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This is a list of music notation programs. It excludes programs designed specifically for writing guitar tablature. For a list of guitar tablature software see the list of guitar tablature software.

Free software

  • ABassC, a text-based scorewriter for Palm OS and PocketPC
  • ABC Convert-A-Matic, a text-based scorewriter web application
  • ABC Explorer, a text-based scorewriter
  • abc2score, a text-based scorewriter
  • abcjs, which includes an editor and engraver in Javascript
  • abcm2ps, a text-based scorewriter
  • abctab2ps, a text-based scorewriter for Spanish, French, and German lute/guitar tabulature
  • BarFly, a Macintosh text-based scorewriter
  • Canorus, a WYSIWIG scorewriter created by NoteEdit users after that product was abandoned by its creator
  • Crescendo Music Notation Software, a WYSIWYG scorewriter for Windows and Android
  • Denemo, a scorewriter primarily providing a front-end for LilyPond
  • EasyABC, a text-based scorewriter
  • Five Line Skink, a Java text-based scorewriter
  • Frescobaldi, a GUI front-end for LilyPond. [GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows]
  • GNU LilyPond, a text-based scorewriter with several backends including PS, PDF and SVG
  • Gregorio, a brief notation for representing Gregorian chant
  • Impro-Visor, a GUI- and text-based scorewriter for constructing lead sheets and jazz solos on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows
  • INScore, an interactive augmented music score controllable through Open Sound Control
  • JNIZ, a scorewriter dedicated to the musical composition (Linux, Windows, OS X)
  • MC Musiceditor, a script based scorewriter for Windows
  • Mup, a text-based scorewriter
  • muse2ps, a command-line scorewriter which converts MuseData into PostScript.
  • MuseScore, a WYSIWYG scorewriter for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X
  • MusiXTeX, a set of macros and fonts that allow music typesetting in TeX
  • Musink Lite, a WYSIWYM scorewriter and publication tool for Windows
  • NoteEdit, a KDE scorewriter
  • Reflow, a music notation and tablature editor for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X
  • Rosegarden, a scorewriter for Linux
  • ScoreCloud - Audio, manual or MIDI input analysis to musical notation, and editor.
  • Philip's Music Scribe (or PMS), a text-based scorewriter originally written for Acorn RiscOS (released as a commercial program [1] in the 1990s), later ported to POSIX and licensed under the GNU GPL
  • Zap's abc, a scorewriter for Android devices


Microsoft Windows

Mac OS

  • ConcertWare (obsolete)
  • Cubase Score V1-5 (first run of version numbers)
  • Cubase SX
  • Cubase V4-6 (second run of version numbers)
  • Emagic, makers of Notator (bought by Apple in 2002; Windows version no longer developed or supported)
  • Encore
  • Finale notation program, plus lite versions: Finale Notepad, Notepad Plus, Songwriter, PrintMusic, Allegro
  • Guitar Pro (primarily for guitars and bands, but also notates other instruments including drums)
  • Harmony Assistant, plus the lite version Melody Assistant, with ability to sing lyrics in various languages via Virtual Singer addon
  • Igor Engraver
  • Logic Pro, Logic Express (successor to Notator and Notator Logic)
  • Mosaic (Mac OS 9 only)
  • Mus2
  • MusicEase, notates standard music, shaped notes and tablature; transposes and imports abc music.
  • MusicTime Deluxe
  • Opus 1 Music
  • Notion
  • Overture plus lite version Score Writer.
  • Pizzicato, MusicXML compatibility, quality sound bank included.
  • Rhapsody (Mac OS 9 only)
  • ScoreCloud - Audio, manual or MIDI input analysis to musical notation, and editor.
  • Sibelius, plus lite versions Sibelius First, Sibelius Student, Sibelius Instrument Teacher Edition, G7
  • SmartScore Pro (music-scanning and music-scoring. Lesser versions: SmartScore Songbook, MIDI, Piano and Guitar Editions)


  • Capriccio, a score editor available online and as a standalone application – runs under Windows and Linux.
  • Noteflight, GUI score editor for web browsers
  • Scorio, a HTML based WYSIWYG scorewriter for web browsers and a community to share music notation
  • Melodus, a HTML5 based WYSIWYG music notation editor
  • ScoreCloud - A score editor available online and as a standalone application


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