, Kyle, is found murdered and comforting his girlfriend Ashley, and in "Currents" at the animal clinic after Deaton has been abducted.

Tara arrives at the high school late at night in "The Girl Who Knew Too Much". She had responded to a potential 911 call. When she searches the school, she sees a pair of immobile feet supposedly being dragged into the locker room. She moves into the locker room, gun drawn. In the shower, Tara sees a corpse, against the wall - herself. Shocked immobile, the Darach comes from behind and strangles her dead. Her body is placed exactly as she saw in the illusion. Stilinski and Stiles are shocked and affected by her death: Stilinski is determined that the killer is not getting away with one of his own. Scott's Pack believed Tara was sacrificed as a Guardian, being in law enforcement. It is later revealed by Stiles, Tara was not always a cop, she used to be a middle school teacher, so she was actually sacrificed as a Philosopher.

Jared Jeremiah Sutheim 3 Human
Jared is a student at Beacon Hills High. In the episode "Frayed", the cross country team was on a bus ride to a meet. Jared was feeling really carsick and Coach Finstock threatened him not throw up or he'd throw up on Jared and promised it to be "profoundly disgusting", which only made Jared feel worse. Later Stiles sits down next to him, greets him, grinning evilly and somehow has him throw up heavily. So heavily, the bus has to pull over at a rest area as Stiles intended because Scott wasn't healing from an Alpha's wound. Jared is seen again on the bus in "Letharia Vulpina", where he's holding a suspected bomb wrapped up as a birthday present, the same M.O. as the crime William Barrow had committed some time before. Jared is sweating heavily, scared stiff when all the other students are evacuated. When Deputy Parrish inspects the bomb, he asks Jared not to through up on the suspected bomb. Parrish succeeds in distracting Jared responding to his statement to his appearance to keep him occupied. Parrish opens the container, Jared winces, closing his eyes shut but the bomb turns out to be a fake.
Paige Krasikeva Madison Blaine McLaughlin 3 Human
Paige Krasikeva was a student at Beacon Hills High. Paige was in the school's music class, playing the cello. She was Derek's first love, when they were both freshman, when Derek was 15. Paige first met Derek, one day at school when he was causing too much noise for her to do her cello lessons. Despite not liking Derek at first, the two began a relationship and began to fall deeply in love with each other. Their favorite rendezvous was the abandoned distillery on the outskirts of Beacon Hills.

Derek was content in his relationship with Paige. His uncle Peter, ostensibly, gave the relationship his support saying Paige is "perfect for him". But duplicitous as always, Peter deceptively talked Derek into the idea of turning Paige, to remove any inhibitions between her and Derek. After much persuasion, Derek reluctantly agreed to the idea. Paige had received a note supposedly from Derek, telling her to meet him late at the school one night. Peter had approached Ennis, an Alpha werewolf who was needing a new member for his Pack, to give Paige the Bite. Ennis appears attacking Paige to her fright. When Derek hears Paige's screams of fright, he changes his mind at once. He tries to stop it but is too late, Ennis had already bitten Paige. Unfortunately, Derek saw the transformation wasn't taking effect. Paige was expelling black blood; an effect of the Bite being fatal to her instead. Derek immediately takes Paige to the root cellar, the Nemeton, cradling her and fervently tries to save her life, siphoning away her pain. Paige asks him if she's going to die, Derek morosely nods yes. Paige tells Derek she suspected he was different, e.g. he'd say how he'd catch a scent, hear things. She comforts Derek, telling him she loved him anyway. Paige eventually let out a plea she can't take the pain anymore. Grief-stricken, Derek takes Paige gently in his arms, and hugs her with enough strength to break her neck, giving his first love a mercy-kill. Having taken an innocent life, Derek's werewolf eyes changed from yellow to blue, and Paige's death would haunt him in the years that followed.

In the present timeline, it was later revealed to Derek by Jennifer Blake that because Paige was a virgin and had died in the Nemeton, her Virgin status gave the tree a spark of power. This lone ember of magic gave the nearly-dead Jennifer the ability to survive her attack from the Alpha werewolf, Kali, just months later.

William Barrow Doug Jones 3 Human
William Barrow is a former electrical engineer who worked at a power substation in Beacon Hills. Barrow is a convicted mass murderer. He'd walked onto a school bus, carrying a shrapnel bomb disguised as a birthday present. The bomb went off killing four kids and left a fifth with no legs. Barrow was arrested and convicted, but shrapnel from the force of his explosion got lodged inside his body. Barrow is supernaturally aware, saying the kids he murdered had "glowing eyes". After he was convicted, Barrow was held at the Eichen House mental hospital.

In "Galvanize", Barrow is forwarded to Beacon Hills Memorial to extract the shrapnel from his body. Melissa McCall takes his pre-op interview, to her discomfort. He rambles to her that he murdered those kids because he claims they had "glowing eyes", which makes Melissa and the Sheriff suspicious of him. During his surgery, a tumor emerges from inside his body which bursts open and flies come out of it and in the mayhem Barrow escapes from the hospital and heads to the high school. He performs minor surgery on himself closing his surgical wound with a stapler. Scott and his allies are on high alert, searching for him after Melissa and the Sheriff let him know of his "glowing eyes" statement. Barrow is able to disguise his scent using the chemicals he found in the chemistry lab, where he was able to hide from the werewolves trying to track him. Barrow had been left an unexplained coded message on a blackboard for him to kill Kira Yukimura. He shows up at the Yukimura residence knocking Scott unconscious and abducting Kira. He holds Kira hostage at his old power substation. He takes Kira's phone and takes pictures with the flash on it, exposing Kira's Kitsune nature. He subdues Scott who attempts to rescue Kira and he attempts to murder Kira by zapping her with a live electric wire. Kira is electrified, but the current doesn't harm or kill her, because she is a Thunder Kitsune. Her Foxfire talent manifests, blasting the electrical field and absorbing the gigawatts through her hands. Barrow was knocked aside from the blast, but wasn't seen again after that. It's currently unknown if Barrow was killed or knocked unconscious or if he was recaptured or is still on the run.

Its later revealed Barrow was controlled by the Nogitsune through the flies that were present in his body. The Nogitsune had maneuvered Barrow into activating Kira's Foxfire talent when Barrow made the move to kill her with a live wire, to super-charge the Void Kitsune's power and control over Stiles' body.

Katashi "Silverfinger" Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (older Katashi)
Masayuki Yonezama (younger Katashi)
3 Human
Katashi, also known as Silverfinger, was a member of the Yakuza, the Japanese organized crime syndicate. He underwent a ritual called yubitsume because of a faux pas he'd committed and he paid by cutting off part of his little finger. Afterwards he wore a silver prosthetic and went by the name "Silverfinger" because of it. He was part of the Yakuza entourage at the gun deal with an 18-year-old Argent in the past. Directly at sunset, three Oni appeared and when the Yakuza uselessly opened fire on the demonic beings, they killed everyone in their path and impaled the kumichō which was possessed by a supernatural being. Katashi rose to flee, but an Oni got in his way under the impression he intended to take them on. Argent saved his life by firing at the Oni in the face, shattering the demon's mask, giving both of them time to escape.

In "Silverfinger", Argent, along with Allison and Isaac track down Katashi for information regarding the samurai-like entities that have appeared in Beacon Hills. They deal with his private security, which included a werewolf named Kincaid, until Katashi calls them off after Argent shows him the very same broken mask Argent had shot off twenty-four years earlier. Silverfinger reveals that the beings are demons called the Oni and they are hunting for the dark, malevolent form of the Kitsune, the Nogitsune which possesses a host and draws its power from strife and chaos, pain and tragedy. He also reveals that the marks left on victims of the Oni is the Japanese kanji for self [己] indicating that said victim is still themselves and is not possessed by the Nogitsune. He declares to Argent that he owes him his life, his honor because when Argent saved his life from before as Katashi had intended to flee and according to Yakuza code he would've paid with his "head" for such an act of cowardice. Silverfinger concludes with a warning that if they have a Nogitsune amongst them, they should let the Oni destroy it. In the episode "Letharia Vulpina", Silverfinger is revealed to be murdered, supposedly by the Nogitsune and his death is blamed on by Derek and Argent when they got arrested.

Kincaid Geno Segers 3 Werewolf
Kincaid is a werewolf with blue eyes. In "Silverfinger", he is first seen as the mobster Katashi's main bodyguard. Kincaid meets Isaac posing as an arms dealer selling a rare antique gun from Argent's private collection to Katashi as a decoy for Allison and Argent to sneak into Katashi's estate. Kincaid catches onto Isaac and threateningly relays a story about the very gun to Isaac about a legendary duel between two brothers. He reveals the duel was a cover story, used for one of the brothers being bitten in the woods by something "monstrous" and by the family's code of honor the other brother put down his sibling. Ironically, Kincaid bears unsheathed werewolf claws during the entire interview. He restrains Isaac and brings him to Katashi, but when Katashi recognizes Argent, he lets Isaac go.

