Manny Pacquiao Hearted Fist

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Template:Improve categories Template:Infobox Artwork Manny Pacquiao Hearted Fist is a blood painting by Filipino Folk Artist Elito Circa, also known as "Amangpintor", made waves with unique style of painting, breathes life into art by using his own blood as medium. It depicts the different aspects of the boxer's life, including his stint as a singer and his role as a professional. Its also emphasized boxer's religiosity in his painting.[1][2] It is one among the masterpieces of Amangpintor which is very controversial during that time.

The Painting

The painting created for almost five (5) hours before the "Fight of the Century",[3] consist of 5 mL of blood in a test-tube extracted from the painter. He believes that painting his blood on canvass creates pieces that symbolize life, love, and sacrifice. One of his most notable pieces—world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao. Amangpintor says he uses his blood only in painting subjects close to his heart.