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Template:Other persons Marcus Allen is the British distributor and publisher of Nexus, a bi-monthly alternative news magazine.[1] His publication offers "news and information that is overlooked, unreported or ignored by the mainstream media."[2] He worked as a photographer in London in the 1960s, and is a proponent of the idea that NASA faked the Apollo Moon landings.

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  1. Matthews, Robert (November 24, 2002). "World's biggest telescope to prove Americans really walked on Moon". The Sunday Telegraph (London: Telegraph Media Group). Retrieved May 29, 2013. "Marcus Allen, UK publisher of Nexus magazine and a long-time advocate of the [hoax] theory, said: 'I would be the first to accept what they find as powerful evidence that something was placed on the Moon by man.'" 
  2. "Marcus Allen - Guests - Coast to Coast AM". Coast to Coast AM. Retrieved May 29, 2013. 

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