List of White Male Authors with Critically Acclaimed Novels Over 500 Pages

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This is a list of contemporary white male authors of literary fiction who received critical acclaim for their novels of 500 pages or more.

Studies have shown that it's more likely for prestigious awards to select titles about male characters written by male authors.[1] A novel beyond over 110,000 words is considered an epic or saga,[2] and books that exceed 150,000 words tend to be 500 pages or more.[3] While male novelists such as William Gaddis, Thomas Pynchon, John Updike, and David Foster Wallace are regarded as masters of the epic novel.[4]

The books on this list considered critically acclaimed based on winning, their nomination, or appearance on the shortlist or long list for the prestigious literary awards of the Pulitzer, Man Booker Prize, National Book Award, and National Book Critics Circle Award, or their inclusion on The Greatest Books list, an aggregation of "greatest books of all time" lists from various sources.

Page counts are sourced from first editions.


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536 pages
512 pages
678 pages


600 pages
528 pages
639 pages
631 pages


827 pages
544 pages
616 pages


512 pages
509 pages
544 pages


864 pages
512 pages
516 pages
576 pages


592 pages
726 pages
956 pages
576 pages



528 pages
502 pages
736 pages


550 pages
624 pages


768 pages
732 pages
624 pages
861 pages


6 novels


1,056 pages
731 pages
912 pages
843 pages
609 pages
544 pages


592 pages
4,215 pages, seven volumes
760 pages



672 pages
557 pages
734 pages
630 pages


755 pages, two volumes
528 pages
569 pages
604 pages
619 pages
588 pages
506 pages
515 pages


544 pages
711 pages


512 pages
640 pages


832 pages


1,079 pages
823 pages
690 pages
576 pages


550 pages



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