After Katashi is found murdered, Kincaid raids the federal transport vehicle in "Echo House" containing all the evidence surrounding the murder including his silver prosthetic and takes the finger. Scott's allies confronts him saying they need the finger. Kincaid attempts to make a deal, saying it is worth $3 million. When they demand the finger anyway, Kincaid takes the gang on, knocking Kira and Allison aside and beating Scott down, stating that the young werewolf has the eyes of an Alpha, but lacks the strength. Ethan and Aiden overpower Kincaid and almost kill him, but Scott orders them to spare him and takes the Shugendō scroll from the prosthetic, saying they're there to "save a life, not end one".

Ikeda Nobi Nakanishi 3 Human
Ikeda is a Yakuza mobster living in Japan. His pet wolf Yuki was unwell and had not moved for hours. His bodyguards had called in Deaton to treat Yuki. Deaton inspected the immobile wolf and asked if Yuki had been around any moss-like plant and asks for a sample to help treat the wolf. Ikeda takes Deaton to the garden of his estate, the same location where Argent had conducted his first arms deal with the Yakuza, seen the Oni appear and slain the Nogitsune-possessed kumichō twenty-four years earlier. The same kumichō happened to be Ikeda's father. Deaton asks Ikeda to hold a jar for him and takes a sample of the plant he was looking for, letharia vulpina, off a fountain. In the past, Ikeda's Nogitsune father had bled all over the very fountain when the Oni had impaled him on their Ninjatos. When Deaton brought up the subject of his father, Ikeda pulled a gun on him. Deaton revealed he hadn't poisoned Yuki, he'd given the wolf a paralytic toxin, Kanima venom, the same he'd applied to the jar Ikeda was holding. Ikeda falls paralyzed. Deaton and Argent had set up the ruse at Ikeda's estate to obtain a sample of the plant because it was quite special being born out of the Nogitsune's blood and was used to poison the Nogitsune possessing Stiles.
Oliver Matt Shively 3 Human
Oliver is a patient at Eichen House. Oliver has to be restrained at night under the institution's "five-point restrain system" and is under treatment for trephination. He was Stiles' roommate, when Stiles checks himself in at Eichen House to prevent himself from harming anyone else under the Nogitsune's possession. Oliver shows Stiles around. He says Eichen House is nicknamed 'Echo House' because of the echoes that can run through the facility at night. Oliver mentions he'd swallowed a fly the other day. When Stiles and Malia are lurking around in the basement, Oliver attacks them knocking Malia out and restraining Stiles. Stiles suddenly sees the Nogitsune's spiritual form, and realizes the Nogitsune is controlling Oliver through the fly that he had swallowed. The Void kitsune affirms this saying, "Every Dracula needs a Renfield". The Nogitsune has Oliver threaten to drill a hole into Malia's head to have Stiles let the dark spirit back into Stiles' head. Stiles complies. After that, Oliver is knocked unconscious by Stiles.
Corporal Rhys Skyler Maxon 3 Human
Corporal Rhys was a medic corporal in the army that was stationed at Camp Oak Creek that housed the Japanese-American interns during WWII. Rhys was in love with an intern, the Kitsune Noshiko Yukimura, the two of them meeting discreetly in a clandestine romance. Noshiko would steal supplies from the camp's storage to subtly improve the lives of her fellow interns while Rhys would look the other way, while also quietly supporting her antics, passively returning a baseball to a young intern named Michio. Rhys was about to be transferred to North Africa and Noshiko started helping him learn French when they uncover a corrupt conspiracy on the camp. Rhys' two underlings, Merrick and Hayes, along with the camp doctor were selling medical supplies on the black market during an outbreak of pneumonia resulting in several deaths and a riot between the officers and the angry interns. Rhys immediately stepped into the riot preventing the soldiers from opening fire on the interns and tried to diffuse the chaos. Rhys unfortunately was set aflame by a werewolf intern named Satomi much to Noshiko's horror. Because the doctor had also sold the morphine, Rhys died in absolute agony. Noshiko's fury over the death of her boyfriend was a key factor in her decision in unleashing the Nogitsune: unfortunately rather than possess Noshiko as she intended, the Dark Kitsune possessed Rhys' corpse as it began its terror spree at Oak Creek and Eichen House. Noshiko, with the help of Satomi, exorcised the Nogitsune from Rhys' corpse and gave him peace. Rhys was buried in the basement of Eichen House with a photo of Noshiko and her shattered katana with the Japanese kanji for "self" marked on the wall to show that he died as himself.
Haigh Lou Ferrigno Jr. 4 Human
Deputy Haigh is a police deputy at the Sheriff's station. Haigh is rather obnoxious and ill-mannered, the kind of cop that will definitely give a driver a ticket after pulling them over no matter the circumstances. In "117", Haigh is first seen with Parrish when they come across a de-aged Derek Hale at the condemned site of the Hale House. Haigh accosts the newly teenaged Derek for trespassing on a restricted site, shouting at him, calling him a "dumbass". Parrish suggests he try a gentler approach, but after Derek snaps from Haigh's rudeness and assaults him, the deputy zaps the werewolf with a taser. When Derek is held at the station, he tells Parrish that Haigh is an idiot and Parrish doesn't disagree.

Haigh is seen in "Perishable", where he's tied Parrish's hands to his steering wheel of his cruiser. He pours gasoline over the car. Parrish is shocked at Haigh's actions. Haigh says Parrish is worth $5 million the Dead Pool. Parrish tries to talk him out of his actions, but Haigh throws gasoline on Parrish, throws in a lighter, setting him on fire. Haigh is seen at the station hoping to collect Parrish's bounty on his laptop, suddenly Parrish walks having survived the fire unharmed because of his unknown supernatural status. Parrish, out of anger, attacks Haigh and beats him into submission. Haigh is incarcerated afterward, and is in the interrogation room, confronted by Braeden in her US Marshall cover. She breaks his nose. Braeden learns from Haigh of the planned assassination of Scott, Liam and Malia at the school's annual lacrosse bonfire.

Ms. Fleming Rahnuma Panthaky 4, 5, 6 Human
Ms. Fleming is the math teacher at Beacon Hills High, first seen in "Muted". Ms. Fleming is middle-aged, of Latina descent and a brusque, no-nonsense high school teacher who expects the best from her students. In "Orphaned", Ms. Fleming notices Stiles, Lydia and Kira are missing and lets Malia know. Malia bluntly offers to find them "by scent". Confused, Ms. Fleming decides to mark them as absent. When Malia hears Derek's call for help, she gets up and leaves. Ms. Fleming interrogates Malia if she's permitted to just leave the class, Malia says "Yeah" as if it is obvious, confusing the teacher more. In season 5B episode "Codominance", Ms Fleming takes notice of Scott, Stiles and Lydia's absence. She labels it "coincidential" that Scott and Stiles are sick on the same day (in reality, Scott and Stiles were actually driving to New Mexico to get Kira back). When she brings up Lydia's absence, Theo claims it's due to medical issues (in truth, Lydia was in Eichen House). In season 6A episode "Superposition", Ms. Fleming hands back tests in which Malia scored a D-. When Lydia notices Malia's anger over her results, she tries to distract Ms. Fleming who tells her that she won't give extra credit for alternate equations on (Lydia's) own theoretical findings.
Sean Walcott Glenn McCuen 4 Wendigo
Sean Walcott lived in Beacon Hills with his parents David and Christina, and older brother Michael. His entire family was murdered by the assassin, 'the Mute' in their house one night. Sean survived, and managed to escape to Beacon Hills Memorial. Melissa looked after him and there was a sheriff's deputy placed outside his room. Lydia and Deputy Parrish discovered Sean's family kept a meat locker full of human corpses in plastic bags beneath the house - to ration. The Walcotts were wendigos, beings that need human flesh and blood for sustenance. Back at the hospital, Sean gave into his nature, his hunger and urges, and shapeshifted, his eyes glowing glassy white and displaying a double row of fangs. He killed the deputy guarding him and fed on his insides. Next he attacked Melissa, but after being stopped by Scott, Sean took Liam to the roof of the hospital and held him hostage. Scott tried to convince Sean to let Liam go, that whatever type of being Sean is, he can help Sean. Sean yells at Scott that he can't help Sean: "Wendigos don't need help. We need food!". In the ensuing struggle, Liam was thrown over hospital roof, dangling from the edge and Sean had Scott's arms pinned, forcing Scott to Bite Liam to save him from falling. Sean was then hacked in the back with a tomahawk by 'the Mute', killing him. Sean and his family were all on the Dead Pool, each family member worth $250k.
Simon "The Chemist" James Urbaniak 4 Human
Simon "The Chemist" was a biochemist and an assassin hired by the Benefactor. Simon utilized a weaponized variant of Canine distemper to kill his victims which was lethal to supernaturals while only temporary for humans. This virus eliminates members of Satomi's Pack. Simon posed as a proctor for the junior years' PSATs. He infected the juniors with the virus through an ink pad as the students had to sign in with an inked thumbprint for the examinations. The virus hit infecting most of the students including Scott, Kira and Malia as well as Coach Finstock as he'd touched the ink pad by accident. Stiles uncovered the cause of the contraction of the virus, just when Simon cornered him. Simon pulled a gun on Stiles and threatened to kill Stiles if he didn't tell him where the Pack was so he could have visual confirmation for their deaths to receive payment. Stiles attempts to fool him by saying they're in the library, but he puts the gun to Stiles' forehead. Simon threatens he'll shoot at the count of three unless he gives them up, but he is shot by Rafael McCall beforehand.
Sydney Claire Bryétt Andrew 4, 5, 6 Human
Sydney is a junior at Beacon Hills High in Season 4. Sydney is a classmate of Scott's Pack. Sydney is first seen in "Weaponized" when the juniors are taking the PSATs. Sydney collapses during the examination. Natalie Martin checks on her, seeing the red and white welts on her wrist courtesy of the virus caused by 'the Chemist'. When the school's put under quarantine by the CDC, Sydney is seen in the triage area. She's upset as the PSATs are necessary for the National Merit Scholarship and her parents can't afford to send her off to college without it. Scott comforts her saying they'll let her take the tests again. When the virus passes, Sydney is seen as all the sick wake up healthy. Sydney is seen in "A Promise to the Dead", sitting in the stands with Mason cheering Liam on in the game against Devonford Prep.

