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Lucian J. Hudson
Education MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Alma mater St Catherine's College at Oxford University
Occupation Director of Communications for The Open University

Lucian John Hudson (born July 5, 1960)[1] is a strategy and communications specialist from the UK, currently serving as the Director of Communications for The Open University, as well as the chairmen of the Liberal Judaism movement in the UK. He was formerly the director of communications in three UK government departments, including a position as the UK government's first "webmaster general." He was also an executive producer and television journalist for 17 years with the BBC and ITV.[2] Recently, Hudson served as an independent expert reviewing the communications capability of the Cabinet Office and No. 10 Downing Street.[3]

Early career

Hudson's career began in TV journalism in the 1980s as a journalist at Central ITV, followed by two years at Television South (TVS) before moving on to the BBC, where he was an editor and producer, ultimately serving as the network's head of programming for international channels.[4] While there, he was the producer on duty the night of the death of Princess Diana, producing the first coverage for BBC television following her death.[5] He left the BBC in 1999 to become the head of content and editor in chief for, a global site for job seekers and recruiters.[6] The site launched in 2000.[7]

Public sector career

Following his position with, Hudson entered the public sector, first with an appointment by the UK government to become their first director of e-communications.[8] He was also named the U.K.'s "webmaster general" and assigned the responsibility of making more government services available online and getting more people to make use of the internet for those services.[9] In this position he launched, the British government's own website, as a portal where British citizens could access government information and services.[10]

In 2001, Hudson was named the Deputy Director of Communications for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) to run the organisation's media operations during the foot and mouth crisis.[11][12] Following this appointment, he was named communication director for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the government department responsible for environmental issues, as well as maintaining the standards of food production, agriculture, fisheries and rural communities in the United Kingdom.[13] In this role, he served as the spokesman for the British Delegation at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg.[14][15]

In 2004, he was appointed as Director of Communications at the Department for Constitutional Affairs, now the Ministry of Justice, and was responsible for communications implementation across all government departments to support the Freedom of Information Act.[16] Following the July 7 London bombings, Hudson chaired the group of government communications directors tasked with embedding risk communication across all departments.[17][18] In 2006, Hudson was named communication director and press secretary to the foreign secretary for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), where he was responsible for integrating all internal and external communication functions, overseeing the program that made the FCO website 2.0, and introducing the first Ambassador blogs.[19][20] While in this position, Hudson published the report "The Enabling State: Collaborating for Success," a report exploring the means of effective cross-sector collaboration and partnership between and within governments, business and civil society.[21] Hudson was also named a senior adviser at Marie Curie Cancer Care.[22]

Recent private sector career

Hudson left the government in 2009 for a position as a partner and managing director position at Cornerstone Global, a management consulting firm.[23] While there, he also served as a consultant for TLG, where he headed a crisis management team advising GlaxoSmithKline.[24] In 2010, working with Ministry of Justice, Lancashire Constabulary, Restorative Justice Council and Cambridge University Institute of Criminology, Hudson carried out research to advance the wider adoption of restorative justice.[25] In 2011, Hudson became the director of communications for The Open University, a distance learning university that is the UK's largest university.[19]


In 2010, Hudson was the co-author of "Collaborating to achieve corporate social responsibility and sustainability?: Possibilities and problems", based on his 2009 report.[26] In 2013, he wrote a chapter for Social Partnerships and Responsible Business - A Research Handbook, edited by May Seitanidi, Andrew Crane, with a release date scheduled for 30 November 2013. Hudson's chapter, "Social Partnerships: A new social contract to deliver value-focused collaboration" builds upon his findings in the report "The Enabling State: Collaborating for Success".[27]

Non-profit work

While with the BBC, Hudson was the chair of the Rory Peck Trust, an international charity that provides financial support and raises awareness for freelance newsgatherers and camera operators.[28] From 2003-2007, he served as the chair for the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.[29] In 2011, he co-founded the Civil Society Forum, an organization to promote collaboration between charities in response to government funding cuts.[30] He served as governor for Leo Baeck College, has served since 2009 as the chairman for Liberal Judaism, a Progressive Judaism organization in the United Kingdom, and is a member of the Jewish Leadership Council.[31][32]

He announced in 2013 that he is currently producing Liberal Judaism's strategic plan for the next decade, positioning Liberal Judaism as radical mainstream Judaism.[33][34] Following the announcement that Jewish Leadership Council chief executive Jeremy Newmark was stepping down for health reasons in October 2013, Hudson urged the Jewish Leadership Council to take advantage of a "strategic opportunity" to build a single professional body to support the JLC and the Board of Deputies of British Jews, arguing that this would be "a way for the leadership of UK Jewry to be more efficient and effective."[35] Following Jewish Leadership Council chairman Mick Davis' controversial comments claiming that Israel was doing too little to convey a commitment to peace, Hudson issued statements openly supporting Davis' comments, stating that "Mick Davis is utterly right to renew the call for the closest engagement between Israel and its diaspora."[36]


Hudson was educated in Paris and London.[37] He holds an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from St Catherine's College at Oxford University.[38]

Personal life

Born of Polish parents who made Britain their home after the Second World War, Hudson converted to Liberal Judaism in 2005.[37]


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