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Microsoft uses a variety of fictional companies in the documentation and training material for its products. Microsoft documentation and learning materials often contain fictional scenarios and descriptions of how their products can be deployed and used in these scenarios. Many of these companies are used in such examples. Some of the fictional companies have associated websites, almost all of which redirect to


All websites redirect to, unless marked by an asterisk (*)

Name Website Usage
A. Datum Corporation
AdventureWorks Cycles
Alpine Ski House
Awesome Computers
Baldwin Museum of Science
Blue Yonder Airlines*

(has been both a demo website[8] and a redirect page to[9] in the past, but is no longer a functional website)

  • Used as an example site for various features of Windows Installers, including embedding links in installers and creating URL based installers[10]
  • Used on airplanes in the background of Forza Motorsport 6 and 7, as well as on billboards in Forza Horizon 3.
City Power & Light
Coho Vineyard and cohovineyarddemo2.comTemplate:Dead link (cohovineyarddemo2 is no longer reachable.)*
  • Used as a demo company in early Office 365 introduction videos
Coho Winery
  • Used as an example in documentation for XML Serialization [11] and Visual Basic [12]
Coho Vineyard & Winery
Consolidated Messenger
  • Used in some Microsoft Certification Exams questions
Contoso Ltd. and*

( is used in Microsoft documentation, but is not owned by Microsoft)

  • is used as a demo domain in Microsoft Exchange training material
  • "" is used in Microsoft InfoPath Designer 2013 when designing a "Web Service".
  • "Contoso Toolbar", a fictional toolbar, is used to demonstrate the Add-on Performance Advisor in Internet Explorer 9
  • is used as an example domain in virtually all Microsoft Certification Exams
  • is used as an example domain in the account configuration wizard from Microsoft Outlook 2007, while is used as an example in the help file
  • is used as an example domain in Microsoft Lync Server 2010 documentation[13]
  • Used as an example company in Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 sample application[14]
  • Used an example website in Internet Information Services
  • All those companies are used in Demo Dynamics AX 2012 environment and in others versions of Dynamics AX : Contoso Consulting - Contoso Consulting FR - Contoso Consulting GB - Contoso Consulting USA - Contoso Entertainment China - Contoso Entertainment Japan - Contoso Entertainment System - Contoso Entertainment System Brazil - Contoso Entertainment System Germany - Contoso Entertainment System India - Contoso Entertainment System Russia - Contoso Entertainment System USA - Contoso Group - Contoso Orange Juice - Contoso Process Industry- Contoso Retail - Contoso Retail FR - Contoso Retail USA .
  • is used as an example domain in Windows Sockets 2 documentation[15]
Contoso Ads
  • Fictional company whose services are being developed during Microsoft's internal Azure bootcamp (Taught to new cloud developers at Microsoft)
Contoso Bank Contoso Bank Website
Contoso Hotel (no longer owned by Microsoft)
  • Contoso Hotel has been used in several Microsoft Office Tutorials, for example how to embed a PowerPoint Presentation into a website PowerPoint Tutorial Example
Contoso Pharmaceuticals
  • Used as an example in documentation for XML Serialization[11]
CRONUS (Multiple)
  • Used as example company in Dynamics NAV[16]
Electronic, Inc.
Fabrikam, Inc.
Fourth Coffee and*
  • Demo company used in MOS certification training
Graphic Design Institute
Humongous Insurance
LitWare Inc. and
Lucerne Publishing
  • Used in Office 365 Training.
Margie's Travel[no citations needed here]*
Northridge Video
Northwind Traders
  • Demo company for database capabilities in Microsoft Access.
  • Example domain used in the .NET API documentation for starting processes[19].
  • Used to give business Insiders a way to try out features like Windows Information Protection (WIP), Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) and Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPs) all running in a real-world enterprise environment.
Parnell Aerospace
ProseWare, Inc.
  • ProseWare Gizmo is a family of fictional PCI expansion cards, which were used to illustrate a variety of concepts relating to Windows driver development in the WDK documentation.
School of Fine Art
Southbridge Video

(Site is no longer owned by Microsoft)

TailSpin Toys
  • Used by Microsoft Australia in various Team Foundation Server demo environments and training materials.
  • Used by Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System as a Demo environment.
Tailwind Traders
  • Used by Microsoft, made popular in 2018, 2019, and 2020 in both Microsoft Ignite in Orlando Florida, as well as Microsoft Ignite The Tour. TailwindTraders is a forward-thinking retail business with a diverse set of technical needs. is the core code used for many samples.
Tasmanian Traders
The Phone Company
Trey Research Inc.
The Volcano Coffee Company
  • Example website for IIS 4.0
WingTip Toys
  • Used in the Microsoft Office Frontpage 2003 demo
  • Used in the Small Business Server test drive
Wide World Importers
  • Used by Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System as a Demo environment supplier.
Woodgrove Bank* No longer active.
  • Acquired with NCompass Resolution, which became Microsoft Content Management Server; used in NCompass and MCMS website demos
  • Demo site used to show security features in Internet Explorer


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