Sydney is seen in Season 5 "Parasomnia", in AP Biology along with Scott, Kira and Lydia when Mrs. Finch begins the class. In "Condition Terminal", in the same class, when Mrs. Finch is talking about DNA sets in the same individual, and a mythological creature called a chimera that features such a phenomenon. Sydney pipes up saying the chimera is of Greek mythology and has both a lion and goat's heads and a snake for a tail. Mrs. Finch thanks her, but is not impressed by her reading the Wikipedia entry off her phone. In "Required Reading", in AP Biology, Sydney is seen stressed pulling roots of her hair out. Eventually she stands up, handing Mrs. Finch her signed drop form for the class. Mrs. Finch tells Sydney "Wise decision." Sydney then heads to Natalie's office. Lydia enters asking her is something wrong. She replies she's been losing her hair for three years because of stress, she's tried methods to cope with it, including hypnotism, medication. Lydia offers to do something about her bald patch. Sydney shows her the spot, but then the banshee faints. Sydney immediately informs Natalie about her daughter. In "A Credible Threat", Sydney attends the charity lacrosse game where she sits next to Hayden Romero and unknowingly hits Stiles in the head after he tries to check her shoes for blood. In "Maid of Gevaudan", she hides in the school library along with several other students when the Beast of Gévaudan attacks the school. Scott has Sydney and the other students move to safety in time before the Beast enters the library.

In the season 6 premiere, Sydney is tasked with taking photos of each student for the Beacon Hills High School yearbook. However, several interruptions from Stiles forces Malia to leave before Sydney could take her photo. In "Relics", Sydney attends the lacrosse game with Lori Talbot where the Ghost Riders appear and take people.

Lorilee 'Lori' Talbot Lily Bleu Andrew 4, 5, 6 Werewolf
Lori Talbot is a born Beta werewolf of Satomi's Pack with gold eyes and Brett Talbot's younger sister. Brett and Lori's parents were killed in a fire. Afterwards, they were adopted by Satomi. Lori and Brett are friends and allies of Scott and his Pack. Lori is the youngest and most innocent member seen in Satomi's Pack. After meeting and being saved by Scott, she later displays a sense of courage, strong will and some newly gained combat skills.

In Season 4, Satomi's Pack were all in hiding, on the run from the Dead Pool, Lori herself being worth $250k. Lori and Brett were running for their lives from hunters-turned-assassins at night, but are saved by Kira. Lori and her older brother regroup with Satomi and the remaining members of their Pack and Kira brings them to the animal clinic. Lori and their entire Pack meet Scott, the True Alpha. Scott immediately has them all hide at the Argent Arms Int. warehouse. During the stand between Scott's allies and the assassins, Lori becomes separated from her brother. She comes face-to-face with an assassin with his laser sight between her eyes. Lori closes her eyes waiting death, but she is saved by Scott. Once Scott's Pack terminate the Dead Pool, the assassins retreat since the prices have all been terminated.

In Season 5, "A Credible Threat" Brett and Lori assist Scott's Pack in their mission to prevent the Beast of Gévaudan's next predicted strike at the charity lacrosse game. Lori searches the bleachers for the clue to the host's identity, a blood soaked size 10 sneaker. Lori follows Kira who has been taken over by her Fox Spirit. Scott motions for Lori to keep an eye on her. Lori walks up to the Fox-possessed-Kira in the empty school. She asks Kira in Japanese is she OK. The abrasive Fox turns to Lori, responding to her Japanese and mocks her accent. The Fox lures and engages Lori in combat. Lori manages to fend Fox-Kira off with her new fighting skills, though tries to talk her down. Scott intervenes, with Lori sarcastically asking him is Kira a friend of his. Scott manages to get Kira back under control.

In season 6A "Relics", Lori is watching a lacrosse game with Sydney when the Ghost Riders arrive and begin taking people.

Marie-Jeanne Valet Crystal Reed 5 Human
Marie-Jeanne Valet was an ancestor of the Argents in the 18th century and became remembered as the "Maid of Gévaudan". Marie-Jeanne slew the original Beast of Gévaudan - her brother Sebastien - in 1767 after its killing spree with the help of her eventual husband, Henri Argent and Marie became the first known official hunter of supernatural creatures.

Marie-Jeanne was an expert hunter in the provincial town of Gévaudan. In 1764, during the Beast's carnage, Marie-Jeanne welcomes home her brother Sebastien, and his best friend Marcel, at the town's local tavern after they arrive home from the Seven Years' War. During the terror of the Beast killing its way throughout the province, Sebastien declares that Marie-Jeanne is the best hunter in town and that she lead the hunting party for "La Bete". Marie-Jeanne is flustered. Just then, the corpse of a little boy is brought in by a local man. Marie-Jeanne accepts Sebastien's proposal, but is skeptical of the animal - a wolf or a hyena - being "a Beast". Marie-Jeanne's hunting party heads deep into the woods at night to uncover the animal's lair. Later towards midnight, all of her party around her falls victim, slaughtered, one by one. Marie-Jeanne finally sees the Beast up close who almost kills her, but she is saved by Henri, the man from before in the tavern. Marie-Jeanne exclaims in fright that the Beast is "no wolf", Henri tells her the Beast is a werewolf. Overtime, Henri brings her into the world of the supernatural. Marie-Jeanne, no longer skeptical, requests Henri to teach her how to kill a werewolf to stop the Beast.

Back at the tavern, Marie-Jeanne proposes a toast to the dead. She has spiked the mead with wolfsbane in a plan to flush out La Bete's human identity. She takes notice of a suspect, Marcel who is coughing and breaks his glass. She discretely takes him outside. Marcel shows her to his cellar and she discovers it is filled with corpses. She marches back to Marcel, thinking he's the Beast. Marcel eggs her on to release the arrow and kill him. Marie-Jeanne however, sees he's not healing from being cut by his smashed glass. She realizes he's not the killer: he's only covering for the real culprit. She horrifically realizes, Sebastien has been the Beast all along. Walking back into the tavern with a heavy heart, Marie-Jeanne walks up to her brother and confronts him. To her horror, Sebastien is totally unrepentant over his carnage. Marie-Jeanne brands her brother a monster. Sebastien smugly states she won't kill him because they're family. Marie-Jeanne completely believes in the supernatural from then on.

Marie-Jeanne recruits Henri to help her forge a weapon to kill "both a Beast and a brother." They ritualistically forge a steel-tipped pike using her blood. Over the next three years, Marie-Jeanne determinedly hunts Sebastien. She at last tracks him down with Sebastien giving chase. Marie-Jeanne turns the tables revealing the snow-covered pike and impales the charging Beast through the heart. Sebastien is forced to shift back. He declares he will recover even from an injury like this. But he begins to die as the pike is mystical, forged with his and Marie-Jeanne's blood. Marie-Jeanne declares to her brother, giving him a final kiss, he will only be remembered as "a Beast." Once Sebastien is finally dead, Marie-Jeanne and the town's people invoke the practice "Damnatio Memoriae", burning everything Sebastien owned and signed, erasing all traces of his existence.

Marie-Jeanne came to live with Henri after killing her brother. Their relationship progressed from partners to husband and wife and she took his name: "Argent". Marie-Jeanne became famous in history becoming the first known official hunter of supernatural creatures and her legacy, the Argents' legacy of being werewolf hunters was born.

