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Template:Infobox dot-com company Live It China is an online social networking service headquartered in Hong Kong. It is a language learning platform aimed at people who want to learn Chinese language. Live It China was incorporated in 2011 by founders Dan Ropski and Julian Gaertner.

After registering on the site users can create a personal profile and add language partners as friends. Instead of focusing on the cognitive aspect of learning tools like Chineasy, for example, which uses clever and captivating illustrations to help people learn Chinese characters, or Duolingo and Memrise which facilitate language learning through gamification, what Live It China does is make it easy to find and combine various resources such as Language Partners, Tutors and Schools which people can interact with in real life. Having said that, the site does also boast built-in translator tools, flash cards and live chat messaging. It has been described as a language learning social network, social media platform one-stop shop and marketplace. [1] [2]


The company was officially incorporated in December 2011 by Cantonese-speaking German, Julian Gaertner and Mandarin-Speaking American, Dan Ropski. It recently launched in Hong Kong on 25 April 2014.[3] The two met while studying in Mainland China and came up with the idea for Live It China while struggling to find a suitable solution to finding the best Chinese Tutor or Teacher.[4]

Inspiration for their business model of combining Language Partners, Tutors and Schools came from personal experience and the Confucius saying: “三人行,必有我师焉” (where there are three people, one of them can be my teacher).[5]


An earlier proof of concept version of the site existed back in 2011 with a very different look and feel. Live It China went through a rebranding and redevelopment exercise in 2013 after receiving HK$100,00 funding through the CCMF program at Cyberport and another round of funding from private investors. It is focusing on ‘leveraging smart technologies’ and filters to help people find what they need.

User Profiles

User profiles have changed since the launch of the new website and continuously improve. language partner profiles include a profile picture, location, languages spoken, languages the user wants to learn, an about section and another section for favorite books etc. [6] Along with language partner profiles, there are also language school and tutor profiles. Language school profiles allow schools to set hourly prices and advertise languages taught etc. Tutor profiles allow tutors to set prices for tutoring per hour as well as having similar functionality to language partner profiles.


Users can take advantage of built in features to help them learn their chosen language. These include instant messaging, cards and translator. This has advantages over using chat messenger and online translator separately as it saves time.


Their headquarters are in Hong Kong for strategic reasons of being able to capture the HK expat market as well as expand naturally into other major cities in China like Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Live It China also has a development base in the Philippines.

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