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This is a list of stakeholder and community engagement software. It was created from publicly available information.

The list excludes software that are designed solely to manage relationship with employees or customers.

Software Company Description
76engage 76engage[1] Online engagement platform for publishing, managing, moderating, analysing, and reporting.[1]
almabase almabase[2][3] All-in-one alumni management software for email marketing, event registrations, alumni directory, and alumni website.[4][2]
* Boréalis Boréalis[5][6] Stakeholder engagement software for public affairs, community engagement, social and environmental performance, and for land access and management.[7][5]
CitizenLab CitizensLab[8] A citizen engagement platform for local governments for reaching citizens, managing their ideas efficiently, and making decisions based on real-time data.[9][8]
Civil Space Civil Space[10] Collaborative tools to engage with citizens, build consensus, generate insights and better quality feedback.[10]
Citizen Space Delib[11] Consultation platform for democratic involvement to build, publish, manage, analyse and feed back.
CMNTY CMNTY Corporation[12][13] Online platform to interact with customers, partners or employees.[12][14]
Collaboratory Collaboratory[15] Integrate longitudinal community engagement and public service data into strategies for higher education strategy.[15]
Augure Launchmetrics[16] Reputation management software for PR, communication and public affairs activities.[16][17]
* Consultation Manager Consultation Manager[18] Stakeholder management software providing a centralised and complete history of key engagement activities.[18]
coUrbanize coUrbanize[19][20] Online community engagement solution for real-estate developers and planners to connect with neighbors.[19]
Crew Crew 2030[21] A customizable online platform for movement leaders to train, support and connect their communities of youth, educators and volunteers. [21][22]
* Darzin Darzin Software[23] Stakeholder engagement tool to understand, manage and engage all stakeholders.[23][24]
Dialogue Delib[11] Citizens and stakeholders involvement platform for public bodies.[11]
MetroQuest MetroQuest[25] Online puiblic engagement solutions for urban and transportation planning[25][26]
Ecanvasser Vconnecta[27][28] Political campaign software for team management, field organizing, and analytics.[29][30]
* Engagement Hub Engagement Hub[31] Cloud-based community consultation and stakeholder engagement software for government, corporations and non-profit organizations.[31][32][33]
* EngagementHQ bangthetable[34] Platform for listening, informing, analyzing, reporting, and managing relationships with communities.[35][36]
* EnQuire Tactiv[37] Enquire™ Grant, Contract and Impact Reporting Management software is a cloud-based platform for government agencies, not-for-profits, corporations, foundations, and non-governmental organizations.[38][39]
EnviroLytical EnviroIssues[40] EnviroLytical outreach software is a public involvement management tool used to tag, filter, search and report the results of public engagement.[41]
Ethelo Ethelo[42][43] Stakeholders software for governement and corporations[42][43][44]
Future Dialog Future Dialog[45] Software enabling the collaboration of employees and other stakeholders to purpose projects of organizations.[45]
* GoodUp GoodUp[46] A digital engagement platform for engaging and targeting different stakeholders in communities with short questions, important information and topical surveys.[47][48]
Higher Logic Higher Logic[49][50] Platform that engage with members, customers, partners, and advocates to enable connection, creation, and innovation.[46]
Hivebrite Hivebrite[51] Community management and animation platform to build, manage and energize communities.[52][53]
* Hoopla Hoopla Software, Inc.[54] A platform for branded online communities for sharing, interacting, providing feedback, and conversing.[55]
Infoscope K2fly[56] Land Management System for small and large companies. It provides a single, spatially integrated solution to manage information relating to land access and compliance.[57]
iSystain Systar[58] Corporate sustainability platform for health, safety and environment, for compliance and governance, for sustainability reporting, and for community investments.[59][60][61]
* Jambo Silvacom Group[62] Stakeholder engagement and consultation software for tracking and Managing communications, resolving stakeholder issues and commitments, and reporting on consultation.[63]
Kuorum Kuorum[64] Citizen engagement websites built for your participatory process.[65]
* LiquidFeedback Interaktive Demokratie[66] Software to help organizations make democratic decisions independent of physical assemblies.[67][68]
Made Open Made Open[69] Community platform and design services to create social change.[69][70]
* MindMixer mySidewalk[71] Community engagement platform for municipalities, school districts, design professionals, higher education organizations, government agencies.[72][73][74]
* mySidewalk mySidewalk[71][75] Analytics tools to track, analyze and communicate city data[76]
* NationBuilder NationBuilder[77] Community engagement software for leaders. It's a platform to inform decisions, create websites, send messages, and to raise funds.[78][79][80]
New/Mode New/Mode[81] Advocacy and civic engagement platform to create phone and email campaigns, tweet storms and letters to editors of local media.[82][83]
OneClick Politics OneClick Politics Digital advocacy solutions for companies, associations, and nonprofits.[84][85]
* The OpenGov Cloud OpenGov[86][87] Solution for public sector budgeting, performance, communications, and reporting.[88][89]
* PlaceSpeak PlaceSpeak inc.[90] Public consultation platform for planning public transportation, school districts, and resource development.[91][92]
Podaris Podaris Ltd.[93] Collaborative transport planning, engineering, and stakeholder engagement.[94][95][96]
PublicInput Cityzen Solutions inc.[97] Community engagement software for government[98][99]
* Quorum Quorum Stakeholder engagement, legislative tracking, and grassroots advocacy software.[100]
* Simply Stakeholders Darzin Software[101] Simple stakeholder management software[102]
Simulator Delib[103] Engagement tool to involve citizens in the priority-setting around complex decisions.[104]
Social Pinpoint Consultation Manager[18] Digital engagement platform to engage with communities and stakeholders online.[105][106]
Stakeholder Circle Stakeholder Management[107] Tools to enhance the management of a business unit, organizational activity, or project’s stakeholder community to the benefit of the stakeholders and the activity, and support the SRMM maturity model.[108]
Stakeholder Tracking System The Praxis Group[109] Online tool to assist clients with information management for projects and activities involving interactions with stakeholders and business contacts.[110]
* StakeTracker SustaiNet Software[111] Stakeholder management software for stakeholder engagement and public consultation designed to manage interactions and communications with stakeholders, communities and the public.[112]
The HiVE Harvest Digital Planning[113][114] Community engagement solution that supports the online participation process, broadens reach and informs decision making.[115]
Tractivity RE:Digital Group[116] Stakeholder management system that organises stakeholders information, communication and reporting.[117]
Voxcitio Vconnecta[27][28] Stakeholder engagement software with mobile app, CRM system, survey builder and email functionality for public consultation, citizens engagement, and constituent services.[118][119]
Vuelio Vuelio[120] Public relations, public affairs, and stakeholder communication software.[121][122]
X-Info Connect Mipela GeoSolutions[123] Stakeholder management, engagement and relations software[124]


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