Henri Argent Lachlan Buchanan 5 Human
Henri Argent was an ancestor of the Argent family in the late 1700s. He began accumulating knowledge and defences against the supernatural, especially when he learned about the Beast of Gévaudan. He saves Marie-Jeanne Valet from the Beast by casting a mountain ash circle. He offers to teach her how to defend herself against werewolves but Marie-Jeanne wishes to learn how to kill one. After Marie-Jeanne finds out her brother Sebastien Valet is the Beast, Henri assists her in making a weapon capable of killing the Beast. They create a steel pike mixed with wolfsbane and mountain ash, along with a steel tip shaped in a fleur-de-lis and forged with Marie-Jeanne's blood under the light of a full moon. Sometime after the Beast was killed, Henri married Marie-Jeanne.
Belasko Gabriel Hogan 5 Chimera
Belasko was a Chimera, a mutated supernatural by the Dread Doctors, seen in the Season 5 premiere "Creatures of the Night". Belasko first appears bursting out of a stone wall of a deserted house that is investigated by Deputy Parrish. He grabs Parrish by the throat and stabs the deputy with his right-hand claws. Parrish's eyes glow his supernatural orange and Belasko's eyes mimic his color as he's supposedly siphoning Parrish's power. Belasko realizes Parrish is supernatural, but not a werewolf and lets him go. He demands Parrish give him Scott's location. When Parrish replies "Never heard of him", he slashes the deputy, leaving him for dead. Belasko appears at the McCall house, stalking Melissa, looking for Scott. He learns that Scott at the senior scribe. At the high school he assaults Scott and Kira. As he fights the kitsune and werewolf, he taunts Scott, saying he's a "devoted fan", demanding Scott show him the man who broke the Argents and took down Deucalion. Belasko eventually stabs Scott, siphoning some of his power. Scott musters enough strength and breaks Belasko's arm and ripping out his separated claws. He gives Belasko a choice: stay and Scott will break something else, or run. Belasko chooses the later. He appears at a laboratory. He asks his masters, the Dread Doctors for another chance and more power. The Doctors appear, saying their time is limited and he won't get a second chance. Belasko begs for his life, saying he can help them with their cause. The Pathologist repeats "No second chances", and the Surgeon spears Belasko with a sword, killing him. As Belasko dies, supernatural ravens emerge flying out of his corpse.

Personality-wise: Belasko was an immensely power-hungry and bloodthirsty individual who had no problem with killing whenever it suited his needs as seen with how he viciously attacked Scott's Pack as well as Deputy Parrish. He was also very arrogant and impulsive as he lorded his augmented powers over others, but cunning as he had a great understanding of how his powers worked and was an effective tracker. Underneath, Belasko was a deeply cowardly individual who does everything he's ordered to as evidenced by his fear of the Dread Doctors. Belasko's Chimera mutation was dominantly that of a werewolf. His right hand claws were actually the talons of a shapeshifter of Eastern mythology called a garuda, glowed blue and had the power to siphon power, life-force from other supernaturals.

Valerie Clark Benita Robledo 5, 6 Human
Deputy Valerie Clark is a Sheriff's deputy at the station appearing in Season 5, and Hayden's older sister and guardian. Deputy Clark is a tough, determined law enforcement officer, loyal to her colleagues and is close to and protective of Hayden. Valerie comes into contact with the supernatural aspects of Beacon Hills. Clark first appears in the Season 5 premiere "Creatures of the Night", bringing in juvenile delinquent Donovan Donati with Deputy Cordova. Donovan tries to play nice whilst struggling Clark tells him she'll hand him a compound fracture.

In "Dreamcatchers", Clark and Parrish prep Donovan for his prison transport. Right after Donovan acts out threatening Stilinski's life, the two deputies drag him out. Clark is paralyzed at the sheriff's station when the Kanima Chimera Tracy Stewart attacks. She recovers and helps Stilinski to his feet. The next day in "Condition Terminal", she and the Sheriff observe the ruined security footage of Donovan's cell before his 'escape'. They remark the attack at the station was a "pretty convenient time for a camera malfunction". Stilinski asks Clark why isn't she taking her day off. Clark responds she listened to Donovan threatening her boss a few feet away from him and she's not taking a break until Donovan is caught. In "Required Reading", she tracks down a prank 911 call from the school library after Stiles made the call and doesn't respond. She surprises Hayden during school to bring her anti-rejection medication, for a kidney transplant, which Hayden forgot at home. While there, Clark points out that Liam Dunbar "got cute". In "Strange Frequencies", she investigates a missing teenager named Josh Diaz while working a double shift at the Sheriff's station. In "Ourobouros", Clark arrests and handcuffs Kira on suspicion of murder after a Chimera is found with Kira's sword impaled through it at the McCall House. Clark finds out that school Access cards belonging to Stiles and Theo were scanned on the night of the "prank" 911 call. She joins the search for the other Chimeras. In "Status Asthmaticus", Clark is involved in a car accident while chasing a very large "suspicious bipedal animal". She's mostly uninjured but the car is totaled. Then she shows Sheriff Stilinski the BHHS sign that had been thrown into the school.

In "The Last Chimera", Clark gets a call from Deputy Parrish about Lydia's disappearance, hours after he escaped from the station. She tells him that he's missing too and people are confused by his behaviour. She mentions the attack on the school, the trashed library, believes there's "a prehistoric animal running in the streets" and is thinking of transferring out of Beacon Hills. In "Damnatio Memoriae", she chastises Hayden for disappearing for 3 days. Afterwards, she discovers an attack caused by the Beast of Gévaudan and is nearly attacked herself. In "Amplification", Clark takes part in a car chase with Sheriff Stilinski and other deputies against the Beast where she admits that it's not an animal. In the season 5 finale "Apotheosis", Clark is working at her desk when she notices that the Sheriff has his firearm drawn at Sebastien Valet. She stands up, then reaches for her gun and demands that Sebastien doesn't move. When Sebastien continues to approach, she fires. However, her bullets have no effect on him.

In the season 6 premiere "Memory Lost", when a young boy named Alex goes missing from the sheriff's station, Clark and the other deputies are ordered to search the station for him. They find the boy in a holding cell. After Alex is taken by the Ghost Riders, Clark doesn't remember him as if he was never at the station.

Mrs. Finch Michelle Clunie 5, 6 Human
Mrs. Finch is a teacher at Beacon Hills High School who teaches Advanced Placement Biology and first appears in Season 5, "Parasomnia". Mrs. Finch is a tough and practical teacher the kind who expects the best from her students and won't tolerate slackers but recognises and praises hard work when she sees it.

In the first class of the year, Scott, Kira, Lydia and Sydney are in her class. She starts the class by checking who is awake. Lydia answers her first question, but is stumped by the following one. Mrs. Finch asks Scott his number one college choice. Scott answers UC, Davis. Mrs. Finch tells him he's in the right class if that's what he wants. Mrs. Finch announces the following test will help determine which students are in the wrong class, and they have two weeks to drop. In "Dreamcatchers", when students have the test scores returned, Mrs. Finch commends Scott that he has his priorities in order as he's returned his test score, 86% to his pleasure. Finch asks Scott to speak to the class on last night's reading, but Scott is distracted by Liam reporting about the feral Tracy Stewart. In "Condition Terminal", Mrs Finch talks about chimeras and nulecotides just as Scott is trying to figure out how Tracy seems to be both Wolf and Kamina and how Belasko seems to be a werewolf with talons. In "Required Reading", Mrs Finch lectures about invasive species in AP Biology. She uses the real-world example of the cane toad in Australia and later calls out for help when Scott suffers an asthma attack as a result of reading the "Dread Doctors" novel. In "Codominance", Mrs Finch explains to her sophomore class that codominance is "a relationship among alleles where both alleles contribute to the phenotype of the heterozygote."

In the season 6 premiere, Mrs. Finch is sought out by Scott who needs her help in figuring out what could cause a glass window to turn blue. She explains that the chemicals in a muzzle flash of a gun could include copper, barium and caesium which are chemicals that can turn blue and green. In "Radio Silence", as she is teaching a class, Mrs. Finch is perplexed by Scott and Lydia leaving class and asks the class if they know that class is not optional.

Mr. Stewart Salvator Xuereb 5 Human
Mr. Stewart, Esq. was Tracy Stewart's dad. Mr. Stewart attempts to help his daughter with her night terrors in "Parasomnia". He gives her a dreamcatcher attached to a note with his nickname for her, "Tracy Bear". He lets Tracy know he has to meet a client. He comforts his daughter, telling her "I won't let anything happen to you." Mr. Stewart appears at the Sheriff's station. His client is the teenage delinquent Donovan Donati. He informs his client the DA is pushing for three to five years, but it is possible they can get a plea bargain for two. Mr. Stewart is frustrated when Donovan instead rages at Stilinski, and threatens to gut him with a knife. When Donovan is being transported to prison, Mr. Stewart chastises his client, saying he'll be lucky to get Donovan "three to five decades". Suddenly the driver is suddenly immobile, unable to move, and the vehicle veers off the road into a viaduct. Stewart manages to steady the van. Stewart sees his daughter Tracy outside the van. He worriedly, confusedly calls his daughter's name. Tracy then, in her Chimera shapes savages the van. Mr. Stewart, is struck with shock, confusion, fear, horror as Tracy claws, wounds the driver, the second officer opens fire on her, but Tracy then wounds the second officer. Mr. Stewart stumbles out of the van. Tracy appears in front of him. Mr. Stewart, horrified, calls his daughter's name. Tracy, brainwashed, in her parasomnia, her feral state, tells her dad the same thing he last said to her: "Don't worry, Daddy. I won't let anything happen to you. Ever again." With her eyes glowing yellow, Tracy savages Mr. Stewart, killing him.

