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"Mainline Florida" is a rock song, written by George Terry. It gained popularity when the British rock musician Eric Clapton recorded the tune for his 1974 studio album 461 Ocean Boulevard under RSO Records.[1] The song was also released as the B-side to Clapton's single "Willie and the Hand Jive" in October of 1974.[2] Over the years, the song was included on various compilation albums.[1]

Writing and composition

Template:Listen In his autobiography 2007 Clapton rememberes, that the tune was written for him especially to record for the new studio effort by local guitarist and composer George Terry. Clapton notes, the song, as well as the musician became part of the studio band in a strange way, because nobody could remember how the track was recorded, nor Terry was invited to record and sit in with the band. The track was recorded at the Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida from April to May 1974.[3] The song was written in E major and uses a blues rock chord progression consisting of E major, Esus4, D#/E and E+ chords. The song is structured in intro, verse, chorus, link and outro.[4] According to the music website AllMusic, "Mainline Florida" belongs to the musical genres of pop rock in styles of album rock, hard rock, blues rock, contemporary pop rock and adult contemporary music.[1] Music journalists from Sputnikmusic note, that on the song a talk box is featured.[5]


As the B-side of "Willie and the Hand Jive", the pop rock song reached four national music charts, reaching position 31 on the Canadian Top Singles Chart, compiled by the RPM magazine.[6] In the Netherlands, the release peaked at number 28 on the MegaCharts single devision.[7] In the United States, the single peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100[8] In Japan, the release sold about 1,500 copies in the first week, peaking at number 99 on the Oricon singles chart.[9] Critics form the music website Sputnikmusic like Clapton's guitar work on the track, stating the song features "some good guitar work".[5] For his review of "Mainline Florida", music critic Ryan Book from The Music Times notes: "The closing track suggests that Clapton was looking to go out hot, and he whips out all the rock 'n' roll tricks to do it. Backing vocals, the hammond organ and of course the headliner's guitar all break down into one last jam. Problem lies in that "Mainline Florida" breaks away from the established tone of the record, case in point being Clapton's use of a talk box during his outgoing solo".[10]


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