Stewart had tried to help Tracy with her night terrors. Tracy, due to her disorder, and her Chimera transformation, killed all the people who tried to assist her.

Schrader Clayton Froning 5 Human
Schrader is an orderly at Eichen House and later a henchman for Valack appearing in season 5. In "A Novel Approach", he allows Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira to enter Eichen House where they go to see Valack in the supernatural ward. He later hides when the Dread Doctors appear. In "The Last Chimera", when a catatonic Lydia is being prepared to be sent to Eichen House, Schrader comments on how attractive Lydia is until Valack warns him that Lydia could easily kill him by shattering his skull if someone taught her how to use her power. In "Codominance" during Lydia's institutionalisation at Eichen House, Schrader and Nurse Cross tend to her after they heard her Scream even though she's supposed to be unresponsive. In "Sword And The Spirit", Schrader prepares to give Lydia an injection on Nurse Cross' orders and appears to take pleasure in stabbing her with the syringe. He stabs her arm twice in an unsuccessful attempt to find a vein. He is about to stab her in the neck when she releases a powerful Scream, pushing a startled Schrader back against the wall. In "Amplification", Schrader chases a patient in the lobby and unknowingly allows Kira and Malia to gain access to the electrical room. A while later, Schrader is at the reception desk in the lobby when Theo and his Chimera Pack enter Eichen House and tells him that they've come for Lydia. Immediately after that, Schrader is knocked unconscious by Theo.
Nurse Cross Mandy Levin 5 Human
Nurse Cross was an employee in the closed unit at Eichen House and an associate of Valack appearing in season 5. In "Damnatio Memoriae" during Lydia's institutionalisation at Eichen House, Nurse Cross believes Lydia is faking her catatonic state and cruelly taunts her, saying someone as "dangerous" as Lydia could be locked up for the rest of her life. In "Codominance", Nurse Cross and Schrader race to Lydia's cell after they heard a Scream followed by an explosion. In "Sword And The Spirit", as Stiles finishes his visit with Lydia, Nurse Cross prepares her for her shower. She continues to taunt Lydia during her shower, still believing Lydia is faking catatonia. As Lydia is led back to her cell, Nurse Cross discusses Lydia's "performance" as a non-responsive catatonic with Schrader. Once Lydia is back in her cell, Nurse Cross orders Schrader to give her a high dose of medicine that will indeed make her catatonic. In "Amplification", she's with Valack in an old room beneath Eichen House where he takes a Dread Doctor mask from a locker. They discuss the mask. When Nurse Cross expresses doubt the mask still works, Valack places the mask on her head. She thrashes about and screams in pain until she lies dead on the floor. In "Lie Ability", Nurse Cross' body is seen by Lydia in a Plexiglass cell within the old room. Valack tells Lydia that Nurse Cross wasn't strong enough to handle the mask.
Lucas Eddie Ramos 5 Chimera
Lucas was a young gay boy and Corey's former boyfriend. Lucas was a Chimera, the makeup of which included a werewolf and scorpion characteristics. Lucas became a Chimera because he'd had an cornea transplant. His werewolf side allowed him to sprout claws while his scorpion side turned his eye color black and allowed him to sprout venomous stingers along his limbs.

In "Condition Terminal" Lucas is spotted by Mason at the bi club Sinema. Scott and Kira realize Lucas is a Chimera and had wounded his boyfriend Corey as he'd seemed different like confident, and super-aggressive while making out with Corey, instead of shy and reserved. Lucas had stung Corey with his shapeshifted scorpion sting. Lucas lures Mason to a corner in Sinema and flirts with, and kisses him while manifesting his stingers. Before he can make a move, Brett Talbot and Liam take Lucas on. Lucas wounds Brett, pins Liam down, Scott and Kira join the brawl. Lucas is knocked unconscious. Lucas is then however, executed by the Dread Doctors, the Surgeon declaring his condition was terminal.

Scott and Melissa store Lucas' shapeshifted corpse in the hospital morgue. It's then taken by Parrish in a fugue state and brought by him to the Nemeton. In "The Last Chimera", Lucas' body as well as those of Donovan Donati, Beth and the unnamed Chimera girl were retrieved by the cops after Hayden Romero showed them the location of the Nemeton.

Zach Ben Stillwell 5 Chimera
Zach was a Chimera, one of the Dread Doctors' experiments. In Season 5, "Ouroboros", Zach is being held hostage in the basement of an abandoned house alongside a captured Liam and Hayden. Zach giggles at Liam being shocked by the electrified fence. He apologizes saying he should have warned him. Zach asks them the question what is Zach himself aware of his mutation by the Dread Doctors. He sports broken wings on his back. Zach tells Hayden he's like her, "one of the experiments". As they are held captive, Zach tells Liam to stop testing the electricity, that they're not escaping. Zach describes the experiences of three previous Chimeras held by the Doctors. He says it all starts with not being able to remember what's happening, forgetting who you are, what you're doing. They then become violent. He tells Hayden, who is sporting a wound bleeding black blood, that black ooze means you're OK, but when you bleed mercury, that's when the Doctors decide you're a failure. He asks them what the success is going to be.

At night, Zach begins to bleed mercury. The Pathologist arrives and drags a screaming Zach out of the cage. Zach's corpse is seen later with the Surgeon's cane impaled through his body.

Noah Patrick Jordan Fisher 5 Chimera
Noah Patrick was a sophomore at Beacon Hills High and a Chimera modified by the Dread Doctors. Noah had traits from a Berserker in his Chimera makeup. He had super-strength and could grow venomous bone from his arms.

In "Status Asthmaticus", Noah is encountered by Malia in Beacon Hills Memorial hospital. Noah is feeding from bags of liquid bone marrow. He and Malia fight until he is chased off by Braeden. In "The Last Chimera", Scott and Stiles realize Noah was the Chimera who'd attacked and mauled Stilinski. Along with Malia, the two track Noah down in the tunnels of the industrial side of Beacon Hills. The Dread Doctors simultaneously are tracking the Chimera. Stiles realizes Noah had broken off a part of his bone marrow in Stilinski, causing the Sheriff's systems to break down. Noah is last seen cornered by the Dread Doctors before they move in to euthanize him.

Strauss Aaron Thornton 5 Human
Deputy Strauss is a Sheriff's deputy at the station. He first appears in "Status Asthmaticus" when Stiles arrives at the station looking for his dad. Strauss informs him that Sheriff Stilinski had already left. When Deputy Parrish is walking through the station and causing it to overheat while in a hellhound trance, Strauss and the other deputies point their guns at him. Stiles orders the deputies including Strauss not to shoot and to stay out of Parrish's way. In "Damnatio Memoriae", Strauss jokingly elbows Deputy Clark as she finishes her report on an attack at the Telecom building caused by the Beast of Gévaudan. In "Sword and the Spirit", Strauss is approached by Scott and Stiles after the two boys saw deputies walking around the school with shotguns. Stiles asks him about the guns to which Strauss says they were issued by order of the Sheriff. He admits the Sheriff didn't tell him and the other deputies why he issued the guns. When Scott and Stiles ask him for his theory, Strauss asks the boys if they believe in the supernatural. In "Amplification", Strauss is at the scene of a multi car pile-up caused by the Beast. He reports fatalities and believes the pile-up is caused by an animal attack.
"The Skinwalkers" Tiffany Philips
Emily Elabi
Tonantzin Carmelo
5 Skinwalker
The three skinwalkers are powerfully magical beings who live away from civilization in their homeland of Shiprock, New Mexico who first appear in Season 5. They agree to assist Kira Yukimura, who had been unwillingly experimented upon by the Dread Doctors, in regaining control of her kitsune Fox Spirit.

In Season 5, "Codominance", the skinwalkers encounter Kira and Noshiko whilst the two are attempting to find a solution to taming Kira's Fox spirit. Unwelcoming towards the two kitsune, the three engage Kira in a spar. Pinning Kira, they say Kira is afraid not of them, but of herself, afraid to use her sword which is the gateway to her Fox spirit. Noshiko asks the three magic-users are they able to help Kira. They agree to attempt to help her gain control. The three shape-shifters put Kira through a test atop their local summit. If Kira fails the test, she is to stay with them at their convenience, possibly even become a skinwalker herself. They summon a manifestation of an Oni for the test. As the test plays on, Kira's Fox spirit destroys the demon. The skinwalkers accede that Kira wields the sword, but the Fox wields her and is who actually destroyed the Oni. They condemn Kira must stay with them forever. Both Kira and Noshiko object and prepare to fight them off. Scott arrives and roars at the skinwalkers, and everyone takes off leaving the skinwalkers in their wake.

In "The Beast of Beacon Hills", Kira has come back to the skinwalkers' land at Shiprock with no other option. She calls out to them, knowing they can hear her. She unflinchingly declares she will stay with them once they help her save her friends back in Beacon Hills. The skinwalkers appear out of the darkness and agree to help her but warns that their help comes with a price. In the season 5 finale "Apotheosis", the skinwalkers are briefly seen after Kira leaves Scott and the Pack for a second time. Since the skinwalkers provided Kira with the means to save her friends, she joins them in the desert in the hopes they can help her control her Fox Spirit. The skinwalkers and Kira disappear in a whirlwind of dust as Scott watches on.

Harley Jamila Thompson 1, 2 Human
Rebecca "Harley" Harlowe was an acquaintance of Scott and Stiles in "Wolf Moon", casually talking to them about Allison befriending Lydia and joining the popular clique. Harley was later seen in the episode talking with Stiles at the party, showing a bit of concern when Scott started getting sick. She was also seen during "Pack Mentality", spotting the bus driver, Garrison Myers, being taken to the hospital after being attacked by the Alpha werewolf, Peter Hale. Harley is last seen in "Omega", gossiping with another student about Kate and the murders behind Allison's back, upsetting Allison.
Garrison Myers John Curran 1 Human
Garrison Myers was the bus driver for Beacon Hills High. He was hospitalized after being attacked by what is presumed to be a mountain lion in episode "Pack Mentality". Scott initially worries he attacked the driver. Derek helps him recall his memory of the night on the bus and Scott remembers it was the Alpha werewolf who attacked Mr. Myers. Myers eventually dies from his wounds in the hospital.

Sheriff Stillinski later discovers that Myers was an insurance investigator assigned to the Hale House fire and was fired for suspicion of fraud. Myers had been hired by Kate Argent cover up the fire as an accident. Right before he died, he apologized to Derek Hale.

Reddick Haiji Golightly 1 Human
Reddick and his friend Unger were two men who came upon Scott and Stiles drinking in the woods, where Scott was depressed over Allison breaking up with him and they steal their alcohol. Scott demands Reddick give them their alcohol back. He jokingly says no. Scott's eyes then turn yellow, his inner wolf rising and they run off scared. They then run into the Alpha werewolf who then murders them.

It's later discovered that Reddick and Unger had priors all over their records including arson. They were arsonists hired by Kate Argent to set the Hale House on fire.

Unger Johnathan Kleitman 1 Human
Unger and Reddick came upon Scott and Stiles when they were drinking because Scott was depressed over Allison breaking up with him. They harass the two boys stealing their liquor. They run off after Scott partially wolfs out. After they run off, Unger loses sight of Reddick and calls out for him. Suddenly Unger is held up side down by the Alpha werewolf and drops him head first into a trash fire.

Sheriff Stilinski later links their murders to the Hale fire. Unger, Reddick and the video store clerk killed by the Alpha werewolf back in the episode "The Tell" were all convicted arsonists.

Leveque Michael Dane 1 Human
Leveque is a werewolf hunter and one of the Argents' men. He accompanied Kate in confronting Derek concerning the murders. When they faced off against Derek, Derek knocked him unconscious.
Ulrich Jay R Kalis 1 Human
Ulrich is a werewolf hunter and one of the Argents' crew. He along with Kate and Leveque went to confront Derek concerning the murders during season 1. Derek incapacitated both him and Leveque, but Kate sadistically tortured him with an electric rod. Ulrich was later seen when the Argents are gearing up when Derek was framed for the murders in season 1.
Tyhurst Adam C. Edwards 1 Human
Tyhurst is a state detective Stilinski brought in to help deal with the murder spree being committed by the Alpha werewolf in season 1. It is later revealed he's also a werewolf hunter seen with the Argents when they gear up to hunt down Derek and the Alpha. Tyhurst informed Argent that the Sheriff had traced the murders to the Hale House Fire six years previously.
David Whittemore Robert Pralgo 1, 2 Human
David Whittemore is the husband of Mrs. Whittemore, and the adopted father of Jackson Whittemore. He is rather wealthy and is a lawyer. He first appeared in season 1 episode "The Tell", with his wife at the parent teacher conference. In season 2, "Frenemy", David and his wife report Jackson missing while being unaware Jackson is the Kanima. A while later, he finds out from Jackson that Scott and Stiles were responsible for his disappearance. In "Restraint", David files a restraining order against Scott and Stiles. In "Raving", he helps Sheriff Stilinski identify a recent murder victim of the Kanima. In the season 3 premiere, it's revealed David moved Jackson to London.
Mrs. Whittemore Carrie Kroll 1 Human
Mrs. Whittemore is the wife of David Whittemore, and the adopted mother of Jackson Whittemore. She is only seen during Season 1, "The Tell", during the parent-teacher conference.
Mr. Martin Jeff Rose 1, 2 Human
Mr. Martin is the ex-husband of Natalie Martin, and the father of Lydia Martin. In season 1, "The Tell", he seems ready to hear the worst as he and Natalie meet with Lydia's teachers at the parent teacher conference. He's expecting "bad grades, concentration issues, bad behaviour". His reaction upon learning Lydia is the smartest and most popular girl in school isn't seen. After Lydia is attacked during the school dance by Alpha werewolf Peter Hale, Mr. Martin stays with her at the hospital. Mr. Martin is last seen in the season 2 premiere "Omega", where he gives a statement to Sheriff Stilinski after Lydia goes missing from the hospital.
Brian Adam Rosenberg 1 Human
Brian is a player on the lacrosse team and a friend of Jackson and Danny. He dislikes Scott, mostly because Jackson dislikes him. After winning the big game, he seen celebrating with the team and unintentionally interrupts a conversation between Scott and Allison, prompting Scott to glare at him and scare him away.
Ms. Ramsey Sharon Morris 1 Human
Ms. Ramsey is Allison and Lydia's teacher. She first appeared in "The Tell" for the parent teacher conference with Lydia's parents and the Argents. She expresses how gifted Lydia is and mentions that she should take an IQ test. She informs the Argents that Allison was absent from school. In "Wolf's Bane", she is teaching a class when Allison chastises Scott for trying to talk to her.
Jennifer Desiree Hall 1 Human
Jennifer was Peter Hale's nurse. She looked after him at Beacon Hills Memorial during his six-year coma. When Peter is revealed to be the Alpha werewolf, Stiles realizes she has been helping Peter with his crimes and was the one who lured Allison, Jackson and Lydia to the school during "Night School" with the text that was sent to Allison's phone from Melissa McCall's computer at the hospital. She was later killed by Peter, after he "got better".
Marcus David Calhoun 1 Human
Marcus is a werewolf hunter, and an associate of Kate Argent. Kate had Derek restrained in an underground cell beneath the Hale House. Marcus would join Kate in her torture of Derek without Argent's knowledge. In "Code Breaker", Marcus appears with a baseball bat while Derek is panting. As he swung the bat for the first blow, Derek caught the bat, as he'd got loose from one of his manacles and tells Marcus he had "a little help" as Scott had freed him. Derek promptly knocked Marcus out cold.
Principal Thomas Christian Taylor 2, 3 Human
Principal Thomas is the principal of Beacon Hills High School. In season 2 "Shape Shifted", Principal Thomas is kidnapped by Argent and Victoria Argent and they torture him into stepping down so Gerard could take his place, as part of a plan to keep an eye on Allison. In the season 3 premiere "Tattoo", Principal Thomas returns after Gerard's defeat. He discusses the applications for the new "Career Adviser" and mentions the damage that happened to the library while he was gone, pointing out that it needs to be fixed. He questions why there was a broadsword in his office.
Bennett Akeem Smith 2 Human
Bennett was a werewolf hunter and one of Argent's men. In "Ice Pick", Bennett is seen with Argent when he conducts Allison's first training session to be a hunter, cutting her restraints while being tied to a chair. Bennett tells Allison congratulations for getting out in two and a half hours, as when it took him three when he did it. After Allison leaves, Bennett is tripped off his feet, cut on the back of his neck and is killed by the Kanima.

Bennett was killed by the Kanima, on orders from his Master, Matt, because Bennett was involved in the incident in 2006 where Matt almost drowned when he was a little boy.

Tucker Cornish Brandon Stoughton 2 Human
Tucker Cornish was a car mechanic who worked at a garage Stiles took to get his jeep fixed. He was murdered by the Kanima.

In "Fury", it is revealed Tucker was on Beacon Hills High swim team in 2006 and was present at the pool party where Matt Daehler almost drowned. Matt, as the Kanima's Master, had Tucker killed because he said Tucker 'murdered' him.

Sean Long Morgan Ayres 2 Human
Sean Long was a poor man who lived, along with his pregnant wife, Jessica, in a trailer outside of Beacon Hills. He was killed by Jackson Whittemore as the Kanima.

Sean was on the Beacon Hills High swim team in 2006. The team had just won state championship and was at their coach's Lahey's house to have some drinks and a pool party to celebrate, but Matt Daehler almost drowned in the pool and had the Kanima kill Sean because he didn't save him, stating Sean 'murdered' him.

Jessica Bartlet Meghan Moonan 2 Human
Jessica Bartlet was a young woman married to her husband Sean. One night, Sean was murdered his corpse was thrown through the window glass. She was scared still when Jackson, as the Kanima, slithers threw the window and almost kills her. But he sees her swollen belly seeing she's pregnant and leaves her alive. She screams out loud. Later Jessica is seen in the hospital exhausted after just given birth to a baby girl. She tries to tell Melissa McCall a "monster" killed her husband. Melissa thinking she's only scared and tired, doesn't believe her, lets her know the police are working on her husband's murder and leaves her to rest. Seconds later, a shadowed figure, the Kanima's Master, enters her room. She sees her assailant, terrified and the Master smothers her to death.

It's revealed the Master is Matt Daehler, and he had her and Sean killed because they almost caused him to drown at a pool party where they were drunk when Matt was nine.

Kara Simmons Andrea Laing 2 Human
Kara Simmons was the promoter and ticket seller for a warehouse rave party in the episode, "Raving". During the party the Kanima came upon her and slit her throat open.

Kara was on the swim team for Beacon Hills' high school in 2006 and the team won state championship. The team had a pool party and drank alcohol to celebrate. A 9-year-old Matt Daehler was at the party and nearly drowned while the drunken team just laughed at him. Matt had the Kanima kill Kara because of the incident.

Breanne Dani Fish 3 Human
Breanne and her younger brother Billy were two little kids who were out in Beacon Hills Preserve late one night catching fireflies when Boyd, who was under the influence of the full moon, scared them and tried to kill them, but they were saved by Scott who then took them home.
Billy Anton Starkman 3 Human
Billy and his sister Breanne were out at night catching fireflies in jars. Suddenly, a rabid Boyd jumps out and chases him and Breanne. Boyd nearly kills them, but he is distracted by a swarm of fireflies and both of them were saved by Scott.
Caitlin Zelda Williams 3 Human
Caitlin is a young woman who is first introduced as having been in a relationship with Emily, a victim of the Darach. She was nearly attacked by a rabid and shifted Cora, but she was saved by Scott, Isaac and Derek. Caitlin is later seen at Danny's black light party where she kisses Stiles and reveals she is bisexual.
Emily Lauren McKnight 3 Human
Emily was Caitlin's girlfriend. While going camping with Caitlin, Emily is killed by the Darach because, like Heather, she was a Virgin. Her body is later found by Sheriff Stilinski.
Noah Kane Lieu 3 Human
Noah was a young lifeguard at Beacon Hills public pool. During another of her mysterious supernatural "fugue states", Lydia finds his corpse. Stiles notices he's wearing a purity ring meaning he was a Virgin allowing Stiles to figure out his, Heather and a girl named Emily's murders are human sacrifices.
Kyle Jesy McKinney 3 Human
Kyle was a senior at Beacon Hills High. He was in junior ROTC and came from a military family. He was abducted by the Darach outside the animal clinic after having his dog, Bullet, over for an injection by Deaton. He was sacrificed as a Warrior because of his military background.
Ashley Sloane Avery 3 Human
Ashley is a student at Beacon Hills High. She was Kyle's girlfriend and was devastated by his death. Stiles came to her with his theory about the sacrifices centring on Virgins, and after apologizing profusely, asked if Kyle was a virgin asking, if she'd slept with Kyle. She says "no, he wasn't a virgin" after slapping him in the face. Stiles had to revisit his pattern.
Alexander Argent Rick Otto 3 Human
Alexander Argent was a werewolf hunter, Gerard's brother, Argent and Kate's uncle, and Allison's great-uncle. In 1977, Alexander was Bitten by Alpha werewolf Deucalion. He checked in at the Glen Capri motel for a one night's stay. It was a full moon and he was about to transform into a werewolf. He killed himself with a shotgun in order to follow the werewolf hunter's code which he recited in French as his last words: "Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent", before he pulled the trigger. Alexander's death would one of the infamous Glen Capri's long line of guests' suicides.
Dr. Hilliard Jules Willcox 3 Human
Dr. Hilliard was a doctor at Beacon Hills Hospital. Hilliard is driving to the hospital because of victims from a ten-car-pileup. Moths enter her car and the swarm all over her, but suddenly the Darach apports into her car using the swarm. Since Hilliard is a Healer, she was killed by the Darach.
Marco Delon de Metz 3 Werewolf
Marco was an angry, confrontational and violent Beta werewolf and a member of Deucalion's Pack. During an important meeting between various Packs, he arrogantly confronted Ennis stating his Beta werewolf was killed by the Argent werewolf-hunters because he killed one of theirs. After Gerard Argent blinded Deucalion, Marco attempted to kill him in order to become the new Alpha of their Pack, but Deucalion killed him in retaliation after discovering he could see using his werewolf eyes.
Ennis' Beta Werewolf Jeffrey Boomburger 3 Werewolf
Before the series timeline, this unnamed werewolf was a member of the Alpha werewolf Ennis' pack. He was naïve and dangerously unstable as at some point he went feral and killed two of the Argents' people by accident. He was hunted down and killed by the Argents in retaliation and cut in half. Ennis was angered and saddened by his death as he considered the Beta werewolf family to him. In revenge for his death, Ennis carved the spiral symbol into the wall of an abandoned distillery outside of Beacon Hills declaring revenge on the Argents, sparking the initial conflict between the Argent family and the local werewolf Packs that persisted to the present day.
Rinko Nichole Bloom 3 Human
This young woman Rinko was the best friend and fellow intern of Noshiko Yukimura at Camp Oak Creek during WWII in 1943. She was a caring woman attempting to keep the fellow interns organized, but below the MP's radar. She supported Noshiko's intentions stealing food and supplies for the other interns, though she scolded the Kitsune saying she needed to be more discreet. Rinko was killed by the Nogitsune at Eichen House after he was unleashed.
Merrick Jackson Heywood 3 Human
Merrick was a field medic in the army stationed at Camp Oak Creek during WWII. Merrick liked to poke riddles at his partner Hayes, just to annoy him. Merrick was rather impudent and threatening, harassing the prisoned Japanese-Americans he was stationed to watch over. When there was suspicion of supplies being stolen (actually committed by Noshiko), he threatened the interns with severity, sexually accosting the intern Rinko, Noshiko's best friend. Merrick and Hayes were selling medical supplies for the interns on the black market. During the riot, he threatened to shoot the interns confronting him, coming to pistol-whipping Satomi Ito, who unfortunately was a Bitten werewolf, resulting in Corporal Rhys' death. After the massacre, Merrick and Hayes were tasked with disposing the bodies. The disposal included Noshiko's healing body and Rhys' bandaged corpse. Just when they were finished, the Nogitsune was summoned. After killing Hayes, the Void Kitsune grabbed Merrick by the head, and quoting one of Merrick's own riddles, "What has a neck but no head?", the Void Kitsune beheaded Merrick.
Hayes Josh Duvendeck 3 Human
Hayes was a field medic during WWII at Camp Oak Creek and Merrick's partner. Hayes assisted in the selling of supplies in the black market. He and Merrick were assigned to dispose of the bodies after the massacre at Oak Creek. Merrick was riddling Hayes along the way with riddles, much to his annoyance. When the Nogitsune was unleashed, he attacked Hayes. Hayes grabbed his gun and shot the Kitsune to no use. The Nogitsune then grabbed the gun and forced Hayes to shoot himself, killing him.
Briggs Jeff Skowron 4 Human
Briggs was a gas station attendant in Beacon Hills. In "117", Briggs was closing his shop down for the night, when he heard a strange noise inside the bathroom of the shop. It was Kate struggling to control her werejaguar shift, when he assumed she was on some sort of drug. He banged on the door and came in just when Kate lost total control, eviscerated Briggs tearing his body to shreds as a symptom of her lack of control. Brigg's corpse would then be found by Lydia and Kira the next day.
DeMarco Montana Brent King 4 Werewolf
DeMarco Montana was a Beta werewolf with gold eyes living in Beacon Hills. DeMarco was the distributor who delivered a beer keg to Lydia's impromptu party, which was ordered and paid for by freshman Garrett. When DeMarco returns to his car, he saw that the tyres had been slashed. He got angry as a result and his werewolf side began to rise under the full moon's influence. He regained control by chanting a Buddhist mantra. Demarco was then killed, beheaded by a thermal cut wire used by Violet, an assassin. DeMarco was on the Dead Pool, the hit list of Beacon Hills' supernatural population. He had a bounty prize of $250k. Argent and Scott found his body where Scott identified him to be part of a Pack; the Pack of Satomi Ito.
Carrie Hudson Ana Mulvoy-Ten 4 Werewolf
Carrie Hudson was a Beta werewolf fleeing from Violet after the assassin had severed her left hand by Violet thermal cut wire. Carrie was lured into a trap by Garrett, Violet's boyfriend when he appeared to rescue her from Violet with his car. Instead, Garrett locked the doors and stabbed Carrie repeatedly with his hidden blade. Carrie was 23 years old and had gold werewolf eyes meaning she had never taken a life. She was on the hit list, the Dead Pool worth $500K. Carrie was from the Pack of the Alpha Satomi Ito.
Fahey Josh Wingate 4 Human
Fahey was amongst the assassins that arrived in Beacon Hills for the assassination of the town's supernatural population. Fahey was attacked by Kate Argent and her Berserkers. Fahey was captured, held hostage by one Berserker amongst a carnage. Kate interrogated him for the identity of who is financing the murders. Fahey, fearful for his life said he didn't know, he never met 'the Benefactor' face-to-face, but Kate held up a cassette which catches Fahey's eye. Kate surmises he got one as well. Fahey says no, but he knows someone else who did, 'the Orphans' (Violet and Garrett). Kate was then shot at from behind by one of Fahey's fellows who'd survived. This only resulted in Kate losing control of her werejaguar shift, her going feral and clawing first the survivor, then the screaming Fahey to death.
Janelle Wentz Nicole Pulliam 4 Human
Janelle Wentz appears in "Weaponized" of Season 4. Wentz is a medical field director and directs the quarantine of the high school when the CDC is brought for a potential disease outbreak at the school. When taking blood samples from the students, she calls for Kira Yukimura. However, when the needle touches Kira's skin, her Thunder Kitsune Foxfire is triggered, an electrical spark burning Wentz's bio-hazard suit. Wentz is rushed outside to inspect the burn, right after she'd cast Kira an odd, suspicious look, but as soon as she got outside, she brushes the burn off to her co-workers as "possibly static electricity". This implies that Wentz could be supernatural-aware.
Reed Schall Ryan Christiansen 4 Werewolf
Reed Schall was a Beta werewolf of Satomi's Pack. Reed appears in "Weaponized". Satomi had brought him to Deaton's animal clinic, because he was blind and dying from a disease. Deaton tells Satomi they need to get him to a hospital, to get help from Melissa McCall. They make it to the hospital, but they are too late to save Reed as he dies. Deaton performs an autonomy on him with Melissa's help; Reed, as well as Satomi's Pack members were killed by a variant of canine distemper. Reed was worth $250k on the Dead Pool.
Maddy Catherine Black 4 Human
Maddy was the girlfriend of Lorraine Martin, Lydia's paternal grandmother. Maddy was an award-winning captain in yacht racing. Maddy went out onto the lake one day, but then a thunderstorm hit while she was boating. Lorraine had heard the thunderstorm in a Banshee premonition, there was an accident, and Maddy died out on the water, her body found four days later.
Security Guard Tom Billet 4 Human
This unnamed man was a hired gun for the Dead Pool, posing as a security guard along with his three accomplices at the high school lacrosse bonfire. To kill Scott, Malia and Liam, they had wired a sonic weapon into the music, weakening them because of their hearing. They then kidnapped the three Pack members, doused them in gasoline and the leader then clicked open a lighter in Scott's face. However, Mason pulled the plug to the music. Scott, with his strength back, broke the man's wrist closing the lighter. He and his team were then overpowered by Derek and Braeden. The leader then made another move for the lighter, but had his neck snapped by Braeden.
Hunter/Assassin Anthony Molinari 4 Human
This unnamed man is a hunter-turned-assassin, part of a team of hunters that were out to kill Satomi's Pack for money from the Dead Pool. This man had cornered Lori and about to execute the preteen Beta, but he is tackled by Scott. Scott then savagely attacks the man, about to kill him out of rage, starting to transform into a new, more monstrous werewolf shape. The hunter held up his hands in fear, surrendering. Scott stopped at the last minute, sparing his life. When the Dead Pool was shut down, Scott takes the man's phone out, sees the message and disgustedly shows the man the message: "All contracts terminated".
Patrick Clarke Mark Elias 4 Wendigo
Patrick Clarke is a wendigo and a patient at Eichen House's supernatural wing. Patrick at some point escaped the institution and was on the run from the Dead Pool, worth $1m. Patrick captured an innocent woman, Kalissa, and sadistically frightened her before about to feed on her. Patrick is subdued by Deaton and is taken to Eichen House.
Kalissa Dakota Gorman 4 Human
This woman Kalissa was captured by a wendigo, Patrick Clarke. He'd kept her in a body bag, presumably to fake her death, taking her to a meat locker. Kalissa is instantly horrified. Patrick reveals his intent to kill her, sadistically telling his would-be prey fear makes the kill tasty, but she is saved by Deaton.
Stephanie Nadia Buer 5 Human
Stephanie is a little girl who brought her dog, a male wirehaired mix, to the Animal Clinic. Scott gives her pet an intramuscular injection overseen by Deaton. Scott hands him back to Stephanie. She thanks Scott calling him "Dr. McCall". Scott smiles at Stephanie, saying he's not a doctor yet.
Vadim Peter Katona 6 Human
Unnamed Chimera Unknown 5 Chimera
This unnamed female was a Chimera that displayed claws like needles. Melissa finds her corpse at the McCall house on her kitchen table impaled upon Kira's sword. Stilinski calls in the homicide. He calls in deputies to guard her body but her corpse is taken by Parrish in a fugue state to the Nemeton. In "The Last Chimera", the girl's body is retrieved, along with those of Beth, Donovan Donati and Lucas by the cops once Hayden Romero showed them the location of the Nemeton.

This girl's name and the culprit behind her death currently remain unknown.

Vadim Peter Katona 5 Human
Vadim was a guide to Deaton where they uncover a Russian base beneath an abandoned nuclear factory that once served as an underground laboratory for the Dread Doctors. Vadim translates a Russian message to Deaton on a wall: "They are coming. They're coming for all of us." He also tells Deaton that some people believed the Doctors had no faces underneath. They come upon the lab sporting a sigil of the ouroboros. Deaton finds a tooth saying it is an answer and says they should leave. Just then, Vadim is shot dead by an intruder, the Desert Wolf.
Beth Lexi Ainsworth 5 Chimera
Beth was a Chimera appearing in "Lies Of Omission". Beth is in a class with Malia held by Natalie Martin. Beth is nervously chewing on her fingernails, looking up supermoon on her computer. Malia sees Beth is leaking mercury. Beth picks up on Malia spotting her and runs out of class. Malia follows her, but Beth immediately runs outside. She is right away captured by the Pathologist who holds her hostage in front of Malia, then snaps Beth's neck, killing her. In "Status Asthmaticus", Beth's body is taken to the Nemeton by Deputy Jordan Parrish while he was in a hellhound trance. In "The Last Chimera", Beth's body as well as those of Donovan Donati, Lucas and the unnamed Chimera girl were retrieved by the cops once they were shown the location of the Nemeton by a recently revived Hayden Romero.
Nelson Russell Dennis Lewis 5 Human
Nelson is a patient at Eichen House appearing in season 5B episode "Amplification". He is seen walking naked in the lobby of Eichen House. Orderly Schrader leaves his post in the reception desk to give chase. Nelson is tasered by Schrader off-screen.
Kathleen Kassidy Kara Ebensberger 5 Human
Kathleen Kassidy is a reporter for KQNB. She appears in season 5B episode "A Credible Threat" interviewing Brett Talbot about the upcoming charity lacrosse game between Devenford Prep and Beacon Hills High School. The winning team will take home all the money for their charity, to which Brett tells Kathleen that he and his school intent to win. Later, when the game goes into overtime due to the scores being 5 to 5, Kathleen wants to go live immediately. As soon as she keys her microphone, it emits a squeal which fills all the speakers on the field and results in an appearance from the Beast of Gévaudan. Kathleen and the film crews presumably flee the scene.
Elias Stilinski Patrick Gorman 6 Human
Elias Stilinski is the Sheriff's father and Stiles' grandfather. He lives at the Goodwater Assisted Living faculty because of dementia. Beforehand, he was an army engineer and had a poor relationship with his son. Elias is seen in season 6 episode "Sundowning" where Scott, Lydia and Malia visit him in order to find someone named Stiles. He mistakes Scott for the Sheriff and thinks the year is 1976. He later recognises Scott and Lydia and becomes agitated when the Sheriff shows up. After Sheriff Stilinski forces Scott, Lydia and Malia out of his room, Elias tells him to "go crawling back to your dead wife and loser son". He becomes confused again afterwards.
Lenore McNally Sagal (present)
Meghan McGarry (1987)
6 Banshee
Lenore is a banshee and a survivor of the Ghost Riders attack in her hometown of Canaan. She had a son named Caleb who was born in 1976 and drowned at a young age. On April 8, 1987, the Ghost Riders came through and took everyone during a town picnic leaving her behind. However, the Ghost Riders bring her son back from the dead. Almost 30 years later, she lives alone in Canaan with the ghost of her son and is in a delusional state of denial.

In season 6 episode "Ghosted", Lenore is visited by Scott, Lydia and Malia who are in the town looking for a way to save Stiles. Lenore is delighted to see visitors, but when they question her about the Ghost Riders, she becomes agitated and traps them in her house. She battles with Lydia through Screams while the teenager forces her to reveal what happened. They share a vision of the day the Ghost Riders came which snaps Lenore out of her delusion. Lenore asks how long it's been, to which Lydia tells her that almost 30 years have past. Lydia surmises that Lenore is a banshee which explains why the Ghost Riders didn't take her. Lenore lets Lydia and her friends go but refuses to leave her son even if he's not real.




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